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Salesforce Sharing-and-Visibility-Architect Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Architect (SP24)

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Salesforce Sharing-and-Visibility-Architect Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal Containers' organization wide-defaults model is private for the Account object. A sales repeats to opportunity records. Which level of access will the sales rep have to the related account record? 

A. No access 
B. Read/Create/Edit access 
C. Read/Create access 
D. Read-only access 

Question # 2

Universal Container (UC) wants all full-time internal employees to be able to view all leads. A subset of employeesshould also be able to see leads. Which organization default (OWD) approach should an architect recommend that will help US implement these requirement? 

A. Implement a Public Read/write OWD on Lead 
B. Implement a Public Read only OWD on Lead 
C. Implementa Public Read/write/Transfer OWD on Lead. 
D. Implement a Private OWD on Lead. 

Question # 3

Universal Containers (UC) is implementing Sales Cloud. During the last quarter of the financial of the financial year, .. They requested a solution in Salesforce to allow them to specify an assistance agent on the opportunity.. the assistance field. The system should automatically remove access from the previous assistant and .. What is the optimum solution to meet the requirements? 

A. Use share group to share opportunities with the assistant agent. 
B. Use opportunity team and create an assistant field, use apex to share opportunities with the assistant 
C. Use sharing rule to share opportunities with the assistant agent. 
D. Use apex sharing to share and unicast opportunities with the assistant agent. 

Question # 4

Which two objects support creating queues? Choose 2 answers. 

A. Account. 
B. Opportunity. 
C. Lead. 
D. Case. 

Question # 5

Bob uploads a PDF to his Files Home private library. Who can view this file? 

A. Bob and users above Bob in the role hierarchy 
B. Boband users with View All Data permission 
C. Bob and users with Modify All Data permission 
D. Only Bob 

Question # 6

Universal Containers (UC) has implemented Customer Community with customer community plus licenses for their distributors. Some distributors requested granting specific community users(agents) to view cases submitted by other agents of the same distributor. Which feature only supports these requirements? 

A. Permission set to grant community admin permission 
B. Delegate external user 
C. Partner super user 
D. Partner community admin. 

Question # 7

Universal Containers (UC) implemented Sales Cloud and requestedthat sales agents have access to products the company sells and be able to create opportunities for its customers. What should the Organization-Wide Defaults (OWD) be for pricebook? 

A. Public Read Only 
B. Pubic Read Write 
C. View 
D. Use 

Question # 8

Ursa Major Solar is writing test methods. Which functionality does the system method "runAs()” Verify? 

A. Enforcement of a user's public group assignments. 
B. Enforcement of a user's field-level security. 
C. Enforcement of user's permissions. 
D. Enforcement of a user's record sharing 

Question # 9

Mary is Joe's manager in the role hierarchy. The OWD for a custom Invoice object is Public ReadOnly and Mary's profile is not granted the Read permission for the Invoice object. What action can Mary take on Joe's Invoice records? 

A. Read/Write 
B. Edit Only 
C. None 
D. View Only 

Question # 10

UniversalContainers(UC)hasimplementedcustomercommunitywithcustomercommunitylicen ses for their customers. UCrequested thatanyrecord owned by its customers should beaccessible byUC users in the customer support role. How can an Architect configure the system to support the requirements? 

A. Sharing Set 
B. Share Group 
C. Apex Sharing 
D. Sharing Rule 

Question # 11

Universal Containers has built a recruiting application on the salesforce Platform. HR requested that all internal users should have edit access to the referral customobject. One of the recruiters needed to share a referral record with another colleague for collaboration using manual sharing. The recruiter opened the referral record and could not find the share button. What could be the technical reason for this? 

A. TheReferral object OWD is private. 
B. The Referral object OWD is public Read/Write. 
C. The Referral object OWD is public Read only. 
D. The Referral object OWD is public Full Access. 

Question # 12

Universal Containers has selected a small and diverse group of users to review inactive accounts. Given the Private sharing model, a public group was created and made available to this group of users. A sharing rule was created tomake inactive Accounts visible to the public group. However some of these users are reporting they don't see any of the Accounts that were shared with the public group. What is the underlying issue for these users? 

A. The users have a permission set that only allow Accounts in "Active" status.
 B. The Accounts are owned by users higher in the role hierarchy. 
C. The users are in profiles that have no access to the Account object. 
D. The page layout assigned to these users is different than the Account owner.