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The-Open-Group OG0-092 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Patterns & Co. is introducing a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Market Analytics solutionin order to improve its new delivery service.Patterns & Co. has a mature enterprise architecture capability and the CIO is the sponsorof the enterprise architecture team. The business vision and requirements for the newsystem are defined. It includes a detailed business process analysis. The supplier hasproposed a solution but the Architecture Board identified some of the project requirementsnot consistent with the adopted infrastructure standards. The CIO considered the risks andapproved the implementation.The CIO has asked the EA team to execute the Phase G ensuring that the systemperformance KPIs are respected, the project remains within budget and security guidelinesare met.Refer to the scenario aboveAs Lead Enterprise Architect you have to recommend a plan to implement the CIOdecision. Choose the best answer according to TOGAF 9.Choose one of the following answers

A. You ask the supplier to modify the web server hardware and software components sothey can meet the current infrastructure standards. You advise to execute a proof ofconcept to anticipate any coding issue. Then, after the agreement with the developmentleads for supporting the development, you will provide the project plan to the projectmanager and develop an Architecture Contract. A set of frequent operational reviews tomonitor the solution's performance is then scheduled after the implementation iscompleted.
B. You recommend the co-existence of a second web server standard and modify thecompany Standards Information Base adding this new technology.You ask the projectarchitects to create an Architecture Contract with the development teams. You identify theneed of a performance testing and a compliance review You agree with the business onSLA and delivery dates. You identify re-usable procedures and objects.
C. You eliminate the non-standard web server from the solution as recommended by theArchitecture Board. You create a revised plan and Architecture Contract for thedevelopment stressing the re-use of standard technologies. You share the budgetimplication of this solution with a finance committee and inform the CIO of the long termcost benefits of this choice. You define periodical project management meetings to monitorcompliance.
D. You execute a risk analysis and set deliverables and timing requirements with thedevelopment team. You implement a detailed impact analysis of the chosen solution. Youcreate an Architecture Contract and ask for the CIO's approval before implementing it. Youtest the solution just prior to implementation and deliver the project artifacts and store afterthe completion of the implementation.

Question # 2

Please read this scenario prior to answering the questionWorldwide Mobile is a mobile telecommunications company formed through a series ofmergers and acquisitions. They are yet to fully integrate the customer service systems forthe most recent acquisitions, and as result, customer service has been a major concern forthe Chief Technology Officer.Results for the last two quarters have shown that Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) andthe customer retention (Churn) rate have fallen below the industry average. The CorporateMarketing group has published some new finding about customer satisfaction. Thecustomers appear to be switching to Air Light, a competitor, because of superior customerservice. WorldwideMobile actually has better coverage in nearly all markets than Air Light,and good roaming agreement that keep rates low for business travellers. But customersatisfaction has remained low.The Business Strategy group and the Enterprise Architecture group have conducted ahigh-level project to develop the enterprise-wide strategic plan. They have developed abusiness scenario which contains a good conceptual model of what needs to be done andalso identifies the key requirements. This was used in preparing the proposal presented tothe Executive Council and the Corporate Board.The planning for the program has been underway for several months. WorldwideMobilehas selected TOGAF 9 as the basis for its Enterprise Architecture.The Corporate Board has approved funding for a multi-million Euro conversion to transitionto a packaged Customer Service System. It is anticipated that the overall program will takefive years to complete, but there are some tactical projects that can commenceimmediately to address the situation. The Executive Council has stated that the programshould define specific initiatives to enable each regional business units to create animplementation of the Customer Service System. The implementation must meet the needsof the business unit and still provide the information needed to enable major improvementsto the customer.Refer to WorldwideMobile-2 ScenarioYou are serving as the Lead Architect for the Performance and Integrity project of theCustomer Service System program.The project has been chartered to address the architecture(s) required to support theCustomer Service System from an infrastructure perspective. At present time, the projectteam is conducting an architecture development project that is focused on the customerself service capability, which was defined as part of the earlier strategic planning activities.This capability will enable customers to access their accounts, pay bills, request accountreviews, and provision services from any web-enabled device.The project team has gathered information about the self-service capability, developed abusiness scenario, and used the results to define an Architecture Vision for achieving thecapability.You have been asked to recommend the course of action to complete the project.Based on TOGAF 9, which of the following is best answer?

A. In the remaining architecture definition phases, the project team should map out thecapability in the Technology domain. In the Phases E and F, the capability should bebroken down into a set of Solution Building Blocks that define the Target Architecture.Where possible, the Solution Building Blocks should be drawn from the ArchitectureRepository. The completed Architecture Definition Document and the Implementation andMigration Plan will be submitted for approval. Upon approval, the architecture team willconduct Compliance Assessments to ensure that the Target Architecture is properlyimplemented.
B. In the remaining architecture definition phases, the project team should map out thecapability across the Business, Information System and Technology domains. In thePhases E and F, the capability should be broken down into a set of increments that aresequenced into Transition Architectures that will lead to the realization of the TargetArchitecture. The resulting Solution Building Blocks will then provide the basis for thecapability increment solutions. The complete Architecture Definition Document and theImplementation and Migration Plan will be submitted for approval. Upon approval, thearchitecture team will oversee the implementation process through monitoring ArchitectureContracts and by conduction Compliance Assessments.
C. In the remaining architecture definition phases, the project team should map out thecapability across the Business, Information System and Technology domains. In thePhases E and F, the capability should be broken down into a set of increments that definesthe Target Architecture. The Solution Building Blocks will provide the basis for thecapability increment solutions. The complete Architecture Definition Document and theImplementation and Migration Plan will be submitted for approval. Upon approval, thearchitecture team will oversee the implementation process through monitoring ArchitectureContracts and by conducting Compliance Assessments.
D. The remaining architecture definition work should be focused on mapping out thetechnology and infrastructure capability in the Technology domain. In Phases E and F, thecapability should be broken down into a set of Solution Building Blocks that will beimplemented to realize the Target Architecture. The Solution Building Blocks will providethe basis for the completed Architecture Definition Document that will be submitted forapproval. Upon approval, the implementation team will conduct Compliance Assessmentsto ensure that the self-service capability is compliant with the overall EnterpriseArchitecture.

