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Cisco 350-501 Exam Dumps

Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies (350-501 SPCOR)

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Cisco 350-501 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which two uses of the YANG data modeling language are true? (Choose two)

A. It can be used to shape slats data of network elements
B. It can be used to access a device by HTTP
C. It can be used to model the configuration used by NETCONF operations
D. It can be used to replace the OSI model for troubleshooting
E. It can be used to replace RESTCONF as a mechanism to install and manipulateconfiguration

Question # 2

Which regular expression query modifier function indicates the start of a string?

A. ^
B. [^]
C. +
D. $

Question # 3

Which control plane protocol is used between Cisco SD-WAN routers and vSmartcontrollers?


Question # 4

Which utility can you use to locate MPLS faults?

A. MPLS traceroute
C. MPLS LSP ping
D. QoS

Question # 5

Which statement about Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) is true?

A. It is used only in service provider environments
B. It can be used only with XML coding
C. It uses YANG modeling language to automate devices
D. It must use SDN as an overlay for addressing

Question # 6

How does model-driven telemetry use YANG?

A. to reset network devices that malfunction
B. to set informs and traps on clients to report back to a centralized server
C. to subscribe to data that is streamed from a device
D. to poll network devices on a 30-minute interval

Question # 7

What do Ansible and Salt Stack have in common?

A. They both use DSL configuration language
B. They both use YAML configuration language
C. They both have agents running on the client machine
D. They both can be designed with more than one master server

Question # 8

Which module refers to the network automation using Ansible?

A. the iosxr_system module to collect facts from remote devices
B. the iosxr_user module to manage banners for users in the local database
C. the losxr_logging module to run debugging for seventy levels 2 to 5
D. the iosxr_command module to issue run commands on remote devices

Question # 9

BGP has been implemented on a IOS XR router. Which configuration sends BGP IPv4 labels to build inter-domain LSPs?

A. router bgp 65515 address-family ipv4 unicast neighbor send-community extended
B. router bgp 65515 no bgp default ipv4-unicast
C. router bgp 65515 address-family ipv4 unicast neighbor send-community
D. router bgp 65515 neighbor address-family ipv4 labeled-unicast

Question # 10

Which three OSPF parameters must match before two devices can establish an OSPF adjacency? (Choose three.)

A. IP address
B. interface cost
C. subnet mask
D. process ID
E. hello timer setting
F. area number

Question # 11

An engineer is trying to implement BGP in a multihomed architecture. What must the engineer configure to influence inbound path selection?

A. A route map with WEIGHT attribute to control the inbound traffic.
B. An offset list to set the metric for routes received from neighboring autonomous systems.
C. An access list to identify traffic and enable it on both of the provider-facing interfaces.
D. A route map with AS_PATH attribute to control the inbound traffic.

Question # 12

Which protocol does a Cisco MPLS TE tunnel use to maintain paths within the core?


Question # 13

How much must the MTU be increased when configuring the 802.1q VLAN tag?

A. 2 bytes
B. 4 bytes
C. 8 bytes
D. 12 bytes

Question # 14

A network engineer is configuring a router to send multicast traffic for the group. Which configuration must an .... forward the traffic?

A. Cisco(config)# interface ethernet 1/0 Cisco(config-if)# ip igmp max-groups action replace
B. Cisco(config)# interface ethernet 1/0 Cisco(config-if)# ip igmp filter
C. Cisco(config)# interface ethernet 1/0 Cisco(config-if)# ip igmp access-group
D. Cisco(config)# interface ethernet 1/0 Cisco(config-if)# ip igmp join-group

Question # 15

A regional MPLS VPN provider operates m two regions and wants to provide MPLS L 3VPN service for a customer with two sites in these separate locations. The VPN provider approaches another organization to provide backbone carrier services so that the provider can connect to these two locations. Which statement about this scenario is true?

A. When edge routers at different regional sites are connected over the global carrier backbone, MP-eBGP must run between the routers to exchange the customer VPNv4 routes
B. When eBGP is used for label exchange using the send label option, MPLS-BGP forwarding is configured under the global ABC CSC PE-to CE interface
C. When IGP is used for route exchange and LDP for label exchange, MPLS is enabled only on the VRF interface on the backbone-earner PE side.
D. When BGP is used for both route and label exchange, the neighbor a.b.c.d send-lable command is used under the address family VPNv4 command mode.

Question # 16

You are creating new Cisco MPLS TE tunnels. Which type of RSVP message does the headend router send to reserve bandwidth on the path to the tunnel’s router?

A. error
B. reservation
C. path
D. tear

Question # 17

A network engineer is implementing BFD configuration changes on a customer's equipment. How is the bfd interval configuration on the interface disconnected?

A. The status of the interface changes.
B. The IPv4 or IPv6 address configuration on the interface changes.
C. It is automatically disconnected when the BFD-configured subinterface is removed.
D. It is automatically disconnected when the BFD main interface is removed.

Question # 18

What are two characteristics of MPLS TE turrets? (Choose two)

A. They require EIGRP to be running in the core.
B. They use RSVP to provide bandwidth for the tunnel.
C. They are run over Ethernet cores only.
D. The headend and tailend routes of the tunnel must have a BGP relationship
E. They are unidirectional

Question # 19

Which component is similar to an EVPN instance?

A. MPLS label
B. IGP router ID
D. router distinguisher