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Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer (WI24)

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Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Developer Sample Questions

Question # 1

Certification Aid wants to encrypt data stored in Marketing Cloud. It is fine if unencryptedfields arevisible to Marketing Cloud and Salesforce users, but the underlying data shouldbe encrypted at rest to prevent physical data theft. Which encryption method should bechosen? Choose 1.

A. Tokenized Sending
B. Asymmetric Encryption
C. Transparent Data Encryption
D. Field-Level Encryption

Question # 2

A developer needs to configure an Email Send Logging Data Extension for a new businessunit. Which option shouldbe used?

A. Create and ensure it has the name "Send Log"
B. Salesforce Support should create the data extension
C. Create from a copy of an existing Send Log in another business unit
D. Create using the SendLog Data Extension Template

Question # 3

A developer receives a 401 Unathorized HTTP status message from a REST API request.What is the reason for this error?

A. The account lacks the privileges necessary toperform the request
B. The access token was not found in the request, or it is invalid or expired
C. OAuth is not supported for the requested resource
D. API requests are temporarily blocked due to too many concurrent requests.

Question # 4

Northern Trail Outfitters is using a mobile campaign to collect email addresses of interestedsubscribers. Using AMPScript's API functions they will send a confirmation email when anemail is texted into their short code.Which two objects are required to successfully create a TriggeredSend object? Choose 2answers

A. Subscribers
B. TriggeredSendDefinition
C. Attribute
D. Contact

Question # 5

A developer wants to include an AMPscript if/else statement in an email to satisfy thecondition "if the subscriber's tier is not premier then display heading encouraging them toupgrade." The tier value has already been set as variable named @level. How should thedeveloper write this AMPscriptconditional statement?

A. %%[IF @level == 'premier' THEN SET @message = You are premier member
B. " ENDIF IF @level == 'premier' THEN SET @message = 'Upgrade to premier now
C. '" ENDIF]%% %%=v(message)=%%%%=IF(@level IS 'premier', Upgrade to premiernow!You are a premier member%%=IIF(@level = 'premier', 'You are a premier member!',Upgrade to premier now!
D. %%=IIF @level == premier, You are a premier member" Upgrade to premier now!
E. %%IF(@level == 'premier') THEN 'Upgrade to premier now!' ELSE 'Youare a premiermember' ENDIF]%%

Question # 6

A developer receives a request for tracking data for alt sends associated with a specificJoblD. The developer needs to see Sends, Opens, Clicks, and Bounces.Which two activities could the developer use? Choose 2 answers

A. Tracking Extract Activity
B. Server-Side JavaScript Activity
C. Campaign Data Extract
D. SQL Query Activity

Question # 7

Customer data has been imported into a staging data extension and needs to benormalized before adding into the master data extension. A text field named 'birthday'contains date values in various formats. Some of the values are valid dates, but some arenot.Which SQL keywords and functions could be used to write the query'' Choose 2 answers


Question # 8

A developer created a landing page in CloudPages which return unique content whensubscriber data is located on a related data extension. The developer does not know if allsubscribers have rows in the related data extension, and want default content to render ifno subscriber data is found on the related data extension. Which best practice should thedeveloper follow to control the unique and default content?

A. Use the RowCount function and an IF statement
B. Use the Lookup, Row and Field functions
C. Use the LookupOrderRows and Row functions
D. Use the DataExtensionRowCount function

Question # 9

A developer wants to expand the functionality of existing code which was written inAMPscript, but prefers to use Server-Side JavaScript (SSJS) for updates.Which SSJS statement will retrieve the value of the AMPscript variable named subKey?

A. Var.Get("subKey");
B. Variable.GetTValue (''@subKey") ;
C. Variable.SetValue("subKey", "Value");
D. Var.Retrieve("@subKey");

Question # 10

A developer uses the messageDefinitionSends REST API endpoint to send a triggeredsend email. This method returns a 202 (success) response code. How could the developervalidate if the email was successfully sent?

A. Use the messageDefinitionSend/key:(key)/deliveryRecords REST endpoint with GETmethod
B. The202 response code indicates the message was sent successfully; no further action isrequired.
C. Use the validateEmail REST resource with POST method to obtain the email deliverydetails from the request.
D. Confirm the record was successfully insertedinto the associated Triggered Send Data Extension.