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Amazon CLF-C02 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A newly created 1AM user has no 1AM policy attached. What will happen when the user logs in and attempts to view the AWS resources in the account?   

A.    All AWS services will be read-only access by default.   
B.    Access to all AWS resources will be denied.   
C.    Access to the AWS billing services will be allowed.   
D.    Access to AWS resources will be allowed through the AWS CLL   

Question # 2

Which AWS service aggregates, organizes, and prioritizes security alerts and findings from multiple AWS services?   

A.    Amazon Detective   
B.    Amazon Inspector   
C.    Amazon Macie   
D.    AWS Security Hub   

Question # 3

Which AWS feature or resource is a deployable Amazon EC2 instance template that is prepackaged with software and security requirements?

A.    Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume   
B.    AWS CloudFormation template   
C.    Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) snapshot   
D.    Amazon Machine Image (AMI)   

Question # 4

Which services can be used to deploy applications on AWS? (Select TWO.) 

A.    AWS Elastic Beanstalk   
B.    AWS Config   
C.    AWS OpsWorks    
D. AWS Application Discovery Service   
E.    Amazon Kinesis   

Question # 5

A company wants to use a managed service to simplify the setup, operation, and scaling of its MySQL database in the AWS Cloud.   Which AWS service will meet these requirements?   

A.    Amazon EMR   
B.    Amazon RDS   
C.    Amazon Redshift   
D.    Amazon DynamoDB   

Question # 6

A retail company is building a new mobile app. The company is evaluating whether to build the app at an on-premises data center or in the AWS Cloud.   responsibility model? 

  A.    Amazon FSx for Windows File Server   
B.    Amazon Workspaces virtual Windows desktop   
C.    AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory
D.    Amazon RDS for Microsoft SQL Server   

Question # 7

Which of the following is a cost efficiency principle related to the AWS Cloud? 

A.    Right-size services based on capacity requirements.  
 B.    Use the Billing Dashboard to access information about monthly bills.   
C.    Use AWS Organizations to combine the expenses of multiple accounts into a single bill.   
D.    Tag all AWS resources.   

Question # 8

Which AWS services or features can control VPC traffic? (Select TWO.) 

A.    Security groups   
B.    AWS Direct Connect   
C.    Amazon GuardDuty   
D.    Network ACLs  
 E.    Amazon Connect   

Question # 9

Which AWS service or tool provides users with the ability to monitor AWS service quotas? 

A.    AWS CloudTrail   
B.    AWS Cost and Usage Reports   
C.    AWS Trusted Advisor   
D.    AWS Budgets   

Question # 10

What does the Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering storage class offer? 

A.    Payment flexibility by reserving storage capacity   
B.    Long-term retention of data by copying the data to an encrypted Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume 
C.    Automatic cost savings by moving objects between tiers based on access pattern changes
D.    Secure, durable, and lowest cost storage for data archival  

Question # 11

A cloud engineer wants to know the percentage of the allocated compute units that are in use for a specific Amazon EC2 instance.   Which AWS service can provide this information?   

A.    AWS CloudTrail   
B.    AWS Config   
C.    Amazon CloudWatch   
D.    AWS Artifact   

Question # 12

A company wants to manage access and permissions for its third-party software as a service (SaaS) applications. The company wants to use a portal where end users can access assigned AWS accounts and AWS Cloud applications.   Which AWS service should the company use to meet these requirements?   

A.    Amazon Cognito
B.    AWS 1AM Identity Center (AWS Single Sign-On)   
C.    AWS Identity and Access Management (1AM)   
D.     AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory   

Question # 13

A company wants to host its relational databases on AWS. The databases have predefined schemas that the company needs to replicate on AWS.   Which AWS services could the company use for the databases? (Select TWO.)   

A.    Amazon Aurora   
B.    Amazon RDS   
C.    Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility)   
D.    Amazon Neptune   
E.    Amazon DynamoDB   

Question # 14

Which AWS service or feature is used to send both text and email messages from distributed applications? 

A.    Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)   
B.    Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)   
C.    Amazon CloudWatch alerts   
D.    Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)   

Question # 15

Which AWS service is a highly available and scalable DNS web service? 

A.    Amazon VPC   
B.    Amazon CloudFront  
 C.    Amazon Route 53   
D.    Amazon Connect   

Question # 16

An application is running on multiple Amazon EC2 instances. The company wants to make the application highly available by configuring a load balancer with requests forwarded to the EC2 instances based on URL paths.   Which AWS load balancer will meet these requirements and take the LEAST amount of effort to deploy?

A.    Network Load Balancer   
B.    Application Load Balancer   
C.    AWS OpsWorks Load Balancer   
D.    Custom Load Balancer on Amazon EC2   

Question # 17

Which AWS solution gives companies the ability to use protocols such as NFS to store and retrieve objects in Amazon S3?   

