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Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam (WI24)

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Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is launching a new campaign, driving it to redesign its datastructure. NTO needs to change the cardinality between two data extensions insideContact Builder.What are two consequences of this change? Choose 2 answers

A. All filters created before will adapt automatically to the new cardinality. 
B. All scheduled sends using a filter based on one of the data extensions should be reviewed. 
C. A contact may NOT show up in the filter based on one of the data extensions. 
D. One of the data extensions must be deleted from the attribute group in order to change the cardinality. 

Question # 2

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) plans to use Contact Builder to increase the scope ofcustomer information they can see in an effort to establish more effective 1:1 relationships.NTO has a separate instance of Salesforce Sales Cloud that serves as their currentcustomer master database.What action should be taken when using Contact Builder? Choose 2 answers

A. Conduct manual imports of customer information from Sales Cloud. 
B. Create a data extension to incorporate the imported data from a Salesforce Dashboard. 
C. Combine each individual's channel contact information under one record. 
D. Use Marketing Cloud Connect to include data from Sales Cloud. 

Question # 3

Northern Trail Outfitters has master data extension of 880,000 subscribers they want torandomly split into 11 groups to test different messaging strategies.How could this be accomplished?

A. Use Automation Studio with a random split activity. 
B. Create a random data extension within Email Studio. 
C. Create a random data extension within Contact Builder. 
D. Use Journey Builder with a random split activity. 

Question # 4

An analytics team wants to get real-time updates on transactional email metrics,specifically Sent and NotSent, to ensure they are fulfilling a legal obligation due to thenature of their messages.What method should be suggested in this scenario?

A. Platform Events API 
B. Data View Export with every send 
C. Data Retrieves on the Send Object 
D. Event Notification Service 

Question # 5

When joining a data extension in Contact Builder, in which scenario should a consultantmark the Use as Root checkbox?

A. Supplemental data for an interaction in Journey Builder. 
B. Database of record other than All Subscribers. 
C. One-to- Many Relationship to the Contact Record. 
D. Data for both Email and MobileConnect sends. 

Question # 6

A marketer wants to create and edit email content, as well as generate reports and managesubscriber data.Using the principle of least privilege, which two pre-defined roles should be assigned?Choose 2 answers

A. Analyst 
B. Administrator 
C. Data Manager 
D. Content Creator 

Question # 7

An entertainment customer has added a new business unit for one of its record labels. Ithas also purchased a Sender Authentication Package (SAP) and owns the brandeddomain.What is necessary to complete SAP setup?

A. Route the domain through an IP address unique to the business unit. 
B. Configure link wrapping to redirect to the business unit’s subdomain. 
C. Configure custom Reply Mail Management for the business unit’s subdomain. 
D. Delegate a specific subdomain to the Marketing Cloud name servers. 

Question # 8

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) send emails from Content Builder and Journey Builder.When subscribers reply to an email, NTO would like to send an auto-reply message usinga pre-defined HTML email that explains email replies are unmonitored and they should callNTO for any inquiries.How could these auto-reply messages be enabled?

A. From the Reply Mail Management settings page, choose the 'Create Custom Response'option under 'Automated Response Email for Remaining Replies' section and select theHTML email from the 'define email' link. 
B. Create a Triggered Send and on the Reply Mail Management settings page, choose the'Create Custom Response' option under 'Automated Response Email for RemainingReplies' section, then select the Triggered Send email. 
C. Create a Triggered Send and from a Sender Profile properties page, enable 'CustomReply Mail Management Settings', 'Use Auto Reply' and 'Reply using triggered send'options, then select the Triggered Send email. 
D. Open Admin > Account Setting page in Email Studio and in the 'Auto Reply Email'section, select 'Custom' and paste the HTML email code into the text area field.