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Splunk SPLK-1002 Sample Questions

Question # 1

After manually editing; a regular expression (regex), which of the following statements is true?

A. Changes made manually can be reverted in the Field Extractor (FX) UI.
B. It is no longer possible to edit the field extraction in the Field Extractor (FX) UI.
C. It is not possible to manually edit a regular expression (regex) that was created using the Field Extractor (FX) UI.
D. The Field Extractor (FX) UI keeps its own version of the field extraction in addition to the one that was manually edited.

Question # 2

Which of the following statements describes POST workflow actions?

A. POST workflow actions are always encrypted.
B. POST workflow actions cannot use field values in their URI.
C. POST workflow actions cannot be created on custom sourcetypes.
D. POST workflow actions can open a web page in either the same window or a new .

Question # 3

How does a user display a chart in stack mode?

A. By using the stack command.
B. By turning on the Use Trellis Layout option.
C. By changing Stack Mode in the Format menu.
D. You cannot display a chart in stack mode, only a timechart.

Question # 4

To identify all of the contributing events within a transaction that contains at least one REJECT event, which syntax is correct?

A. Index-main | REJECT trans sessionid
B. Index-main | transaction sessionid | search REJECT
C. Index=main | transaction sessionid | whose transaction=reject
D. Index=main | transaction sessionid | where transaction=reject’’

Question # 5

Which of the following statements describes Search workflow actions?

A. By default. Search workflow actions will run as a real-time search.
B. Search workflow actions can be configured as scheduled searches,
C. The user can define the time range of the search when created the workflow action.
D. Search workflow actions cannot be configured with a search string that includes the transaction command

Question # 6

Which of the following statements describe data model acceleration? (select all that apply)

A. Root events cannot be accelerated.
B. Accelerated data models cannot be edited.
C. Private data models cannot be accelerated.
D. You must have administrative permissions or the accelerate_dacamodel capability to accelerate a data model.

Question # 7

Data model are composed of one or more of which of the fo-owing datasets? (select all that apply.)

A. Events datasets
B. Search datasets
C. Transaction datasets
D. Any child of event, transaction, and search datasets

Question # 8

A user wants to convert numeric field values to strings and also to sort on those values.Which command should be used first, theevalor thesort?

A. It doesn't matter whether eval or sort is used first.
B. Convert the numeric to a string with eval first, then sort.
C. Use sort first, then convert the numeric to a string with eval.
D. You cannot use the sort command and the eval command on the same field.

Question # 9

When performing a regular expression (regex) field extraction using the Field Extractor (FX), what happens when the require option is used?

A. The regex can no longer be edited.
B. The field being extracted will be required for all future events.
C. The events without the required field will not display in searches.
D. Only events with the required string will be included in the extraction.

Question # 10

Which of the following statements describe the Common Information Model (QM)? (select all that apply)

A. CIM is a methodology for normalizing data.
B. CIM can correlate data from different sources.
C. The Knowledge Manager uses the CIM to create knowledge objects.
D. CIM is an app that can coexist with other apps on a single Splunk deployment.