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CompTIA XK0-004 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An administrator needs to create a shared directory in which all users are able, write, and execute its content but none of the regular users are able to delete any content.Which of the following permissions should be applied to this shared directory?

A. rwxrwxrwt
B. rwxrwxrws
C. rwxrwxrwx
D. rwxrwxrw*

Question # 2

Which of the following is the purpose of the monitoring server role?

A. To aggregate web traffic to watch which websites employees are visiting
B. To collect status and performance information about the servers in an environment
C. To provide user authentication services to a network
D. To provide real-time analysis of potential threats to the organization

Question # 3

An administrator is analyzing a Linux server which was recently hacked.Which of the following will the administrator use to find all unsuccessful login attempts?

A. nsswitch
B. faillock
C. pam_tally2
D. passwd

Question # 4

Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of the X11 system?

A. X11 provides graphical display capabilities
B. X11 provides command line capabilities
C. X11 provides networking capabilities
D. X11 provides telephony capabilities.

Question # 5

A Linux administrator needs to back up the folder /usr/domain, and the output must be a gzip compressed tar. Which of the following commands should be used?

A. tar –cv domain.tar.gz /usr/domain
B. tar –cvf /usr/domain domain.tar.gz
C. tar –czvf domain.tar.gz /usr/domain
D. tar –cxzv /usr/domain domain.tar.gz

Question # 6

A new HTTPS web service is being deployed on a server. Which of the following commands should the Linux administrator use to ensure traffic is able to flow through the system firewall to the new service?

A. iptables –I OUTPUT –p tcp --sport 443 –j ACCEPT
B. iptables –A INPUT –p tcp --dport 443 –j ACCEPT
C. iptables –I INPUT --dport 443 –j ACCEPT
D. iptables –A OUTPUT –p tcp --dport 443 –j ACCEPT

Question # 7

A junior systems is configuring localization option environment variables. The administrator is given a checklist of tasks with the following requirements:View current settings of the LC_ALL environment variable only. Modify the LANG environment variable to US English Unicode.Given this scenario, which of the following should be performed to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

A. echo $LC_ALL
B. locale
C. cat $LC_ALL
D. export LANG = en_US.UTF-8
E. export $LANG = en_US.UTF
F. stty

Question # 8

An administrator is tasked with increasing the size of the volume /dev/vg/lv to 20GB. Which of the following BEST illustrates the steps the administrator should take?

A. vgextend –L20G /dev/vg/lv; resizelv /dev/vg/lv
B. parted –L20G /dev/vg/lv; remount /dev/vg/lv
C. mkfs –L20G /dev/vg/lv; tune2fs /dev/vg/lv
D. lvextend –L20G /dev/vg/lv; resize2fs /dev/vg/lv

Question # 9

A system administrator has deployed a Linux server based on an Anaconda process with all packages and custom configurations necessary to install a web server role.Which of the following could be used to install more Linux servers with the same characteristics?

A. /etc/sysconfig/anaconda/cfg
B. /root/anaconda.auto
C. /root/anaconda-ks.cfg
D. /etc/sysconfig/installation.cfg

Question # 10

A company wants to ensure that all newly created files can be modified only by their owners and that all new directory content can be changed only by the creator of the directory. Which of the following commands will help achieve this task?

A. umask 0022
B. umask 0012
C. chmod –R 0644 /
D. chmod –R 0755 /

Question # 11

An administrator is attempting to block SSH connections to using the Linux firewall. After implementing a rule, a connection refused error is displayed when attempting to SSH to of the following rules was MOST likely implemented?

A. iptables –A –p tcp –d –dropt 22 –j REJECT
B. iptables –A –p tcp –d –dropt 22 –j DROP
C. iptables –A –p tcp –d –dropt 22 –j FORWARD
D. iptables –A –p tcp –d –dropt 22 –j REFUSE

Question # 12

A systems administrator needs to retrieve specific fields from a csv file. Which of the following tools would accomplish this task?

A. awk
B. sort
C. print
D. echo

Question # 13

A systems administrator needs to install a new piece of hardware that requires a new driver. The driver should be manually installed. Which of the following describes the order of commands required to obtain module information, install the module, and check the log for any errors during module installation?

A. lsmod, modprobe, modinfo
B. modinfo, insmod, modprobe
C. modinfo, insmod, dmesg
D. lsmod, insmod, dmesg

Question # 14

Which of the following is the BEST reason for not storing database files in the /var directory?

A. The /var filesystem is not fast enough for database files.
B. The number of files in /var is limited by the available inodes.
C. Files in /var do not have strict file permissions.
D. If log files fill up /var, it might corrupt the database.

Question # 15

Which of the following commands would show the default printer on a Linux system?

A. lpr
B. lpq
C. lpstat
D. lspci

Question # 16

An administrator needs to see a list of the system user’s encrypted passwords. Which of the following Linux files does the administrator need to read?

A. /etc/shadow
B. /etc/skel
C. /etc/passwd
D. /etc/pw

Question # 17

A systems administrator wants to know the current status of a series of dd jobs that were started in the background three hours ago.Which of the following commands will achieve this task?

A. sudo killall –HUP dd
B. sudo killall dd
C. sudo killall –TERM dd
D. sudo killall -USR1 dd

Question # 18

A Linux administrator needs to remotely update the contents of the www.comptia.org/contacts URL.Which of the following commands would allow the administrator to download the current contents of the URL before updating?

A. curl www.comptia.org/contacts
B. dig www.comptia.org/contacts
C. apt-get www.comptia.org/contacts
D. yum list www.comptia.org/contacts

Question # 19

A Linux administrator wants to fetch a Git repository from a remote Git server.Which of the following is the BEST command to perform this task?

A. git checkout
B. git clone
C. git merge
D. git config

Question # 20

A Linux systems administrator needs to provision multiple web servers into separate regional datacenters. The systems architect has instructed the administrator to define the server infrastructure using a specific tool that consumes a text-based file.Which of the following is the BEST reason to do this?

A. To document the infrastructure so it can be included in the system security plan
B. To ensure the administrator follows the planning phase of the system development life cycle
C. To define the infrastructure so it can be provisioned consistently with minimal manual tasks
D. To validate user requirements have been met within each regional datacenter for compliance

Question # 21

A junior systems administrator is creating a cron job. The cron job requirements are as follows:Run the hello.sh script every hour (24 times in one day). Run it on Monday only.Given this scenario, which of the following crontab options should be configured to meet these requirements?

A. 0 *** 1 hello.sh
B. 0 24 ** Monday hello.sh
C. 24 *** Monday hello.sh
D. 1 *** 0 hello.sh

Question # 22

An administrator needs to deploy 100 identical CentOS workstations via PXE boot. Which of the following should the administrator use to minimize the amount of interaction with the consoles needed?

A. Kickstart script
B. Ghost image on a distribution server
C. Hard disk duplicator
D. Hard disk duplicator
E. Ubiquity script

Question # 23

An administrator needs to see the type of CPU that a server is running. Which of the following files contains this information?

A. /proc/cpuinfo
B. /etc/devices/info.conf
C. /dev/proc/cpu
D. /sys/dev/cpuinfo

Question # 24

A Linux administrator is setting up a testing environment and needs to connect to a separate testing server using the production server name. The administrator needs to override the hostname that the DNS is returning in order to use the test environment. Which of the following commands should be run on each of the testing systems to BEST meet this goal?

A. # hostnamectl set-hostname “ production.company.com”
B. # grep –i IP “${ip addr show} production.company.com” > /etc/resolv.conf
C. # ip addr add dev eth0 && rndc reload production.company.com
D. # echo “ production.company.com” >> /etc/hosts