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Cisco 200-301 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Several new coverage cells are required to improve the Wi-Fi network of an organization. Which two standard designs are recommended? (choose two.) 

A. 5GHz provides increased network capacity with up to 23 nonoveriapping channels.  
B. For maximum throughput, the WLC is configured to dynamically set adjacent access points to the same channel. 
C. 5GHz channel selection requires an autonomous access point.  
D. Adjacent cells with overlapping channels use a repeater access point.  
E. Cells that overlap one another are configured to use nonoveriapping channels.  

Question # 2

What software defined architecture plane assists network devices with making packetforwarding decisions by providing Layer 2 reachability and Layer 3 routing information?

A. data plane  
B. control plane  
C. policy plane  
D. management plane  

Question # 3

What are two similarities between UTP Cat 5e and Cat 6a cabling? (Choose two.) 

A. Both operate at a frequency of 500 MHz.  
B. Both support runs of up to 55 meters.  
C. Both support runs of up to 100 meters.  
D. Both support speeds of at least 1 Gigabit.  
E. Both support speeds up to 10 Gigabit.  

Question # 4

An engineer must configure Interswitch VLAN communication between a Cisco switch and a third-party switch. Which action should be taken?

A. configure IEEE 802.1p  
B. configure IEEE 802.1q  
C. configure ISL  
D. configure DSCP  

Question # 5

Which statement identifies the functionality of virtual machines? 

A. Virtualized servers run most efficiently when they are physically connected to a switch that is separate from the hypervisor
B. The hypervisor can virtualize physical components including CPU. memory, and storage  
C. Each hypervisor can support a single virtual machine and a single software switch  
D. The hypervisor communicates on Layer 3 without the need for additional resources  

Question # 6

Aside from discarding, which two states does the switch port transition through while using RSTP (802.1w)? (Choose two)

A. listening  
B. blocking  
C. forwarding  
D. learning  
E. speaking  

Question # 7

What are two benefits of controller-based networking compared to traditional networking? 

A. controller-based increases network bandwidth usage, while traditional lightens the load on the network. 
B. controller-based inflates software costs, while traditional decreases individual licensing costs 
C. Controller-based reduces network configuration complexity, while traditional increases the potential for errors
D. Controller-based provides centralization of key IT functions. While traditional requires distributes management function
E. controller-based allows for fewer network failure, while traditional increases failure rates.  

Question # 8

Which two WAN architecture options help a business improve scalability and reliability for the network? (Choose two.)

A. asynchronous routing  
B. single-homed branches  
C. dual-homed branches  
D. static routing  
E. dynamic routing  

Question # 9

A manager asks a network engineer to advise which cloud service models are used so employees do not have to waste their time installing, managing, and updating software which is only used occasionally Which cloud service model does the engineer recommend?

A. infrastructure-as-a-service  
B. platform-as-a-service  
C. business process as service to support different types of service  
D. software-as-a-service  

Question # 10

Which command enables a router to become a DHCP client?

A. ip address dhcp  
B. ip helper-address  
C. ip dhcp pool  
D. ip dhcp client  

Question # 11

Which protocol does an IPv4 host use to obtain a dynamically assigned IP address? 

A. ARP  
C. CDP  
D. DNS  

Question # 12

What is the purpose of a southbound API in a control based networking architecture? 

A. Facilities communication between the controller and the applications  
B. Facilities communication between the controller and the networking hardware  
C. allows application developers to interact with the network  
D. integrates a controller with other automation and orchestration tools.  

Question # 13

What is a function of a remote access VPN? 

A. used cryptographic tunneling to protect the privacy of data for multiple users simultaneously 
B. used exclusively when a user is connected to a company's internal network  
C. establishes a secure tunnel between two branch sites  
D. allows the users to access company internal network resources through a secure tunnel  

Question # 14

What is a function of the Cisco DNA Center Overall Health Dashboard? 

A. It provides a summary of the top 10 global issues.  
B. It provides detailed activity logging for the 10 devices and users on the network.  
C. It summarizes the operational status of each wireless devise on the network.  
D. It summarizes daily and weekly CPU usage for servers and workstations in the network.  

