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Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer (WI24)

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Salesforce B2C-Commerce-Developer Sample Questions

Question # 1

A developer is asked to write a log containing the ID and name of the product with avariable namedmyProduct.Which snippet of code should be used?

A Logger.warn(‘The current producto is {0} with name {1}’, myProduct.getID(),myProduct.getName());
B Logger.warn(‘The current producto is {0} with name {1}’), context(myProduct.getID(),myProduct.getName());
C Logger.warn(‘The current producto is ${myProduct.getID()} with name ${myProduct.getName()}’);
D Logger.warn(‘The current producto is %s with name %s’), context(myProduct.getID(),myProduct.getName());

Question # 2

The developer created a new Storefront category in storefront-catalog-m-en, but whenviewing theStorefront site, the category is not visible.What are two possible reasons?

A. The Storefront catalog is offline 
B. The category does not contain available products 
C. The category is not sorted 
D. The category is offline. 

Question # 3

A Digital Developer has been given a requirement to add fault tolerance to an existing webservice integration that uses Service Framework. Administrators at Universal Containersneed to be able to configure the timeout and rate limiting.Which approach should the Developer use to implement the requirement?

A. Implement a ServiceUnavailableException exception handler to execute fallback code. 
B. Implement a condition that checks to see if the response was empty and executefallback code if true. 
C. Create a site preference to store timeout settings and implement an IOExceptionhandler to execute fallback code. 
D. Use the setTimeout method to execute fallback code if the request has NOT completed. 

Question # 4

A developer is asked to improve the maintainability of a page by reducing its coderepetition.What are two techniques the developer should implement to achieve this?Choose 2 answers.

A. Require and render templates with <isscript> tags 
B. Use local template includes 
C. Implement template decorators paired with replace tags 
D. Embed partial files using ISML expressions 

Question # 5

Business Manager has the configuration:• Active log category is “root”• Log level of INFOThe code below execites:Var log =Logger.getLogger(“products”,”export”);Log.info (“This is important information”);Using this information, what is the beginning of the filename in which the log will be written?

A. custom-export 
B. custom-products 
C. products 
D. info-export 

Question # 6

A developer is importing edits for two different sites into the same sandbox, and is providedwith four different files.Which two XML files should the developer import using the site-specificMerchant Toolsimport modules,instead of the Administration section import modules?Choose 2 answers.

A. System type extensions (solo en Sites) 
B. Site Jobs (sites) 
C. Search Settings En (search y en Sites) 
D. Promotions ( en sites y en online marketing) 

Question # 7

A developer has custom debug statements in a script, but the messages are not showingup in theStorefront Toolkit Request Log.Which step needs to be completed to get the messages to appear inthe Request Log?

A. In Global preferences, check the box for Enable custom logging in Request Log. 
B. In Site Preferences, check the box for Enable custom Logging in Request Log 
C. In Custom Log Settings, check the DEBUG box for Select Log Levels Written to Files. 
D. In custom Log Settings, activate the loggin category at DEBUG level. 

Question # 8

Which two items are appropriate content of custom logs implemented at checkout?Choose 2 answers:

A. Customer’s password at post-checkout sign up 
B. Order failure information 
C. Transaction’s credit card information 
D. Payment gateway service response code 

Question # 9

A digital instance has one site, with one master product catalogseparate from the sitecatalog. Some, but NOT all, products in the master catalog are assigned to categories ofthe site catalog.Using Business Manager, how can a Digital Developer create a catalog export file thatcontains only the products assigned to the site catalog?

A. Use the Catalog Export module to export the site catalog. 
B. Use the Catalog Export module to export the master catalog, with a categoryassignment search to export specific products. 
C. Use the Site Import & Export module to export both the site catalog and the mastercatalog in a single archive. 
D. Use the Site Import & Export module to export the master catalog, filtered by site catalogcategories to export specific products. 

Question # 10

A merchant wants customers to be ableto order gift vouchers via their site. Since they can issue anunlimited number of these digital vouchers, this item should be available to sell at all items.How can a developer use Business Manager to ensure that the gift vouchers are alwaysavailable?

A. Check the perpetual flag in the product inventory record 
B. Check the Available to Sell (ATS) flag dor the producto set 
C. Set StockLevel = maxAllocation for the producto. 
D. Manually set the inventory to a high number.