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CompTIA 220-1002 Exam Dumps

CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 2

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CompTIA 220-1002 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of an ESD mat?

A. Protects against accidental static discharge
B. Protects against dust/dirt contamination
C. Protects against accidental scratches
D. Protects against accidental water damage

Question # 2

Which of the following installation types would require the use of an answer file to install theOS?

A. Unattended
B. Clean
C. Repair
D. Upgrade

Question # 3

A small office calls a technician to investigate some “invalid certificate” errors from aconcerned user. The technician observes that whenever the user to access a securewebsite from the Windows desktop, this error is encountered. No other users in the officeare experiencing this error. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?(Choose two.)

A. Remove any proxy servers configured on the user’s browsers.
B. Assist the user with purchasing an SSL certificate and save the certificate to thedesktop.
C. Disable the SPI firewall on the office’s gateway and any other routers.
D. Instruct the user to ignore the certificate error since the user is connecting to a securewebsite.
E. Create an outbound rule in Windows Firewall named after the user’s homepage.
F. Run anti-malware scans and download the latest Windows updates.

Question # 4

Joe, a user who is travelling for business, reports that his mobile phone was gettingapproximately 35 Mbps for the first few days of his trip, but now it is only getting around500 Kbps. Joe uses the device as a GPS to visit customers and as a hot-spot to checkwork email and watch movies online. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause ofJoe’s slow data speeds?

A. Joe’s data transmission is over the limit
B. The phone needs to be rebooted from overuse
C. The use of GPS interferes with data speeds
D. There is unintended Bluetooth pairing.

Question # 5

Which of the following should be enacted to reduce a company's liability and exposure to apotential lawsuit?

A. Acceptable use policy
B. Incident documentation policy
C. Password compliance policy
D. Change control policy

Question # 6

A technician is disposing of computer hardware that contains PHI. The drive must be reusable. Which of the following methods should be used?

A. Degauss
B. Drive wipe
C. Standard format
D. Low-level format

Question # 7

Which of the following devices are MOST likely to have a grounding wire attached to thembased on the manufacturer’s design? (Select two.)

B. Server rack
C. PoE phone
D. Desktop printer
E. Modem
F. Patch panel

Question # 8

A technician responds to a report that a user’s desktop is operating much slower afterupgrading the Windows OS to the latest version. The technician notices responsiveness iserratic, and the symptoms are similar to a failing hard drive. The technician runs a fullhardware diagnostic, and all systems pass. The technician checks the properties for eachdevice in Device Manager and the hard disk and the standard AHCI 1.0 serial ATAcontroller both indicate the following message: This device is working properly. Which ofthe following should the technician attempt that will MOST likely resolve the performanceissue?

A. Roll back the OS upgrade. Continue using the older version of Windows
B. Reset the PC to its factory conditions. Perform the OS upgrade again
C. Update the SATA controller driver from the manufacturer’s website
D. Perform a full backup and replace the hard drive

Question # 9

A network administrator recently learned users have been accessing websites that arerestricted based on content by the firewall. To prevent users from circumventing the firewallrules, which of the following Windows settings should the administrator locks to preventthem from being changed?

A. Default gateway
B. Proxy server
C. WINS server
D. DHCP settings

Question # 10

A technician receives a phone call regarding ransomware that has been detected on a PCin a remote office. Which of the following steps should the technician take FIRST?

A. Disconnect the PC from the network
B. Perform an antivirus scan
C. Run a backup and restore
D. Educate the end user

Question # 11

A technician has installed a second monitor for a customer, but the desktop font sizes donot match. Which of the following display settings should be technician adjust to correct thisissue?

A. Resolution
B. Refresh rate
C. Extended monitor
D. Color depth

Question # 12

An employee is unable to view in-office network folders while working at home. Which ofthe following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?

A. Untrusted software
B. Outdated antivirus
C. MDM policies
D. Inactive VPNs

Question # 13

Which of the following steps should a technician take FIRST to prevent an electrical hazardwhen repairing a PC?

A. Put on an ESD strap.
B. Place components on an ESD mat
C. Disconnect the power before servicing the PC
D. Place the PC on a grounded work bench

Question # 14

A user believes there is a virus on a laptop. The user installs additional real-time protectionantivirus software but is now experiencing extremely slow performance on the laptop.Which of the following should a technician do to resolve the issue and avoid recurrence?

A. Activate real-time protection on both antivirus software programs
B. Uninstall one antivirus software program and install a different one
C. Run OS updates
D. Enable the quarantine feature on both antivirus software programs
E. Remove the user-installed antivirus software

Question # 15

A technician is working on a user’s workstation and notices a lot of unknown processesrunning in the background. The user informs the technician that an application was recentlydownloaded from the Internet.Which of the following types of infection does the user MOST likely have?

A. Rootkit
B. Keylogger
C. Trojan
D. Ransomware

Question # 16

Ann, an end user, is utilizing a styles on her table. The recognition point is off when sheuses the stylus, but it registers In the correct spool when she her finger. Which of thefollowing would be the BEST resolution to issue?

