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Salesforce Pardot-Specialist Sample Questions

Question # 1

Form or Form Handler? I need to maintain my current lead flow.

A. Form
B. Form Handler

Question # 2

A form is used to capture prospect data for a yearly conference. The form needs to addprospects to a list after thesubmit, but it should not retroactively apply actions to prospectsthat have already filled out the form.What automation tool would effectively achieve this goal?

A. Use a segmentation rule to add prospects to a list
B. Use a dynamic list to add prospectsto a list
C. Use a completion action to add prospects to a list
D. Use an automation rule to add prospects to a list

Question # 3

On Tuesday, a marketing user scheduled a list email to be sent this Friday, but theirmanager wants the email to go out tomorrow Instead. What Is the recommended way tochange the scheduled sand data for the email.

A. Edit the scheduled email. select Wednesday for the new data, and save it
B. Edit the engagement studio program, select Wednesday for the new data, and save
C. Delete the engagement studio programand create a new program that is scheduled forWednesday.
D. Delete the scheduled email and create a new email that is scheduled for Wednesday.

Question # 4

A Pardot administrator wants to use progressive profiling to collect information on aprospect over time.What Itthe recommended Pardot asset to use?

A. Pardot landing page without a form
B. Pardot form
C. Pardot form handler
D. Third party form

Question # 5

If Salesforce has a custom field of the same name on Leads & Contacts where does Pardotpull the field name from?

A. Lead field
B. Contact field

Question # 6

Which asset needs to be created first m order for a user to send a prospect aone-to-oneemail?

A. Autoresponder
B. Engagement studio program email
C. Email template
D. List email

Question # 7

What information can you access on the Prospect List?

A. Prospect's Name
B. Prospect's Email Address
C. Prospect's Title
D. Prospect's Company
E. Prospect's Grade
F. Prospect's Score
G. Date of when prospect converted from a visitor
H. Date of prospect's last activity

Question # 8

A user wants to set up an automated grading model in Pardot.Which two components are required to achieve this? Choose 2 answers

A. Profile
B. Automation Rule
C. Pardot Score
D. Dynamic List

Question # 9

How can a visitor convert to a prospect?

A. Viewing an embedded form
B. Visiting a tracked website
C. Submitting a form on a landing page
D. Receiving a marketing email

Question # 10

What is the difference between a visitor and aprospect?

A. A prospect has an identified email address, while a visitor does not have an identifiedemail address.
B. A prospect has an opportunity associated with it. while a visitor does not have anopportunity associated with it.
C. A prospect has submitted a Pardot form, while a visitor has not submitted a Pardot form.
D. A prospect has an assigned user, while a visitor does not have an assigned user.

Question # 11

Form or Form Handler? I want to integrate with a third-party system.

A. Form
B. Form Handler

Question # 12

LenoxSoft conducted a database clean-up project and mass updated their prospects. A fewof their prospects were updated incorrectly and they need to investigate what happened.What three data points can be found in theprospect's Audits tab to help determine whatupdates were made?Choose 3 answers

A. The Lifecycle Report filtered by timeframe
B. The prospect fields that were updated
C. The amount of time the prospect spent viewing the website
D. The lists that that prospect was added to or removed from
E. The data and time when a prospect was assigned

Question # 13

What does Pardot use to track HTML email opens?

A. A tracking link is used as soon as a prospect clicks to open the email.
B. A tracking pixel loads on HTML emails when images aredownloaded.
C. Opens are only tracked if a link is clicked; otherwise they are NOT tracked.
D. A tracking pixel loads on text emails when images are downloaded.