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Google Cloud Digital Leader exam

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Google Cloud-Digital-Leader Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which Google Cloud service or feature lets you build machine learning models usingStandard SQL and data in a data warehouse?

A. BigQuery ML 
B. TensorFlow 
C. AutoML Tables 
D. Cloud Bigtable ML 

Question # 2

As your organization increases its release velocity, the VM-based application upgradestake a long time to perform rolling updates due to OS boot times. You need to make theapplication deployments faster.What should your organization do?

A. Migrate your VMs to the cloud, and add more resources to them 
B. Convert your applications into containers 
C. Increase the resources of your VMs 
D. Automate your upgrade rollouts 

Question # 3

Your organization needs to restrict access to a Cloud Storage bucket. Only employees whoare based in Canada should be allowed to view the contents.What is the most effective and efficient way to satisfy this requirement?

A. Deploy the Cloud Storage bucket to a Google Cloud region in Canada 
B. Configure Google Cloud Armor to allow access to the bucket only from IP addressesbased in Canada 
C. Give eachemployee who is based in Canada access to the bucket 
D. Create a group consisting of all Canada-based employees, and give the group access tothe bucket 

Question # 4

Which Google Cloud product gives you a consistent platform for multi-cloud applicationdeployments and extends other Google Cloud services to your environment?

A. Google Kubernetes Engine 
B. Virtual Public Cloud 
C. Compute Engine 
D. Anthos 

Question # 5

Your organization needs to establish private network connectivity between its on-premisesnetwork and its workloads running in Google Cloud. You need to be able to set up theconnection as soon as possible.Which Google Cloud product or feature should you use?

A. Cloud Interconnect 
B. Direct Peering 
C. Cloud VPN 
D. Cloud CDN 

Question # 6

Yourorganization offers public mobile apps and websites. You want to migrate to a GoogleCloud-based solution for checking and maintaining your users’ usernames and passwordsand controlling their access to different resources based on their identity.Which should your organization choose?

A. VPN tunnels 
B. Identity Platform 
C. Compute Engine firewall rules 
D. Private Google Access 

Question # 7

Your company’s development team is building an application that will be deployed onCloud Run. You are designing a CI/CD pipeline so that any new version of the applicationcan be deployed in thefewest number of steps possible using the CI/CD pipeline you aredesigning. You need to select a storage location for the images of the application after theCI part of your pipeline has built them.What should you do?

A. Create a Compute Engine image containing the application 
B. Store the images in Container Registry 
C. Store the images in Cloud Storage 
D. Create a Compute Engine disk containing the application 

Question # 8

Your organizationis developing an application that will manage payments and online bankaccounts located around the world. The most critical requirement for your database is thateach transaction is handled consistently. Your organization anticipates almost unlimitedgrowth in the amount of data stored.Which Google Cloud product should your organization choose?

A. Cloud SQL 
B. Cloud Storage 
C. Firestore 
D. Cloud Spanner 

Question # 9

Your organization is running all its workloads in a private cloud on top of a hypervisor. Yourorganization has decided it wants to move to Google Cloud as quickly as possible. Yourorganization wants minimal changes to the current environment, while using the maximimamount of managed services Google offers.What should your organization do?

A. Migrate the workloads to Google Cloud VMware Engine 
B. Migrate the workloads to Compute Engine 
C. Migrate the workloads to Bare Metal Solution 
D. Migrate the workloads toGoogle Kubernetes Engine 

Question # 10

Your organization is releasing its first publicly available application in Google Cloud. Theapplication is critical to your business and customers and requires a 2-hour SLA.How should your organization set up support to minimize costs?

A. Enroll in Premium Support 
B. Enroll in Enhanced Support 
C. Enroll in Standard Support 
D. Enroll in Basic Support 

Question # 11

The operating systems of some of your organization’s virtual machines may have a securityvulnerability.How can your organization most effectively identify all virtual machines that do not have thelatest security update?

A. View the Security Command Center to identify virtual machines running vulnerable diskimages 
B. View the Compliance Reports Manager to identify and download a recent PCI audit 
C. View the Security Command Center toidentify virtual machines started more than 2weeks ago 
D. View the Compliance Reports Manager to identify and download a recent SOC 1 audit