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Salesforce Platform-App-Builder Sample Questions

Question # 1

To increase adoption, Universal Containers is proposing changes to its Salesforce data model to allow easier visibility for sales reps into key metrics. The proposal has three custom objectsrelated to the Account object, one with a master-detail, and two that are not.Each of these objects has 15 fields they would like to summarize on the Account object.What are two considerations for this proposal? Choose 2 answers

A. Roll-up summaries allow MAX, MIN, SUM, COUNT, and AVG.
B. An object can have 20 object references.
C. An object can have 25 roll-up summaries.
D. Roll-up summaries are limited to master-detail relationships.

Question # 2

Northern Trail Outfitters uses a custom object to track travel requests. Rangers want to have automatic posts on a record whenever a travel request has been approved.Which feature should be used to accomplish this?

A. Auto-response rule
B. Workflow rule
C. Feed tracking
D. Feed quick action

Question # 3

Ursa Major Solar is ramping up the sales team to meet increased demand. As part of the short ramp up for these new reps, the manager wants to provide a help guide to enable reps to easily get help where needed during the different sales processes.Which solution should an app builder recommend?

A. Flow
B. Journey Builder
C. Chatter Publisher
D. Path

Question # 4

DreamHouse Realty wants to import its property records from an external system into Salesforce. The app builder will use an external ID field to house the property ID from the external system.Which two details should the app builder know when using external ID fields? Choose 2 answers

A. An external ID field can be a number field.
B. An external ID field can be a URL field.
C. An external ID field can be a phone field.
D. An external IDfield can be a text field.

Question # 5

Universal Containers uses Contracts for agreements with customers. A sales manager is required to provide approval for contracts and director approval for any contract over $10,000. Which two options should an app builder use to ensure all contracts route for the correct approval and also prevent the sales rep from making changes to the record while it is being approved? Choose 2 answers

A. Create an approval process on the Contract object with criteria set on a second approvalstep set as 'Amount__c > 10,000' and set the approver as director.
B. Create an approval process on the Contract object and set the field for 'Next AutomatedApprover Determined By' as Manager'.
C. Create a validation rule on the Contract object that prevents updates to the contractrecord while it is being reviewed.
D. Create an approval process on the Contract object with one step for each salesmanager that sets the approver as the director.

Question # 6

Cloud Kicks asked the app builder to insert a list of 25,000 records using deduplication for the Race_Track__c customobject.Which tool should be used?

A. Import Wizard
B. Lightning Object Creator
C. Data Loader
D. Schema Builder

Question # 7

Universal Containers (UC) requires that all users specify a contract is sent on each Opportunity prior to marking it as "Closed Won". UC wants to be able to report on how many Opportunities have sent Contracts compared to how many have a missing contract when the Opportunities closed.Which field type should an app builder configure to fulfill this requirement?

A. Text
B. Text Area
C. Picklise
D. Checkbox

Question # 8

Universal Containers would like to collaborate with its customers within Salesforce, and has decided to enable the "Allow Customer Invitations" Chatter setting. What permission is granted to Customers when invited to ChatterGroup?

A. The ability to invite members to groups of which they are a member
B. The ability to @mention accounts of which they are a contact.
C. The ability to request access to public groups
D. The ability to interact with members of their groups

Question # 9

At Ursa Solar Major, only users with the Outer Planets profile need to see the Jupiter field on the Solar System object.How should the app builder satisfy this requirement?

A. Classic encryption
B. Filtered view
C. Field-level security
D. Sharing rules

Question # 10

The Recruiting ream at AW Computing captures thejob acceptance and date of hire of a candidate on the Job Application custom object. Once the candidate accepts the recruiter s job offer, the date of hire should be entered and not be changed on subsequent cecord edit. Which validation formula should the app builder use?

A. NOT(ISCLANK(Job_Accepted_c)) && ISCHANGED(Hire_Date_c)
B. (ISBLANK(Job_Accepted_c) II NOT(lSCMANGED(Mire_Daie_c))
C. NOT{IS&lANK(Job_Accepted_c)) II ISCHANGED(Hire_Date_c)
D. (lSBLANK(Job_Accepted_c) && NOT(lSCHANGED(Hire_Date_c))

Question # 11

An app builder has downloaded a component from the AppExchange successfully; however, they are unable to add it to the Lightning home page. Which two reasons can be preventing the app builder from being able to add the custom component? Choose 2 answers

A. My Domain must be deployed to add custom components to the page with the App Builder.
B. A custom tab must be created to add custom components to the page with the App Builder.
C. The component requires a developer permission to add it to the page with the App Builder.
D. The component is tagged for record pages instead of home pages and is not showing up in the App Builder.

Question # 12

DreamHouse Realty wants to track how many lifts are being installed into customer garages. The To Be Installed custom checkbox field on the custom Lift object should be checked and an external system should be notified via an outbound message the next day when a lift is sold. What automation tool should be used to complete this task?

A. Approval process
B. Workflow
C. Flow
D. Process Builder