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Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I (WI24)

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Salesforce Javascript-Developer-I Sample Questions

Question # 1

Refer to code below: Let first = ‘who’; Let second = ‘what’; Try{ Try{ Throw new error(‘Sad trombone’); }catch (err){ First =’Why’; }finally { Second =’when’; } catch (err) { Second =’Where’; }What are the values for first and second once the code executes ?

A. First is Who and second is When
B. First is why and second is where
C. First is who and second is where
D. First is why andsecond is when

Question # 2

Refer to the code below:Function changeValue(obj) {Obj.value =obj.value/2;}Const objA = (value: 10);Const objB = objA;changeValue(objB);Const result = objA.value;What is the value of result after the code executes?

A. 10
B. Nan
C. 5
D. Undefined

Question # 3

A developer needs to test this function:01const sum3 = (arr) => (02if (!arr.length) return 0,03if (arr.length === 1) return arr[0],04if (arr.length === 2) return arr[0]+ arr[1],05 return arr[0] + arr[1] + arr[2],06 );Which two assert statements are valid tests for the function?Choose 2 answers

A. console.assert(sum3(1, ‘2’)) == 12);
B. console.assert(sum3(0)) == 0);
C. console.assert(sum3(-3, 2 )) == -1);
D. console.assert(sum3(‘hello’, 2, 3, 4)) === NaN);

Question # 4

Refer to the following code:Let obj ={Foo: 1,Bar: 2}Let output =[],for(let something in obj{ output.push(something);}console.log(output);What is the output line 11?

A. [1,2]
B. [“bar”,”foo”]
C. [“foo”,”bar”]
D. [“foo:1”,”bar:2”]

Question # 5

A developer implements and calls the following code when an application state changeoccurs:Const onStateChange =innerPageState) => {window.history.pushState(newPageState, ‘ ’, null);}If the back button is clicked after this method is executed, what can a developer expect?

A. A navigate event is fired with a state property that details the previous application state.
B. The page is navigated away from and the previous page in the browser’s history isloaded.
C. The page reloads and all Javascript is reinitialized.
D. A popstate event is fired with a state property that details the application’s last state.

Question # 6

Which three actions can be using the JavaScript browser console?Choose 3 answers:

A. View and change DOM the page.
B. Display a report showing the performance of a page.
C. Run code that is not related to page.
D. view , change, and debug the JavaScript code of the page.
E. View and change security cookies.

Question # 7

Refer to the code below:<html lang=”en”><table onclick=”console.log(Table log’);”><tr id=”row1”><td>Click me!</td></tr><table><script>function printMessage(event) {console.log(‘Row log’);}Let elem = document.getElementById(‘row1’);elem.addEventListener(‘click’, printMessage, false);</script></html>Which code change should be made for the console to log only Rowlog when ‘Click me! ’ isclicked?

A. Add.event.stopPropagation(); to window.onLoad event handler.
B. Add event.stopPropagation(); to printMessage function.
C. Add event.removeEventListener(); to window.onLoad event handler.
D. Addevent.removeEventListener(); toprintMessage function.

Question # 8

A developer is required to write a function that calculates the sum of elements in anarray but is getting undefinedevery time the code is executed. The developer needs to findwhat is missing in the code below.Const sumFunction = arr => {Return arr.reduce((result, current) => {//Result += current;//), 10););Which option makes the code work as expected?

A. Replace line 02 with return arr.map(( result, current) => (
B. Replace line 04 with result = result +current;
C. Replace line 03 with if(arr.length == 0 ) ( return 0; )
D. Replace line 05 with return result;

Question # 9

Refer to the following code that imports a module named utils:import (foo, bar) from ‘/path/Utils.js’;foo() ;bar() ;Which two implementations of Utils.js export foo and bar such that the code above runswithouterror?Choose 2 answers

A. // FooUtils.js and BarUtils.js existImport (foo) from ‘/path/FooUtils.js’;Import (boo) from ‘ /path/NarUtils.js’;
B. const foo = () => { return ‘foo’ ; }const bar = () => { return ‘bar’ ; }export { bar, foo }
C. Export defaultclass {foo() { return ‘foo’ ; }bar() { return ‘bar’ ; } }
D. const foo = () => { return ‘foo’;}const bar = () => {return ‘bar’; }Export default foo, bar;

Question # 10

A developer has two ways to write a function: Option A: function Monster() { This.growl = () => { Console.log (“Grr!”); } } Option B: function Monster() {}; Monster.prototype.growl =() => {console.log(“Grr!”); } After deciding on an option, the developer creates 1000 monster objects.How many growl methods are created with Option AOption B?

A. 1 growl method is created for Option A. 1000 growl methods are created for Option B.
B. 1000 growl method is created for Option A. 1 growl methods are created for Option B.
C. 1000 growl methods are created regardless of which option is used.
D. 1 growl method is created regardless of which option is used.

Question # 11

developer creates a new web server that uses Node.js. It imports aserver library thatuses events and callbacks for handling server functionality.The server library is imported with require and is made available to the code by avariable named server. The developer wants to log any issues that the server has whilebootingup.Given the code and the information the developer has, which code logs an error at boostwith an event?

A. Server.catch ((server) => {console.log(‘ERROR’, error);});
B. Server.error ((server) => {console.log(‘ERROR’, error);});
C. Server.on (‘error’, (error) => {console.log(‘ERROR’, error);});
D. Try{server.start();} catch(error) {console.log(‘ERROR’, error);}