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CompTIA CAS-003 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is reviewing the controls in place to support theorganization’s vulnerability management program. The CISO finds patching andvulnerability scanning policies and procedures are in place. However, the CISO isconcerned the organization is siloed and is not maintaining awareness of new risks to theorganization. The CISO determines systems administrators need to participate in industrysecurity events. Which of the following is the CISO looking to improve?

A. Vendor diversification
B. System hardening standards
C. Bounty programs
D. Threat awareness
E. Vulnerability signatures

Question # 2

A security architect has been assigned to a new digital transformation program. Theobjectives are to provide better capabilities to customers and reduce costs. The programhas highlighted the following requirements:Long-lived sessions are required, as users do not log in very often.The solution has multiple SPs, which include mobile and web applications.A centralized IdP is utilized for all customer digital channels.The applications provide different functionality types such as forums and customer portals.The user experience needs to be the same across both mobile and web-based applications.Which of the following would BEST improve security while meeting these requirements?

A. Social login to IdP, securely store the session cookies, and implement one-timepasswords sent to the mobile device
B. Create-based authentication to IdP, securely store access tokens, and implementsecure push notifications.
C. Username and password authentication to IdP, securely store refresh tokens, andimplement context-aware authentication.
D. Username and password authentication to SP, securely store Java web tokens, andimplement SMS OTPs.

Question # 3

A software development team has spent the last 18 months developing a new web-basedfront-end that will allow clients to check the status of their orders as they proceed throughmanufacturing. The marketing team schedules a launch party to present the newapplication to the client base in two weeks. Before the launch, the security team discoversnumerous flaws that may introduce dangerous vulnerabilities, allowing direct access to adatabase used by manufacturing. The development team did not plan to remediate thesevulnerabilities during development.Which of the following SDLC best practices should the development team have followed?

A. Implementing regression testing
B. Completing user acceptance testing
C. Verifying system design documentation
D. Using a SRTM

Question # 4

Company leadership believes employees are experiencing an increased number of cyberattacks; however, the metrics do not show this. Currently, the company uses “Number ofsuccessful phishing attacks” as a KRI, but it does not show an increase.Which of the following additional information should be the Chief Information SecurityOfficer (CISO) include in the report?

A. The ratio of phishing emails to non-phishing emails
B. The number of phishing attacks per employee
C. The number of unsuccessful phishing attacks
D. The percent of successful phishing attacks

Question # 5

Staff members are reporting an unusual number of device thefts associated with time out ofthe office. Thefts increased soon after the company deployed a new social networking app.Which of the following should the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) recommendimplementing?

A. Automatic location check-ins
B. Geolocated presence privacy
C. Integrity controls
D. NAC checks to quarantine devices

Question # 6

During a security assessment, activities were divided into two phases; internal and externalexploitation. The security assessment team set a hard time limit on external activitiesbefore moving to a compromised box within the enterprise perimeter.Which of the following methods is the assessment team most likely to employ NEXT?

A. Pivoting from the compromised, moving laterally through the enterprise, and trying toexfiltrate data and compromise devices.
B. Conducting a social engineering attack attempt with the goal of accessing thecompromised box physically.
C. Exfiltrating network scans from the compromised box as a precursor to social mediareconnaissance
D. Open-source intelligence gathering to identify the network perimeter and scope toenable further system compromises.

Question # 7

An advanced threat emulation engineer is conducting testing against a client’s network.The engineer conducts the testing in as realistic a manner as possible. Consequently, theengineer has been gradually ramping up the volume of attacks over a long period of time.Which of the following combinations of techniques would the engineer MOST likely use inthis testing? (Choose three.)

A. Black box testing
B. Gray box testing
C. Code review
D. Social engineering
E. Vulnerability assessment
F. Pivoting
G. Self-assessment
H. White teaming

Question # 8

A security administrator wants to implement controls to harden company-owned mobiledevices. Company policy specifies the following requirements:Mandatory access control must be enforced by the OS.Devices must only use the mobile carrier data transport.Which of the following controls should the security administrator implement? (Select three).