A.    Amazon FSx for Lustre   
B.    AWS Storage Gateway volume gateway   
C.    AWS Storage Gateway file gateway   
D.    Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS)   

Question # 18

A developer needs to build an application for a retail company. The application must provide real-time product recommendations that are based on machine learning.   Which AWS service should the developer use to meet this requirement?   

A.    AWS Health Dashboard   
B.    Amazon Personalize   
C.    Amazon Forecast   
D.    Amazon Transcribe   

Question # 19

A company needs to migrate all of its development teams to a cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE).   Which AWS service should the company use?   

A.    AWS CodeBuild   
B.    AWS Cloud9   
C.    AWS OpsWorks   
D.    AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK)   

Question # 20

A company needs to use standard SQL to query and combine exabytes of structured and semi-structured data across a data warehouse, operational database, and data lake.   Which AWS service meets these requirements?   

A.    Amazon DynamoDB   
B.    Amazon Aurora   
C.    Amazon Athena   
D.    Amazon Redshift   

Question # 21

Which task is the responsibility of a company that is using Amazon RDS?

 A.    Provision the underlying infrastructure.   
B.    Create 1AM policies to control administrative access to the service.   
C.    Install the cables to connect the hardware for compute and storage.   
D.    Install and patch the RDS operating system.  

Question # 22

A company is using AWS Lambda functions to build an application. Which tasks are the company's responsibility, according to the AWS shared responsibility model? (Select TWO.)   

A.    Patch the servers where the Lambda functions are deployed.   
B.    Establish the 1AM permissions that define who can run the Lambda functions.   
C.    Write the code for the Lambda functions to define the application logic.   
D.    Deploy Amazon EC2 instances to support the Lambda functions.   
E.    Scale out the Lambda functions when the load increases.   

Question # 23

A company wants to track its AWS account's service costs. The company also wants to receive notifications when costs are forecasted to reach a specific level.   Which AWS service or tool provides this functionality?   

A.    AWS Budgets
B.    AWS Cost Explorer   
C.    Savings Plans   
D.     AWS Billing Conductor   

Question # 24

Which design principle should be considered when architecting in the AWS Cloud? 

A.    Think of servers as non-disposable resources.   
B.    Use synchronous integration of services.   
C.    Design loosely coupled components.   
D.    Implement the least permissive rules for security groups.   

Question # 25

A company has been storing monthly reports in an Amazon S3 bucket. The company exports the report data into comma-separated values (.csv) files. A developer wants to write a simple query that can read all of these files and generate a summary report.   Which AWS service or feature should the developer use to meet these requirements with the LEAST amount of operational overhead?   

A.    Amazon S3 Select   
B.    Amazon Athena
C.    Amazon Redshift   
D.     Amazon EC2   

Question # 26

According to the AWS shared responsibility model, which of the following are AWS responsibilities? (Select TWO.)   

A.    Network infrastructure and virtualization of infrastructure  
 B.    Security of application data   
C.    Guest operating systems   
D.    Physical security of hardware   
E.    Credentials and policies   

Question # 27

What are some advantages of using Amazon EC2 instances lo host applications in the AWS Cloud instead of on premises? (Select TWO.)

A.    EC2 includes operating system patch management   
B.    EC2 integrates with Amazon VPC. AWS CloudTrail, and AWS Identity and Access Management (1AM)   
C.    EC2 has a 100% service level agreement (SLA).   
D.    EC2 has a flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing model.   
E.    EC2 has automatic storage cost optimization.   

Question # 28

A company needs to configure rules to identify threats and protect applications from malicious network access.   Which AWS service should the company use to meet these requirements?   

A.    AWS Identity and Access Management (1AM)   
B.    Amazon QuickSight   
C.    AWS WAF   
D.    Amazon Detective   

Question # 29

A company plans to migrate to AWS and wants to create cost estimates for its AWS use cases. Which AWS service or tool can the company use to meet these requirements?   

A.    AWS Pricing Calculator   
B.    Amazon CloudWatch   
C.    AWS Cost Explorer   
D.    AWS Budgets   

Question # 30

Which of the following describes an AWS Region? 

A.    A specific location within a geographic area that provides high availability
B.    A set of data centers spanning multiple countries   
C.    A global picture of a user's cloud computing environment   
D.     A collection of databases that can be accessed from a specific geographic area only   

Question # 31

Which benefit is included with an AWS Enterprise Support plan? 

A.    AWS Partner Network (APN) support at no cost   
B.    Designated support from an AWS technical account manager (TAM)   
C.    On-site support from AWS engineers   
D.    AWS managed compliance as code with AWS Config