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Salesforce User-Experience-Designer Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal Containers' organization wide-defaults model is private for the Account object. Asales repeats to opportunity records.Which level of access will the sales rep have to the related account record?

A. No access
B. Read/Create/Edit access
C. Read/Create access
D. Read-only access

Question # 2

A company provides a way for customers to shop for homes and contact real estate agentsonline. The company’s brokers use some of the Salesforce standard functionality to trackhome buyers.Which three standard Salesforce objects should be used in this experience?Choose 3 answers

A. Property
B. Lead
C. Contact
D. Opportunity
E. Address

Question # 3

Cloud Kicks’ Sales team needs in-App Guidance for key functions and processes so theycan maximum their time.In which three ways should a UX Designer customize the Salesforce Help Menu to meetthis request/Choose 3 answers

A. Provide the user with a site map of all the content.
B. Add links to printable tipsheets or training videos.
C. Create a just-in-time pop-up content based on new feature rollouts.
D. Provide access to specific Trailhead or MyTrailhead content.
E. Add links to a company dictionary or glossary of key terms.

Question # 4

Cloud kicks has identified that its users are having difficulty figuring out where to look on aweb pagedue to the number of design elements.Which three considerations should be made to improve the visual hierarchy of the page?Choose 3 answers

A. Grouping proximity and common regions
B. Scale using relative size to signal importance
C. Continuity keep alltypeface the same size
D. Proportion, keep all element a similar size
E. Color and contract, saturation between the elements

Question # 5

A UX Designer wants to explore sample code for Lightning components and see howchanging to code affects the visual appearance in real time, without deploying any code toa Salesforce org.Which two resources should help accomplish this?Choose 2 answers

A. Lightning Design System Website
B. Local Development Server
C. Lightning Web Component Recipes App
D. Develop Center’s Lightning Component Library

Question # 6

A UX designer is creating a customer to-do list component to replace the standardsalesforce one. Their developer is using a parent child lighting web component (LWC)structure to build the component, creating a parent component for the list and singlerepeated child component for each to do item with in list which to impact of the LWCsshadow DOM should be consider when designing or developing the style sheets for thesecomponents

A. Any needed salesforce lighting design system (SLDS) classes and styles must beimported into both the parents list and child items
B. the css styles defined in the parent list component are not shared with child items 
C. any custom styles shared between the list and child items should be imported from ashared css file
D. the css style defined in the parent list component are inherited by child item