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Cisco 200-201 Exam Dumps

Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Operations Fundamentals (200-201 CBROPS)

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Cisco 200-201 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An analyst received an alert on their desktop computer showing that an attack was successful on the host. After investigating, the analyst discovered that no mitigation action occurred during the attack. What is the reason for this discrepancy? 

A. The computer has a HIPS installed on it.
B. The computer has a NIPS installed on it.
C. The computer has a HIDS installed on it.
D. The computer has a NIDS installed on it.

Question # 2

What is the virtual address space for a Windows process?

A. physical location of an object in memory
B. set of pages that reside in the physical memory
C. system-level memory protection feature built into the operating system
D. set of virtual memory addresses that can be used

Question # 3

Refer to the exhibit. What does this output indicate?

A. HTTPS ports are open on the server.
B. SMB ports are closed on the server.
C. FTP ports are open on the server.
D. Email ports are closed on the server.

Question # 4

What is the impact of false positive alerts on business compared to true positive? 

A. True positives affect security as no alarm is raised when an attack has taken place, resulting in a potential breach.
B. True positive alerts are blocked by mistake as potential attacks affecting application availability.
C. False positives affect security as no alarm is raised when an attack has taken place, resulting in a potential breach
D. False positive alerts are blocked by mistake as potential attacks affecting application availability

Question # 5

Which piece of information is needed for attribution in an investigation? 

A. proxy logs showing the source RFC 1918 IP addresses
B. RDP allowed from the Internet
C. known threat actor behavior
D. 802.1x RADIUS authentication pass arid fail logs

Question # 6

Which attack is the network vulnerable to when a stream cipher like RC4 is used twice with the same key?

A. forgery attack
B. plaintext-only attack
C. ciphertext-only attack
D. meet-in-the-middle attack

Question # 7

What is the difference between mandatory access control (MAC) and discretionary access control (DAC)?

A. MAC is controlled by the discretion of the owner and DAC is controlled by anadministrator
B. MAC is the strictest of all levels of control and DAC is object-based access
C. DAC is controlled by the operating system and MAC is controlled by an administrator
D. DAC is the strictest of all levels of control and MAC is object-based access

Question # 8

Which step in the incident response process researches an attacking host through logs in a SIEM?

A. detection and analysis
B. preparation 
C. eradication
D. containment

Question # 9

Which NIST IR category stakeholder is responsible for coordinating incident response among various business units, minimizing damage, and reporting to regulatory agencies?

C. public affairs
D. management

Question # 10

An analyst is exploring the functionality of different operating systems. What is a feature of Windows Management Instrumentation that must be considered when deciding on an operating system?

A. queries Linux devices that have Microsoft Services for Linux installed
B. deploys Windows Operating Systems in an automated fashion
C. is an efficient tool for working with Active Directory
D. has a Common Information Model, which describes installed hardware and software

Question # 11

What is an attack surface as compared to a vulnerability? 

A. any potential danger to an asset  
B. the sum of all paths for data into and out of the environment  
C. an exploitable weakness in a system or its design 
D. the individuals who perform an attack

Question # 12

How does an SSL certificate impact security between the client and the server? 

A. by enabling an authenticated channel between the client and the server
B. by creating an integrated channel between the client and the server
C. by enabling an authorized channel between the client and the server
D. by creating an encrypted channel between the client and the server