Question # 15

Which action does the router take as it forwards a packet through the network? 

A. The router replaces the original source and destination MAC addresses with the sending router MAC address as the source and neighbor MAC address as the destination 
B. The router encapsulates the original packet and then includes a tag that identifies the source router MAC address and transmits it transparently to the destination
C. The router encapsulates the source and destination IP addresses with the sending router IP address as the source and the neighbor IP address as the destination 
D. The router replaces the source and destination labels with the sending router interface label as a source and the next hop router label as a destination 

Question # 16

Which technology allows for multiple operating systems to be run on a single host computer?

A. virtual routing and forwarding  
B. network port ID visualization  
C. virtual device contexts  
D. server visualization  

Question # 17

Which command on a port enters the forwarding state immediately when a PC is connected to it?

A. switch(config)#spanning-tree portfast default  
B. switch(config)#spanning-tree portfast bpduguard default  
C. switch(config-if)#spanning-tree portfast trunk  
D. switch(config-if)#no spanning-tree portfast  

Question # 18

Which QoS Profile is selected in the GUI when configuring a voice over WLAN deployment? 

A. Bronze  
B. Platinum  
C. Silver  
D. Gold  

Question # 19

Which WAN topology provides a combination of simplicity quality, and availability? 

A. partial mesh  
B. full mesh`  
C. point-to-point  
D. hub-and-spoke  

Question # 20

Which resource is able to be shared among virtual machines deployed on the same physical server?

A. disk  
B. applications  
C. VM configuration file  
D. operating system  

Question # 21

Which CRUD operation modifies an existing table or view? 

A. read  
B. create  
C. replace  
D. update  

Question # 22

What criteria is used first during me root port selection process? 

A. local port ID  
B. lowest path cost to the root bridge  
C. lowest neighbor's bridge ID  
D. lowest neighbor's port ID  

Question # 23

Which 802.11 management frame type is sent when a client roams between access points on the same SSID?

A. Reassociation Request  
B. Probe Request  
C. Authentication Request  
D. Association Request  

Question # 24

Which level of severity must be set to get informational syslogs? 

A. alert  
B. critical  
C. notice  
D. debug  

Question # 25

When a site-to-site VPN is configured, which IPsec mode provides encapsulation and encryption of the entire original P packet?

A. IPsec tunnel mode with AH  
B. IPsec transport mode with AH  
C. IPsec tunnel mode with ESP  
D. IPsec transport mode with ESP  

Question # 26

Which technology is used to improve web traffic performance by proxy caching? 

A. WSA  
B. Firepower  
C. ASA  
D. FireSIGHT  

Question # 27

Which two outcomes are predictable behaviors for HSRP? (Choose two ) 

A. The two routers synchronize configurations to provide consistent packet forwarding  
B. The two routers negotiate one router as the active router and the other as the standby router
C. Each router has a different IP address, both routers act as the default gateway on the LAN, and traffic is load-balanced between them
D. The two routers share a virtual IP address that is used as the default gateway for devices on the LAN
E. The two routers share the same interface IP address and default gateway traffic is loadbalanced between them 

Question # 28

Which WLC port connects to a switch to pass normal access-point traffic? 

A. redundancy  
B. console  
C. distribution system  
D. service  

Question # 29

What is the maximum bandwidth of a T1 point-to-point connection? 

A. 1.544 Mbps  
B. 2.048 Mbps  
C. 34.368 Mbps  
D. 43.7 Mbps  

Question # 30

Which 802.11 frame type is association response? 

A. management  
B. protected frame  
C. control  
D. action  

Question # 31

How do TCP and UDP differ in the way they guarantee packet delivery? 

A. TCP uses checksum, acknowledgement, and retransmissions, and UDP uses checksums only. 
B. TCP uses two-dimensional parity checks, checksums, and cyclic redundancy checks and UDP uses retransmissions only. 
C. TCP uses checksum, parity checks, and retransmissions, and UDP uses acknowledgements only. 
D. TCP uses retransmissions, acknowledgement and parity checks and UDP uses cyclic redundancy checks only. 

