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Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals

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Microsoft PL-900 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A coworker is creating an app in Power Apps and needs to automatically synchronize data from an external source. The coworker is unable to locate a suitable Microsoft approved connector template in AppSource.You need to recommend a solution for the coworker.What should you recommend?

A. Create a custom connector.
B. Ask the outside source to send you the data once a week.
C. Use Microsoft Flow to connect to the database.
D. Open a ticket with Microsoft and request a new connector.
E. Use Microsoft Azure Service Bus.

Question # 2

You create a Power BI dashboard that displays data from Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.You need to share the Power BI dashboard with coworkers.What are three possible ways to achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. Create a Power BI workspace and grant coworkers permissions.
B. Publish the dashboard as an app to your coworkers.
C. Export the data into Common Data Service for others to manipulate in Power BI.
D. Export the data to Microsoft Excel for coworkers to import and view in Power BI.
E. Embed reports in your company's internal web portal.

Question # 3

A large retail company implements Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, and the Common Data Service.The board of directors is asking whether users are finding value in the technology. The company would like to measure and report usage of the software.You need to recommend a tool to determine software usage.What should you recommend?

A. Microsoft Intune
B. Azure Stream Analytics
C. Power Platform Analytics
D. Dynamics 365 Product Insights

Question # 4

A company uses Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.You need to use Microsoft Flow to automate the process of receiving and tracking raw materials.Which type of connector should you use?

A. Common Data Service
B. Dynamics 365
C. Dynamics 365 for Fin & Ops
D. Dynamic Signal

Question # 5

You create a business rule on contact entity to enforce the requirement that users must enter either atelephone number, fax number, or an email when creating a new record.The company decides to remove fax number from the condition.You need to update the business rule.What are two ways of achieving the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. Save a copy of the rule and change the condition. Deactivate and delete the original rule.
B. Deactivate the business rule and change the condition.
C. Take a snapshot of the business rule and change the condition.
D. Change the condition and activate the change.

Question # 6

You are a customer service manager.You need to implement a Power Apps portal that allows customers to submit cases.Which type of data source is used?

A. Dynamics 365 Connector
B. Microsoft SharePoint
C. Microsoft Azure Storage
D. Common Data Service

Question # 7

A recent update has been made to a canvas app.The update has caused a negative impact to users.You need to roll back the app to a previous version.What should you do?

A. Restore the previous version of the app.
B. Uninstall the app for all users and reinstall by using the previous versions' package.
C. Deactivate the live app, import the previous version of the app, and then activate the app.
D. Delete the app and create a new app based on the previous version.

Question # 8

Your company has an on premises Microsoft SQL Server database that contains legacy sales data. You must display information from the database in a new Power Apps app.You need to establish a secure connection between the database and the app.What should you use?

A. Data source
B. App
C. Gateway
D. Flow

Question # 9

A toy company creates a text classification model in AI Builder to monitor customer feedback for specific key words.When negative feedback is received for a toy, the company wants to proactively perform engineering reviews for the toy and schedule additional training sessions for workers who produce the toy.What are two possible ways to achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. Create a canvas app.
B. Implement the Virtual Agent.
C. Build a Microsoft Flow.
D. Use the Common Data Model.

Question # 10

A distribution company has multiple warehouses.Tax rates charged on sales orders need to be calculated based on locality and region.You need to recommend a cost-effective solution that can be implemented quickly.What should you recommend?

A. Check AppSource for a tax add-on.
B. Create alerts in Dynamics 365 Finance for tax table changes.
C. Implement the Common Data Model.
D. Run a Power BI report.
E. Write scripts and code tax updates.

Question # 11

A company uses Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.The company wants to build customer user interfaces that add additional functionality.You need to recommend a solution for the company.What should you recommend?

A. Power BI
B. Power Apps canvas apps
C. AI Builder
D. Microsoft Flow

Question # 12

You need to implement Microsoft Business Applications along with the Microsoft Power platform.Which three Microsoft products are part of the Power platform? Each correct answer presents a completesolution.NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. Microsoft Power Apps
B. Azure Active Directory
C. Microsoft Flow
D. Azure Machine Learning
E. Microsoft Power BI