A. Enable DLP
B. Enable SEAndroid
C. Enable EDR
D. Enable secure boot 
E. Enable remote wipe
F. Disable Bluetooth
G. Disable 802.11
H. Disable geotagging

Question # 9

A systems administrator recently joined an organization and has been asked to perform asecurity assessment of controls on the organization’s file servers, which contain client datafrom a number of sensitive systems. The administrator needs to compare documentedaccess requirements to the access implemented within the file system.Which of the following is MOST likely to be reviewed during the assessment? (Select two.)

A. Access control list
B. Security requirements traceability matrix
C. Data owner matrix
D. Roles matrix
E. Data design document
F. Data access policies

Question # 10

A company recently implemented a new cloud storage solution and installed the requiredsynchronization client on all company devices. A few months later, a breach of sensitivedata was discovered. Root cause analysis shows the data breach happened from a lost personal mobile device.Which of the following controls can the organization implement to reduce the risk of similar breaches?

A. Biometric authentication
B. Cloud storage encryption 
C. Application containerization
D. Hardware anti-tamper

Question # 11

Following the successful response to a data-leakage incident, the incident team leadfacilitates an exercise that focuses on continuous improvement of the organization’sincident response capabilities. Which of the following activities has the incident team lead executed?

A. Lessons learned review
B. Root cause analysis
C. Incident audit
D. Corrective action exercise

Question # 12

An architect was recently hired by a power utility to increase the security posture of thecompany’s power generation and distribution sites. Upon review, the architect identifieslegacy hardware with highly vulnerable and unsupported software driving criticaloperations. These systems must exchange data with each other, be highly synchronized,and pull from the Internet time sources. Which of the following architectural decisions wouldBEST reduce the likelihood of a successful attack without harming operational capability? (Choose two.)

A. Isolate the systems on their own network
B. Install a firewall and IDS between systems and the LAN
C. Employ own stratum-0 and stratum-1 NTP servers
D. Upgrade the software on critical systems
E. Configure the systems to use government-hosted NTP servers

Question # 13

Several recent ransomware outbreaks at a company have cost a significant amount of lostrevenue. The security team needs to find a technical control mechanism that will meet thefollowing requirements and aid in preventing these outbreaks:Stop malicious software that does not match a signatureReport on instances of suspicious behaviorProtect from previously unknown threatsAugment existing security capabilitiesWhich of the following tools would BEST meet these requirements?

A. Host-based firewall 
D. Patch management

Question # 14

Following a complete outage of the electronic medical record system for more than 18hours, the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has requested that the ChiefInformation Security Officer (CISO) perform an investigation into the possibility of adisgruntled employee causing the outage maliciously. To begin the investigation, the CISOpulls all event logs and device configurations from the time of the outage. The CISOimmediately notices the configuration of a top-of-rack switch from one day prior to theoutage does not match the configuration that was in place at the time of the outage.However, none of the event logs show who changed the switch configuration, and sevenpeople have the ability to change it. Because of this, the investigation is inconclusive.Which of the following processes should be implemented to ensure this information isavailable for future investigations?

A. Asset inventory management
B. Incident response plan
C. Test and evaluation
D. Configuration and change management

Question # 15

A system owner has requested support from data owners to evaluate options for thedisposal of equipment containing sensitive data. Regulatory requirements state the datamust be rendered unrecoverable via logical means or physically destroyed. Which of thefollowing factors is the regulation intended to address?

A. Sovereignty
B. E-waste
C. Remanence 
D. Deduplication

Question # 16

An organization is preparing to develop a business continuity plan. The organization isrequired to meet regulatory requirements relating to confidentiality and availability, whichare well-defined. Management has expressed concern following initial meetings that theorganization is not fully aware of the requirements associated with the regulations.Which of the following would be MOST appropriate for the project manager to solicitadditional resources for during this phase of the project?

