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Acme-Packet AP0-001 Sample Questions

Question # 1

n high availability (HA) architectures, changes to the state of the Active Net-Net 4000 are queued in journals. Requests from the Standby node results in information about these changes being pulled by Standby from the Active node. The three checkpointed states are __________, __________ and __________. 

A. configuration state
B. alarm state
C. media state
D. signaling state

Question # 2

The h245-stage parameter in the H323 stack determines____________.

A. The stage at which the Net-Net 4000 will start tunneling H.245 messages
B. The point in the call where H.245 messages are allowed, given that the call has been connected
C. The stage at which the Net-Net 4000 will indicate that a separate H.245 connection must be opened or will react to an external indication to open a separate H.245 connection
D. The point at which H.245 will appear on stage

Question # 3

Which one of the four statements below about Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is FALSE?

A. SIP provides for resource reservation.
B. SIP works with both IPv4 and IPv6.
C. SIP can run on top of either UDP or TCP as the transport protocol.
D. SIP can be used to invite participants to an already existing session.

Question # 4

In a high availability (HA) scenario, a node has a state of becoming Standby". This state indicates __________. 

A. a transitory state as the active node initially moves to becoming the standby node.
B. the standby node is out of service.
C. the standby node is taking the active role.
D. the active node is out of service.

Question # 5

The Net-Net 4000 will release media between SIP endpoints that are located in the same realm when the ____________parameter is set to____________. 

A. msm-network disabled
B. mm-in-realm disabled
C. mm-in-network enabled
D. mm-in-realm enabled