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Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect Exam (WI24)

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Salesforce B2B-Solution-Architect Sample Questions

Question # 1

Towards the end of the discovery phase, the sales manager and subject matter experts raise a request to get hands-on experience with the solution as soon as possible. They want to ensure the requirements they provided are correctly built out in Salesforce. The project sponsor is unsure how that request may affect the schedule. Which method should a Solution Architect consider in this scenario to validate the requirements during the build sprint without impacting the project timelines?

A. Ensure the project sponsor reviews and signs off on the Functional Specification Document as an acknowledgment that what was built aligns with the original requirements.
 B. Run a User Acceptance Testing discovery session, based on the Functional Specification Document, to ensure the testing script meets the end users' needs. 
C. Give every end user the Functional Specification Document as their training materials and test them on the contents. 
D. Give the end users access to a sandbox environment and a testing script for each of the user stories. Ask UAT testers to perform their tasks and collect feedback from them in the testing script. 

Question # 2

Universal Containers is at the start of a digital transformation program. Members of the executive leadership team have provided a list of internal and external stakeholders who are dedicated to formulating the vision and desired business outcomes in a 2-day workshop. The executive leadership team has made the request to understand what the customer experience will look like out of this workshop. What should a Solution Architect do to help formulate the high-level business vision and desired business outcomes?

A. Facilitate a workshop with the executive leadership team, applying the journey mapping process to create a vision and align customer journey to business objectives.
 B. Facilitate a strategy session with the executive leadership team to better understand their individual business units' priorities to achieve the business objectives. 
C. Ask to follow the Customer Service team for a day to gain a better understanding of how they work and identify their pain points to formulate this vision. 
D. Facilitate a business process mapping workshop with the executive leadership team to better understand the potential process improvements. 

Question # 3

Widgets Wonderful, a manufacturing company, wants to provide a better customer experience and enable field service resources to provide a quote to customers while still on site. The company has complex products that come with warranties that include preventative maintenance work. Additionally, certain warranty repair work has specific SLAs associated with it. There are 10 Field Service team members and 20 sales representatives, all of whom need to view Salesforce Field Service objects and be able to create quotes for the customer. Widgets Wonderful's project owner has some questions regarding the number and types of licenses needed for the users and would like to better understand how warranties will be addressed. Which two combined options should a Solution Architect suggest? Choose 2 answers

A. Salesforce Field Service and Service Cloud for Salesforce CPQ will need to be installed and customizations will need to be made to handle Entitlements. 
B. Purchase 30 CPQ licenses and 10 Salesforce Field Service licenses. 
C. Purchase 30 CPQ licenses and 30 Salesforce Field Service licenses. 
D. Salesforce Field Service, Salesforce CPQ, and Service Cloud for Salesforce CPQ need will need to be installed and customizations will not be needed for Entitlements. 

Question # 4

Universal Containers (UC) is starting to go through an inventory of capabilities in regard to its many data warehouses. UC's data warehouses are currently being provided with data from OMS, ERP, Accounting, and other inventory management systems. Data warehouses are utilized by those systems for storage or analytics purposes. UC plans to utilize the Systems of Engagement framework to classify its systems based on how they will be utilized within the enterprise architecture. UC would like to understand which systems it should directly integrate with versus utilizing the data warehouses where that data may also be stored. How should a Solution Architect classify the data warehouses as systems within the enterprise architecture of this scenario?

A. System of Reference 
B. System of Engagement 
C. System of Intelligence 
D. System of Record 

Question # 5

AW Computing (AWC) has just completed a multi-cloud implementation for Salesforce and is facing major user adoption challenges. Users are complaining that the system is complicated and hard to navigate. What can the Center of Excellence (CoE) for Salesforce do to help increase user adoption? 

A. Place all training materials on the home page so users can find them easily. 
B. Record hour-long pieces of training for each job role so users can review on their own time.
C. Break down training materials into quick reference guides for job-specific functions. 
D. Ensure each team has a Salesforce champion that can provide one-on-one training. 

Question # 6

Universal Containers (UC) is using Service Cloud and B2B Commerce to allow resellers the ability to purchase and support farming equipment UC maintains. UC has invested in smart devices which allows that equipment to inform UC when a part becomes faulty. The data from these devices goes to a public cloud solution where every row of sensor data is received every second from every device. There are 100,000 devices on various farms being actively used. The CIO would like this data to be connected to Salesforce in some manner. What kind of integration method should a Solution Architect suggest to accommodate this need? 

A. Embed the devices' sensor data in a view on the Asset record. 
B. Load the public cloud solution directly to Salesforce using MuleSoft. 
C. Utilize Platform Events based on the devices' state change. 
D. Utilize Apex Callouts based on the devices' state change.