Question # 3

Scenario: Marona Inc.Marona Inc is a Fortune 500 Enterprise in the retail industry with retail store componentsmanufacturing units and marketing outlets spanning the globe and having an annualturnover of 20 billion$ with more than 100, 000 employees world wide.The CEO, CIO and the stakeholders of the ongoing EA projects are concerned about risingcosts and as one measure want to do an investigation into the operational aspects of therealized Enterprise Architecture using TOGAF9.The CIO approaches you as the Lead Enterprise Architect to carry out this exercise thestakeholder had voiced to him the following concerns:They want to analyze the roles of the top management for each revenue earning service.Moreover, many of the HR related critical Search application component have becomeextremely slow. This needs to be diagnosed and rectified. Moreover there is no propertracking of revenue from retail store component products over time. There has also been alot of unauthorized or unwanted access to many of the critical information.Hence the mode of access needs to be strengthened and made much more secure.Another additional concern is the new launches and the progress of each of the launchesover time.Determine which of the following set of viewpoints are most appropriate to analyze andview in order to address this concern of the stakeholders.

A. (i) System/Functions Matrix(ii) Actor/Role Matrix(iii) Data Entity/Business FunctionMatrix(iv) Technology Portfolio Catalog(v) Data Security Diagram
B. (i) Goal/Objective/Service Diagram(ii) Contract Measure Catalog(iii) Data DisseminationDiagram(iv) Application Communication Diagram(v) Data Life Cycle Diagram
C. (i) Location Catalog(ii) Service/Function Catalog(iii) Data Entity/Business Function Matrix(iv) Application Communication Diagram
D. (i) System/Functions Catalog(ii) System/Technology Matrix(iii) Goal/Objective/ServiceDiagram(iv) Product Life Cycle Diagram(v) Data Security Diagram

Question # 4

ScenarioPlease read this scenario prior to answering the questionYou have been assigned the role of Lead Enterprise Architect for a firm that producescomponents and replacement parts for the automobile, electronics, andtelecommunications industries. The firm has been established for over 70 years. NorthAmerica has been the primary market for its products, with just 20% of its output beingexported to Europe. The firm is planning to expand its exports to Europe and also toestablish sales in South America and the Asia Pacific region.The firm is organized into business units that each focus on the different industry sectors.Each business unit has acquired other producers to expand its manufacturing capacity.This has resulted in a complex environment with a high diversity of business andmanufacturing systems.The Enterprise Architecture (EA) program within the firm has been functioning for severalyears.It has made significant progress in consolidating the technology portfolio and establishingkey standards. The CIO and the COO are joint sponsors of the EA program. The EAprogram is mature, with an active Architecture Board and a well-defined architectureprocess and standard content templates based on the TOGAF 9 Architecture ContentFramework. The EA process framework is well coordinated with the PMO, SystemsDevelopment, and Operations functions.The firm has completed a strategic plan to reorganize its Sales & Marketing organizationaccording to the target geographic markets. One of the goals of this reorganization is toimprove the ability of Marketing to collect more meaningful market analytics that will enableeach sector to better address market needs with effective marketing campaigns and globalproduct presence.A Request for Architecture Work to address the goals of the reorganization has beenapproved. As the architecture team commences its work, the CIO has expressed concernsabout whether the firm will be able to adapt to the proposed change and how to managethe associated risks.Refer to the ScenarioYou have been asked how to address the concerns of the CIO.Based on TOGAF, which of the following is the best answer?

A. In Phase B, the team should create a set of views that will enable them to identify thefactors that will influence the reorganization. There should then be an assessment of eachfactor on a maturity scale that will allow the team to gauge the urgency, readiness, anddegree of difficulty to fix. These factors can then be used to assess the initial risksassociated with the proposed project.
B. In Phase A, the team should analyze their risk by completing an Implementation FactorAssessment and Deduction Matrix to identify the particular risks associated with theimplementation and deployment. The matrix should include a list of factors to beconsidered, their descriptions, and constraints that should be taken into account. Thesefactors can then used to assess the initial risks associated with the proposed project.
C. In Phase A, the team should use the Business Transformation Readiness Assessmenttechnique to identify the factors that will influence the reorganization. The assessmentshould include determining the readiness rating for each factor based on a maturity scalethat will allow the team to gauge the urgency, readiness, and degree of difficulty to fix.These factors can then used to assess the initial risks associated with the proposedproject.
D. In Phase A, the team should conduct a Business Scenario to identify the stakeholders1concerns and the resulting requirements. Once the requirements have been identified, theycan be assessed in terms of their risks. The risks should be evaluated in terms of how theycould be avoided, transferred, or mitigated. Any risks that cannot be resolved should beidentified as residual risks and their disposition should be decided by the ArchitectureBoard.