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Cisco 350-601 Exam Dumps

Implementing Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR)

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Cisco 350-601 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An engineer is configuring HTTPS access to Cisco UCS Manager The engineer created a keyring and created the certificate request for the keyring Cisco UCS Manager continues to receive untrusted messages from a Firefox browser and a Chrome browser Which action must be taken as the next step in the HTTPS access configuration?

A. Create a trusted point
B. Sign the certificate using the Cisco UCS Manager. 
C. Obtain a validated certificate from Cisco 
D. Install a trusted certificate in the browser store 

Question # 2

An engineer must ensure fabric redundancy when implementing NPV mode on a Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch. Which action enables fabric redundancy?

A. Connect the NPV devices to multiple upstream switches. 
B. Add a port channel to upstream switches. 
C. Configure the NPV devices to use on external FLOGI database. 
D. Use TE ports to connect to upstream switches.

Question # 3

What are two capabilities of the Cisco Network Assurance Engine? (Choose two.)

A. It verifies the speed of network packet flows by using telemetry. 
B. It predicts the network load on a data center.
C. It validates that devices comply with network security policies. 
D. It ensures that network performance meets an SLA.
E. It predicts the impact of changes to the network. 

Question # 4

An engineer created a service profile in Cisco UCS Manager and associated it to a server. The engineer must create a policy if there is a disruptive change applied to the service profile Which policy type must be used to accomplish this goal?

A. administration 
C. maintenance
D. reboot

Question # 5

An engineer is implementing NPV mode on a Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch. Which action must be taken?

A. The FCNS database must be disabled in the fabric.
B.  A port channel must be configured to the upstream switch.
C. All switches in the fabric must be Cisco MDS switches.
D. NPIV must be enabled on the upstream switch.

Question # 6

Which component is disrupted when the cisco integrated Management controller is upgraded on a cisco UCS series server?

A. Cisco UCS Manager  
B. SAN traffic  
C. KVM sessions  
D. Data traffic  

Question # 7

A network engineer needs a solution that simplifies the initial deployment of cisco nexus series switches. The solution must support these requirements: • zero-touch provisioning • configuration through DHCP options • initial configuration from a central TFTP server • no manual configuration management after the initial installation Question No : 301 Question No : 302 Question No : 303 Cisco 350-601 : Practice Test 239 What technology supports these goals?

B. Ansible 
C. Cisco Intersight
D. Chief

Question # 8

A network engineer needs to upgrade the EPLDs of the fabric modules for a Cisco MDS director-class switch. In which order are components reloaded during the process?

A. one fabric module at the time
B. all fabric modules followed by the entire switching platform 
C. all fabric modules in parallel 
D. one module and one supervisor at the time 

Question # 9

Which file service protocol allows the files to appear locally mapped to the client and provides view, store, and update capabilities on a remote Linux-based storage repository that also serves as a distributed file system standard for NAS? 


Question # 10

An engineer must start a software upgrade on a Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switch during a zone merge. What is the result of this action?

A. The zone merge stops.
B. The zone merge pauses until the upgrade completes 
C. The upgrade stops
D. The zone merge executes and then the upgrade completes. 

Question # 11

Which two features are used to allow a nondisruptive upgrade for the ISSU process? (Choose two.)

A. connectivity management processor
B. nonstop forwarding 
C. graceful restart 
D. stateful switchover 
E. advanced services license 

Question # 12

What are two types of FC/FCoE oversubscription ratios? (Choose two.) 

A. server storage to end-node count 
B. port bandwidth to uplink bandwidth 
C. edge ISL bandwidth to core ISL bandwidth
D. host bandwidth to storage bandwidth 
E. switch processing power to end-node processing power 

Question # 13

A network architect is asked to design and manage geographically distributed data centers across cities and decides to use a Multi-Site Orchestrator deployment. How many orchestrators should be deployed?

A. 3 
B. 5 
C. 4 
D. 2 

Question # 14

Which two settings must be configured before enabling a Cisco UCS Manager domain for Cisco Intersight connectivity? (Choose two.) 

A. syslog redirection
B. DNS servers 
C. SMTP servers 
D. NTP servers 
E. SMTP reply-to-address 

Question # 15

An engineer must configure OSPF in the data center. The external routes have already been redistributed OSPF. The network must meet these criteria: * The data centre servers must reach services in the cloud and the services behind the redistributed routes. * The exit point toward the internet should be propagated only when there is a dynamically learned default route from the upstream router. Which feature is required?

A. Default-information originate 
B. Stubby area 
C. Totally stubby area 
D. Default-information originate always 

Question # 16

A Cisco MDS 9000 series storage Switch has reloaded unexpectedly. Where does the engineer look for the latest core dump file?

A. /mnt/core
B. /mnt/pss
C. /mnt/logs 
D. /mnt/recovery 

Question # 17

An engineer must configure a named VSAN when the fabric interconnect is in Fibre Channel switch mode The VSAN must meet these requirements: Named VSAN must be called "VSAN 10". VSAN ID must be 10. FCoE ID must be 20. VSAN 10 must be attached to port 2 in slot 1. Which command set configures a VSAN when the fabric interconnect is in Fibre Channel switch mode? 

A. Option A 
B. Option B 
C. Option C 
D. Option D 

Question # 18

What is the impact of an EPLD upgrade on a Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch?

A. The active supervisor traffic is disrupted.
B. The upgrade disrupts the management connectivity to the switch.
C. The standby supervisor module reloads multiple times.
D. The upgrade process disrupts only the module that is being upgraded.

Question # 19

Which two actions should be performed before upgrading the infrastructure and firmware of multiple UCS blades? (Choose two) 

A. Verify if the bootflash on the fabric interconnects m the Cisco UCS has at least 15°* available space 
B. Enable Smart Call Home feature during the firmware upgrade process 
C. Verify if the bootflash on the fabric interconnects in the Cisco UCS has at least 10% available space
D. Run the Check Conformance feature to verify that all your components are running the compatible firmware version after the upgrade
E. Get Full State and All Configuration backup files before beginning the upgrade

Question # 20

What is a characteristic of the NFS protocol? 

A. It is used for booting Cisco UCS B-Series servers. 
B. It is used to access a storage array at a block level.
C. It uses UDP and HTTP as its transport
D. It uses remote procedure calls with TCP/IP for transport

Question # 21

An engineer implements an ACI fabric and must implement microsegmentation of endpoints within the same IP subnet using a network-based attribute. The attribute mapping must allow IP subnet independence. Which attribute must be selected? 

A. MAC address 
B. Custom 
C. Tag 

Question # 22

Which two actions must be taken to directly connect a Fibre Channel storage array to a Cisco UCS domain? (Choose two.)

A. Configure a new VSAN
B. Create a new vHBA dedicated to the storage array 
C. Configure a Fibre Channel port channel 
D. Create a Storage Connection Policy
E. Configure the Fibre Channel poet as a Fibre Channel storage port

Question # 23

Which virtual MAC address is the default for HSRP version 2 group 10?

A. 0000.5E00.0110  
B. 0000.0C9F.F00A  
C. 3716.1350.1C0A  
D. 0000.0C9F.F010