A. After-action reports
B. Gap assessment
C. Security requirements traceability matrix
D. Business impact assessment
E. Risk analysis

Question # 17

A security analyst is attempting to break into a client’s secure network. The analyst was notgiven prior information about the client, except for a block of public IP addresses that arecurrently in use. After network enumeration, the analyst’s NEXT step is to perform:

A. a gray-box penetration test
B. a risk analysis
C. a vulnerability assessment
D. an external security audit
E. a red team exercise

Question # 18

A security administrator is hardening a TrustedSolaris server that processes sensitive data.The data owner has established the following security requirements:The data is for internal consumption only and shall not be distributed to outside individualsThe systems administrator should not have access to the data processed by the serverThe integrity of the kernel image is maintainedWhich of the following host-based security controls BEST enforce the data owner’srequirements? (Choose three.)

A. SELinux
D. Host-based firewall
E. Measured boot
F. Data encryption
G. Watermarking

Question # 19

As part of an organization’s compliance program, administrators must complete ahardening checklist and note any potential improvements. The process of notingimprovements in the checklist is MOST likely driven by:

A. the collection of data as part of the continuous monitoring program.
B. adherence to policies associated with incident response.
C. the organization’s software development life cycle.
D. changes in operating systems or industry trends.

Question # 20

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) wants to increase security and accessibility among theorganization’s cloud SaaS applications. The applications are configured to use passwords,and two-factor authentication is not provided natively. Which of the following would BESTaddress the CIO’s concerns?

A. Procure a password manager for the employees to use with the cloud applications.
B. Create a VPN tunnel between the on-premises environment and the cloud providers.
C. Deploy applications internally and migrate away from SaaS applications.
D. Implement an IdP that supports SAML and time-based, one-time passwords.

Question # 21

A penetration tester noticed special characters in a database table. The penetration testerconfigured the browser to use an HTTP interceptor to verify that the front-end userregistration web form accepts invalid input in the user’s age field. The developer wasnotified and asked to fix the issue.Which of the following is the MOST secure solution for the developer to implement?

A. IF $AGE == “!@#%^&*()_+<>?”:{}[]” THEN ERROR
B. IF $AGE == [1234567890] {1,3} THEN CONTINUE
C. IF $AGE != “a-bA-Z!@#$%^&*()_+<>?”{}[]”THEN CONTINUE
D. IF $AGE == [1-0] {0,2} THEN CONTINUE

Question # 22

A corporate forensic investigator has been asked to acquire five forensic images of anemployee database application. There are three images to capture in the United States,one in the United Kingdom, and one in Germany. Upon completing the work, the forensicsinvestigator saves the images to a local workstation. Which of the following types ofconcerns should the forensic investigator have about this work assignment?

A. Environmental
B. Privacy
C. Ethical
D. Criminal

Question # 23

During the decommissioning phase of a hardware project, a security administrator is taskedwith ensuring no sensitive data is released inadvertently. All paper records are scheduledto be shredded in a crosscut shredded, and the waste will be burned. The system drivesand removable media have been removed prior to e-cycling the hardware.Which of the following would ensure no data is recovered from the system droves oncethey are disposed of?

A. Overwriting all HDD blocks with an alternating series of data.
B. Physically disabling the HDDs by removing the dive head.
C. Demagnetizing the hard drive using a degausser.
D. Deleting the UEFI boot loaders from each HDD.

Question # 24

Ann, a corporate executive, has been the recent target of increasing attempts to obtaincorporate secrets by competitors through advanced, well-funded means. Ann frequentlyleaves her laptop unattended and physically unsecure in hotel rooms during travel. Asecurity engineer must find a practical solution for Ann that minimizes the need for usertraining. Which of the following is the BEST solution in this scenario?

A. Full disk encryption
B. Biometric authentication
C. An eFuse-based solution
D. Two-factor authentication

Question # 25

The marketing department has developed a new marketing campaign involving significantsocial media outreach. The campaign includes allowing employees and customers tosubmit blog posts and pictures of their day-to-day experiences at the company. Theinformation security manager has been asked to provide an informative letter to allparticipants regarding the security risks and how to avoid privacy and operational securityissues. Which of the following is the MOST important information to reference in the letter?

A. After-action reports from prior incidents.
B. Social engineering techniques
C. Company policies and employee NDAs
D. Data classification processes

Question # 26

Joe, a penetration tester, is assessing the security of an application binary provided to himby his client. Which of the following methods would be the MOST effective in reaching this objective?

