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ServiceNow CSA Sample Questions

Question # 1

What is a schema map?

A. A schema map enables administrators to define records from specific tables as trouble sources for Configuration Items 
B. A schema map graphically organizes the visual task boards for the CMDB 
C. A schema map graphically displays the Configuration Items that support a business service 
D. A schema map displays the details of tables and their relationships in a visual manner, allowing administrators to view and easily access different parts of the database schema 

Question # 2

What are the four knowledge workflows available in the ServiceNow base instance?

A. Approval publish: Request approval from a manager of the knowledge base before moving the article it the publish state 
B. Instant Publish: Immediately publishes a draft article without requiring an approval 
C. Instant Retire: Immediately retires a published article without requiring an approval 
D. Retire Knowledge: Moves a knowledge article to the retired state. 

Question # 3

Knowledge Base Search results can be sorted by which of the following? (Choose three.)

A. Most recent update 
B. Popularity 
C. Relevancy 
D. Manager assignment 
E. Number of views 

Question # 4

What is (are) best practice(s) regarding users/groups/roles? Choose 2 answers

A. You should never assign roles to groups. 
B. You should assign roles to users. 
C. You should assign roles to groups 
D. You should add users to groups 

Question # 5

Which type of interface enables you to display multiple performance analytics, reporting and other widgets on a single screen?

A. Form 
B. List 
C. Dashboard 
D. Timeline 

Question # 6

What is a role in ServiceNow?

A. A role is one record m the Role [sys_user_role] table 
B. A role is one record in the Role Iuser_sys_role] table 
C. A role is a persona used In Live Feed Chat 
D. A role Is a set of modules for a particular application 

Question # 7

Which tool is used to have conversations with logged-in users in real-time?

A. Connect Chat 
B. Now Messenger 
C. User Presence 
D. Comments 

Question # 8

Table Access Control rules are processed in the following order:

A. any table name (wildcard), parent table name, table name 
B. table name, parent table name, any table name (wildcard) 
C. parent table name, table name, any table name (wildcard) 
D. any table name (wildcard), table name, parent table name 

Question # 9

A REQ number in the Service Catalog represents…

A. the order number. 
B. the stage. 
C. the task to complete. 
D. the individual item in the order. 

Question # 10

When working on a form, what is the difference between Insert and Update operations?

A. Insert creates a new record and Update saves changes, both remain on the form 
B. Insert creates a new record and Update saves changes, both exit the form 
C. Insert saves changes and exits the form, Update saves changes and remains on the form 
D. Insert saves changes and remains on the form, Update saves changes and exits the form 

Question # 11

When does the Submit button appear on a form?

A. When saving an old record 
B. When creating a new record 
C. When changing the reference field in an existing record 
D. When updating an existing record 

Question # 12

What are two ways to generate an Event? (Choose two.)

A. Business Rule 
B. Workflow 
C. Log entry 
D. Knowledge article publication 

Question # 13

Which section of the ServiceNow UI allows you to perform a global search?

A. Application Navigator 
B. Banner frame 
C. List pane 
D. Content frame 

Question # 14

Which plugin needs to be activated in order to translate the content of a catalog item to multiple languages?

A. Localization Framework plugin (com.glide.localization_framework) 
B. Translation Framework plugin (com.glide.translation_framework) 
C. Multiple Language Framework plugin (com.glide.multiple.language_framework) 
D. Language Al Framework plugin (com .g I id e. language.ai _framework) 

Question # 15

What is the purpose of a Data Policy?

A. Data Policies enforce security 
B. Data Policies standardize data in Update Sets 
C. Data Policies enforce data consistency 
D. Data Policies apply to lists to standard data 

Question # 16

How can administrators utilize the same content for different notification channels?

A. Configure Default notification content
B. Enable Actionable notification content 
C. Provide Common notification content 
D. Set up Related notification content 

Question # 17

Each knowledge bases can have unique lifecycle workflows, user criteria, category structures, and management assignments.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 18

UI Action can prompt that an Incident has been successfully submitted.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 19

Which one of these applications is available to all users?

A. Change 
B. Incident 
C. Facilities 
D. Self-Service