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Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant (WI24)

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Salesforce Experience-Cloud-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

Dreamscape Flowers (DF) is evaluating Salesforce Partner Relationship Management(RPM) to help improve its current channel sales performance.In what two ways can Salesforce PRM helpDF accelerate channel sales?Choose 2 answers

A. By automating partner entitlement assignment in Channel sales teams 
B. BY automating partner tiering in Channel sales hierarchy 
C. By automating partner lead routing 
D. By automating quoting with SalesforceCPQ 

Question # 2

To which three objects can the Partner Super User access be applied?Choose 3 answers

A. Opportunities 
B. Accounts 
C. Cases 
D. Custom Objects 
E. Campaigns 

Question # 3

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) has business and person accounts in its Salesforce org. UMS haspartner portals created for its Silver partners, DreamHouse Realty (DR) and Cloud Kicks(CK).UMS's Experience team is creating users for its partners. DR and CK users do not requireaccess to opportunities, leads, and campaigns.What are the two considerations for creating partner users and granting access?Choose 2 answers

A. Only business accounts can be created as partner users 
B. Assign Partner Community license to partner users. 
C. Assign Customer Community Plus license to partner users. 
D. Only person accounts can be created as partner users. 

Question # 4

Zephyrus Relocation Services (ZRS) plans to build a portal for its partners. The portalneeds to show company information and brand details on the Account Management page.Which templates should ZRS consider to build the portal?Choose 2 answers

A. Help Center 
B. Partner Central 
C. Customer service 
D. Build Your Own 

Question # 5

Get Cloudy Consulting is implementing an equity management solution for one of itsfinancial clients. The solution will enable the external independent financial researchers tocollaborate with internal portfolio control staff in a private Chatter group.What should the Experience Cloud consultant recommend to meet the requirements forboth personas?

A. Give external researchers and internal staff access to the mam org. 
B. Create a portal for external researchers and give internal staff access to the portal. 
C. Create a portal for externalresearchers and give internal staff access to the main org. 
D. Create a portal for external researchers and create an app for internal staff. 

Question # 6

Ursa Major Solar has a customer portal where both customers and employeescan log in toview information about the company. The marketing team has created a special design oftheir lago and company branding for their Platinum customers, and would like the userinterface in the portal to reflect that special design when a Platinum Calculator customer islogged in.Which functionality should the Experience Cloud manager use to achieve this?

A. Themes 
B. Templates 
C. CMS Connect a 
D. Branding Sets 

Question # 7

In which twoways can Opportunities with a Community User be shared?Choose 2 answers Calculator

A. Add a Partner Community profile to a Sharing Set and add Opportunities as an object inthe Sharing Set. 
B. Add a Customer Community Plus profile to a Sharing Set and addOpportunities as anobject in the Sharing Set. 
C. Create an owner-based sharing rule with a Customer Community User. 
D. Create a criteria-based sharing rule with a Partner Community role. 

Question # 8

Universal Containers(CU) has been using Salesforce to manage its sales and serviceprocesses. UC also an Experience Cloud site to interact with its customers. UC has nowacquired Cloud Kicks (CK) Retail to grow its business, CK also uses Salesforce and a selfservice site built on the experience Cloud to allow its customers to log support requests.UC now wants its customers to be able to use CK’s self-service site so they can have amore integrated experience.What should an Experience Cloud consultant recommend so that UC’scan log in to CK;s site?

A. Create separate user account for UC customer in CK’s Experience Cloud site, sinceSSO cannot be established between two Experience Cloud sites. 
B. Use a third-party identity provider to establish SSO between the two Experience Cloudsites, since Salesforce can only be used as a service provider. 
C. Establish SSO between the two Experience Cloud sites by using one org as an identityprovider and the other org as a service. 
D. Create custom Apex handlers using login method from site class to sign in users fromone community to the other. 

Question # 9

Universal Containers (UC) wants to create a do-it-yourself site for its existing andprospective customers. The site will contain articles, belong manuals, and FAQs. Users willbe able to ask questions and answer other users’ questions on the site.Which two Experience Cloud features should UC focus on as it starts building out the site?Choose 2 answers

A. Public Site Connect 
B. Document Library Model (DLM) 
C. Guest user and public access settings 
D. Content Delivery Network