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Salesforce Pardot-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

Select Assets that allow to Adjustprospects score

A. Automation Rules
B. Segmentation Rules
C. PICompletion Actions
D. Engagement Programs
E. Tables

Question # 2

LenoxSoft wants to use Salesforce to report on warm leads that are not yet marketingqualified. Oncethe leads become marketing qualified, the team wants to ensure the leadsare routed correctly with the assigned user being correctly reflected in Pardot.How could these requirements be met?

A. Develop a Salesforce report that is only shared with Marketingusers then usecompletion actions to assign leads.
B. Assign to queue that Marketing users own then use active assignment rules to reassignthe leads.
C. Define market data sharing rules so Marketing can see prospects then use automationrules to assign the leads.
D. Create a list of prospects that only Marketing users can see then use user queues toreassign the leads.

Question # 3

How often does Pardot checkfor changes in Salesforce

A. 5 minutes
B. 1 hour
C. 2 minutes
D. 10 minutes

Question # 4

LenoxSoft added Engagement History metricfields to campaign page layouts in theirSalesforce org. All of the values for the Engagement History metric fields are "0".What could be the explanation for this experience?

A. The campaign is not a connected campaign so the data is not syncing.
B. The Pardot users do not have the Pardot permission set and cannot see the data.
C. The engagement with those assets happened before the fields were added to the pagelayouts.
D. The data hasn't been refreshed in 24 hours so the values haven't been updated.

Question # 5

LenoxSoft wants to measure their brand awareness to raise their brand recognition for theircompany. The company wants to use Pardot to increase the number of impressions acrosstheir onlinechannels. Which are the best reports to monitor impressions to help measureLenoxSoft's brand awareness of a period of time?

A. Monitor no of visitors, social post enagements and natural search reports month overmonth
B. Monitor no of visitors, form conversion and email click-through rate reports month overmonth
C. Monitor no of prospects, social post enagements and paid search reports month overmonth
D. Monitor no of prospects, form submission and email open rate reports month over month

Question # 6

Lenoxsoft uses their existing email sending platform to send a monthly promotional email to subscribers on the 15th of each month. They arebeginning their Pardot implementation onthe 5th and must send the email on time. They have asked to focus on the minimum setupin Pardot in order to meet their email send deadline. Based on the above constraints, whatshould the Consultant determine to be the first steps in Pardot?

A. Set up a Pardot campaign, import necessary subscriber lists, and transfer emailtemplates to Pardot.
B. Implement Pardot tracking code, set up email authentication, and create page actionsfor website views.
C. Create a folder structure, import, and map sales users, and transfer email templates intoPardot.
D. Set up email authentication, import necessary subscriber lists, and transfer emailtemplates into Pardot.

Question # 7

LenoxSoft has completed testing in a Salesforce Sandbox org. What steps will ensure asuccessful move to the Salesforce Production org?

A. Install the Pardot AppExchange package for Production Environments
B. Rename the Salesforce connector for the Sandbox org
C. Delete all data from the Sandbox org
D. Create a new Salesforce Connector for the Production org
E. Unverified and delete the Salesforce connector for the Sandbox org

Question # 8

LenoxSoft would like to send out non-marketing emails to certain prospects who haveopted-out. From their previous experience working with Pardot at another company, theyknowthat it is a simple process to 'Enable Operational Email Sending1 for their account.They have a tight deadline, and they need you to grant them access over the phone. Whichof the following would be the appropriate course of action to take?

A. Notify LenoxSoft that sending non-marketing emails to opted-out prospects is in violationof US CAN-SPAM laws.
B. After being given their consent, go into their Pardot account settings and enableoperational emails sending.
C. Inform LenoxSoft that they need tocontact the Client Advocate Team and to mention intheir request to enable operational email sending that it is for non-marketing purposes.
D. Inform LenoxSoft that you would require written confirmation that they intend to use thisfeature for non marketing purposes prior to enabling the setting for them.

Question # 9

Administrators can resetpasswords for users

A. True
B. False

Question # 10

When mapping fields between Pardot andSalesforce how can you control thesynchronization? [Choose one answer]

A. Use Salesforce's value
B. Use Pardot's value
C. Use the most recently updated record
D. All of the above

Question # 11

A Pardot customer uses a lot of landing pages for their lead generation strategy. They arecreating alayout template and importing in HTML from their website to customize the lookand feel of their landing pages. When placing a Pardot form on their Pardot landing pageusing this layout template, the form doesn't appear.What could be the issue?

A. The landing page on a browser with the cookies cleared was not tested.
B. The same layout template on both the form and the landing page was not used.
C. The %%content%% variable tag in the layout template code was missing.
D. The form HTML embed code in the layout template code was not used

Question # 12

Which are true about Salesforce Engage

A. Before you can set up Salesforce Engage, you must have a verified Salesforce-Pardotconnector
B. Salesforce Engage is not supported for Salesforce sandboxaccounts
C. Salesforce Engage is an app mainly for Sales to stay up to date with Prospect actions
D. You can download Salesforce Engage App on your desktop or phone (Mac,Windows)
E. You can use Salesforce Engage with Gmail by downloading an extension

Question # 13

Select available Webinar Connectors

A. Webex
B. WebinarJam
C. ReadyTalk
D. GoToWebinar
E. Demio
F. ClickMeeting