A. Employ a fuzzing utility
B. Use a static code analyzer
C. Run the binary in an application sandbox
D. Manually review the binary in a text editor

Question # 27

Legal authorities notify a company that its network has been compromised for the secondtime in two years. The investigation shows the attackers were able to use the samevulnerability on different systems in both attacks. Which of the following would haveallowed the security team to use historical information to protect against the second attack?

A. Key risk indicators
B. Lessons learned
C. Recovery point objectives
D. Tabletop exercise

Question # 28

An information security manager conducted a gap analysis, which revealed a 75%implementation of security controls for high-risk vulnerabilities, 90% for mediumvulnerabilities, and 10% for low-risk vulnerabilities. To create a road map to close theidentified gaps, the assurance team reviewed the likelihood of exploitation of eachvulnerability and the business impact of each associated control. To determine whichcontrols to implement, which of the following is the MOST important to consider?


Question # 29

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is reviewing the results of a gap analysis withan outside cybersecurity consultant. The gap analysis reviewed all procedural andtechnical controls and found the following:High-impact controls implemented: 6 out of 10Medium-impact controls implemented: 409 out of 472Low-impact controls implemented: 97 out of 1000The report includes a cost-benefit analysis for each control gap. The analysis yielded thefollowing information:Average high-impact control implementation cost: $15,000; Probable ALE for eachhigh-impact control gap: $95,000Average medium-impact control implementation cost: $6,250; Probable ALE foreach medium-impact control gap: $11,000Due to the technical construction and configuration of the corporate enterprise, slightlymore than 50% of the medium-impact controls will take two years to fully implement. Whichof the following conclusions could the CISO draw from the analysis?

A. Too much emphasis has been placed on eliminating low-risk vulnerabilities in the past
B. The enterprise security team has focused exclusively on mitigating high-level risks
C. Because of the significant ALE for each high-risk vulnerability, efforts should be focused on those controls
D. The cybersecurity team has balanced residual risk for both high and medium controls

Question # 30

During a criminal investigation, the prosecutor submitted the original hard drive from thesuspect’s computer as evidence. The defense objected during the trial proceedings, andthe evidence was rejected. Which of the following practices should the prosecutor’sforensics team have used to ensure the suspect’s data would be admissible as evidence? (Select TWO.)

A. Follow chain of custody best practices
B. Create an identical image of the original hard drive, store the original securely, and thenperform forensics only on the imaged drive.
C. Use forensics software on the original hard drive and present generated reports as evidence
D. Create a tape backup of the original hard drive and present the backup as evidence
E. Create an exact image of the original hard drive for forensics purposes, and then place the original back in service

Question # 31

A medical facility wants to purchase mobile devices for doctors and nurses. To ensureaccountability, each individual will be assigned a separate mobile device. Additionally, toprotect patients’ health information, management has identified the following requirements:Data must be encrypted at rest.The device must be disabled if it leaves the facility.The device must be disabled when tampered with.Which of the following technologies would BEST support these requirements? (Select two.)

A. eFuse
D. Biometric
E. USB 4.1
F. MicroSD

Question # 32

A systems administrator receives an advisory email that a recently discovered exploit isbeing used in another country and the financial institutions have ceased operations whilethey find a way to respond to the attack. Which of the following BEST describes where theadministrator should look to find information on the attack to determine if a response mustbe prepared for the systems? (Choose two.)

A. Bug bounty websites
B. Hacker forums
C. Antivirus vendor websites
D. Trade industry association websites
E. CVE database
F. Company’s legal department

Question # 33

A security administrator wants to allow external organizations to cryptographically validatethe company’s domain name in email messages sent by employees. Which of the followingshould the security administrator implement?


Question # 34

After significant vulnerabilities and misconfigurations were found in numerous productionweb applications, a security manager identified the need to implement better development controls.Which of the following controls should be verified? (Select two).

A. Input validation routines are enforced on the server side.
B. Operating systems do not permit null sessions.
C. Systems administrators receive application security training.
D. VPN connections are terminated after a defined period of time.
E. Error-handling logic fails securely.
F. OCSP calls are handled effectively.