Question # 32

What is a similarity between OM3 and OM4 fiber optic cable? 

A. Both have a 50 micron core diameter  
B. Both have a 9 micron core diameter  
C. Both have a 62.5 micron core diameter  
D. Both have a 100 micron core diameter  

Question # 33

in Which way does a spine and-leaf architecture allow for scalability in a network when additional access ports are required?

A. A spine switch and a leaf switch can be added with redundant connections between them
B. A spine switch can be added with at least 40 GB uplinks  
C. A leaf switch can be added with a single connection to a core spine switch.  
D. A leaf switch can be added with connections to every spine switch  

Question # 34

What are two roles of the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)? (Choose two) 

A. The DHCP server offers the ability to exclude specific IP addresses from a pool of IP addresses
B. The DHCP client can request up to four DNS server addresses  
C. The DHCP server assigns IP addresses without requiring the client to renew them  
D. The DHCP server leases client IP addresses dynamically.  
E. The DHCP client maintains a pool of IP addresses it can assign.  

Question # 35

When implementing a router as a DHCP server, which two features must be configured'? (Choose two)

A. relay agent information  
B. database agent  
C. address pool  
D. smart-relay  
E. manual bindings  

Question # 36

Which type of information resides on a DHCP server? 

A. a list of the available IP addresses in a pool  
B. a list of public IP addresses and their corresponding names  
C. usernames and passwords for the end users in a domain  
D. a list of statically assigned MAC addresses  

Question # 37

Where is the interface between the control plane and data plane within the softwaredefined architecture?

A. control layer and the infrastructure layer  
B. application layer and the infrastructure layer  
C. control layer and the application layer  
D. application layer and the management layer  

Question # 38

Which two WAN architecture options help a business scalability and reliability for the network? (Choose two) 

A. asychronous routing  
B. single-homed branches  
C. dual-homed branches  
D. static routing  
E. dynamic routing  

Question # 39

How do TCP and UDP differ in the way they provide reliability for delivery of packets? 

A. TCP is a connectionless protocol that does not provide reliable delivery of data, UDP is a connection-oriented protocol that uses sequencing to provide reliable delivery. 
B. TCP does not guarantee delivery or error checking to ensure that there is no corruption of data UDP provides message acknowledgement and retransmits data if lost. 
C. TCP provides flow control to avoid overwhelming a receiver by sending too many packets at once, UDP sends packets to the receiver in a continuous stream without checking for sequencing 
D. TCP uses windowing to deliver packets reliably; UDP provides reliable message transfer between hosts by establishing a three-way handshake 

Question # 40

How does a switch process a frame received on Fa0/1 with the destination MAC address of 0e38.7363.657b when the table is missing the address?

A. lt drops the frame immediately.  
B. It forwards the frame back out of interface Fa0/1.  
C. It floods the frame to all interfaces except Fa0/1.  
D. It holds the frame until the MAC address timer expires and then drops the frame.  

Question # 41

Which command is used to specify the delay time in seconds for LLDP to initialize on any interface?

A. lldp timer  
B. lldp holdtimt  
C. lldp reinit  
D. lldp tlv-select  

Question # 42

Which two protocols are supported on service-port interfaces? (Choose two.) 

C. SCP  
D. Telnet  
E. SSH  

Question # 43

Which command automatically generates an IPv6 address from a specified IPv6 prefix and MAC address of an interface?

A. ipv6 address dhcp  
B. ipv6 address 2001:DB8:5:112::/64 eui-64  
C. ipv6 address autoconfig  
D. ipv6 address 2001:DB8:5:112::2/64 link-local  

Question # 44

What is the default behavior of a Layer 2 switch when a frame with an unknown destination MAC address is received?

A. The Layer 2 switch drops the received frame  
B. The Layer 2 switch floods packets to all ports except the receiving port in the given VLAN. 
C. The Layer 2 switch sends a copy of a packet to CPU for destination MAC address learning. 
D. The Layer 2 switch forwards the packet and adds the destination MAC address to its MAC address table