A. Restart the table
B. Disable and then renewable Bluetooth
C. Calibrate the touchscreen sensor
D. Disconnect and then reconnect the stylus

Question # 17

A SOHO technician recently moved some data from one server to another to increasestorage capacity. Several users are now reporting they cannot access certain shares onthe network. When the users attempt to access the shares, they get the following error:Access Denied. The technician confirms the users are all in the proper security groups andhave the proper access, but they are still unable to access the shares. Which of thefollowing are the MOST likely reasons for these issues? (Select two.)

A. Administrative share permissions
B. Mapped drives
C. Group Policy hours restriction
D. Denied write/delete permissions
E. Disabled proxy settings

Question # 18

Which of the following technologies can be utilized in a wireless network environment toprovide secure SSO access for WiFi and network resources?

C. MAC filtering

Question # 19

Ann, a user, is attempting to log in to her email service form a third-party email client on herphone. When Ann enters her usual username and password, she receives an errormessage saying the credentials are invalid.Ann then decides to reset her email password, but after the reset, the new credentials stilldo not work in the third-party email client.Which of the following settings or features is responsible for the problems Ann isexperiencing?

A. Full device encryption
B. Account lock
C. Multifactor authentication
D. Strong password requirements

Question # 20

A network administrator needs to be able to securely connect to a local router from withinthe office. Which of the following protocols should the administrator ensure is enabled onthe router?


Question # 21

A user reports malware activity on an isolated workstation used for testing It is running anend-of-life OS. and a USB drive is the only method used to transfer files After removing themalware and replacing the USB drive with a brand new one. the technician gives theapproval to use the equipment. The next day the user reports the same malware activity ispresent after powering on the system Which of the following did the technician forget to doto prevent reinfection?

A. Connect to the network and update the OS with the latest security patches
B. Scan and dean the USB device used to transfer data from the equipment
C. Disable System Restore and remove all restore points from the system
D. Update the local antivirus and set it to scan automatically every evening

Question # 22

A technician must remove data from the human resources computers. The technician plansto reuse the drives in the computers.Which of the following data destruction methods should the technician perform to ensurethe data is removed completely?

A. Degaussing
B. Standard format
C. Overwrite
D. Low-level format

Question # 23

A technician is setting up a kiosk. The technician needs to ensure the kiosk is secure andusers will have access to only the application needed for customer interaction. Thetechnician must also ensure that whenever the computer is rebooted or powered on it logson automatically without a password.Which of the following account types would the technician MOST likely set up on this kioskmachine?

A. Guest
B. Administrator
C. Power User
D. Remote Desktop User

Question # 24

Which of the following Windows OS technologies is used to store remote data accessed viaa WAN connection on local servers for user access?

A. BranchCache
B. Swap partition
C. Domain access
D. Proxy server

Question # 25

Which of the following is a community supported, open source OS used for both servicesand workstations?

B. Windows 10
C. Linux

Question # 26

A technician is setting up a SOHO wireless network for a healthcare office that does nothave a server. The user requires the highest level of wireless security and various levels ofdesktop authentication to access cloud resources.Which of the following protocols and authentication methods should the technicianimplement? (Select two.)

F. Multifactor

Question # 27

A user’s phone contains customer’s PII. The user cannot have the phone automaticallywiped because the data is very valuable. Which of the following is the BEST method ofsecuring the phone?

A. Fingerprint lock
B. Passcode lock
C. Swipe lock
D. PIN lock

Question # 28

A Linux user report that an application will not open and gives the error only one instanceof the application may run at one time. A root administrator logs on ot the device and opensterminal. Which of the following pairs of tools will be needed to ensure no other instance ofthe software are correctly running?

A. Pad and chmod
B. Node and vi
C. Is an chown
D. Ps and kill
E. Op and rm

Question # 29

A technician needs to deploy a remote access technology to be able to access desktopcomputers. When a technician logs in to a user's computer, the user and the technicianmust be able to see the desktop simultaneously and use the mouse and keyboard. Whichof the following would be BEST suited for this task?

B. Telnet

Question # 30

A user reports that when opening a web browser the initial page loads to a search enginethe user does not recognize When the user performs searches on the site, the results areoften irrelevant, and there are many pop-ups Which of the following should a technician doto resolve these issues? (Select TWO)

A. Reset the user’s browser to default settings
B. Delete the user’s cached images, temporary files, and cookies
C. Reboot the user’s computer and install a secondary antivirus
D. Convince the user to use a different web browser that is currently unaffected
E. Download the update to the user’s web browser of choice
F. Remove any unapproved applications from the user’s startup items

Question # 31

A small business has an open wireless network so vendors can connect to the networkwithout logging in. The business owners are concerned that a nearby company isconnecting and using the wireless connection without permission. If the small businessrequires that the network remain open, which of the following configuration settings shouldbe changed to address these concerns?

A. Default SSID
B. MAC filtering
C. Power levels
D. Content filtering
E. Firewall

Question # 32

A user notices recent print jobs are not printing to the local printer despite printing fineyesterday. There are no errors indicated on the taskbar printer icon. Which of the followingactions should the user take FIRST?

A. Check to ensure the printer selected is the default printer
B. Check the status of the print server queue
C. Cancel all documents and print them again
D. Check that the printer is not offline print mode

Question # 33

Which of the following security methods BEST describes when a user enters a usernameand password once for multiple applications?

B. Permission propagation
C. Inheritance