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Salesforce Certified Heroku Architect (WI24)

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Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Questions

Question # 1

At Universal Containers (UC), a developer named Yuichiro wrote a PHP application that, in production, uses a MySQL database. Yuichiro is onboarding Mary, a new UC developer, who is setting up her development environment. Yuichiro asks Mary to: 1) install the related PHP libraries manually so the application will run; 2) use MongoDB, instead of MySQL, in the development environment. According to the Twelve-Factor methodology, which changes should an Architect recommend? 

A. Explicitly declare code dependencies in the application's environment variables and use the same type of database in both development and production. 
B. Persist code dependencies in the application's production database. Use the same type of database locally to ensure that the dependencies are accessible. 
C. Recursively determine code dependencies on application startup and maintain separate Git branches for the MongoDB- and MySQL- compatible versions of the application. 
D. Explicitly declare code dependencies in the application's source and use the same type of database in both development and production.

Question # 2

Universal Containers collects sensor data from millions of sensors that are located around the World. Now. they want to process this data on Heroku. What are three advantages of using a microservices architecture with Apache Kafka on Heroku in this scenario? Choose 3 answers. 

A. Kafka is highly available and fault-tolerant 
B. Individual services can be scaled easily for high-volume event processing 
C. Consumers and producers can be scaled independently.
 D. Individual services can efficiently communicate with each other using REST APIs. 

Question # 3

Universal Containers wants to measure their adherence to specific SLAs for all Work Orders.In which order should a Consultant implement the setup to achieve this requirement? 

A. Set Up Milestones. Create Entitlenen: records, Set Up EntitlementsProcess for Work Orders. 
B. Set Up Entitlements Process for Work Orders, Set Up Milestones, Create Entitlement records 
C. Create Entitlement records, Set Up Entitlements Process for Work Orders. Set Up Milestones 
D. Set Up Milestones. Set Up EntitlementsProcess for Work Orders, Create Entitlement records. 

Question # 4

Which Heroku runtimes provide keystroke logging? 

A. The Common Runtime, Private Spaces, and Shield Private Spaces 
B. Private Spaces and Shield Private Spaces 
C. Shield Private Spaces only 
D. Keystroke logging is not available on Heroku 

Question # 5

A customer's Heroku Redis instance regularly reaches its storage limit. Besides upgrading to a bigger plan, what solution should an Architect recommend for this scenario? 

A. Explore a different key eviction scheme. 
B. Create a fork of the primary Heroku Redis instance. 
C. Migrate the data to a Heroku Postgres database 
D. Failover to ephemeral filesystem for the running dyno

Question # 6

You can use Heroku Connect for: 

A. Bidirectional data replication 
B. Data proxy with Salesforce Connect 
C. One-way data replication 
D. All of these 

Question # 7

How arelanguages, buildpacks, and slugs related? 

A. A slug and a buildpack are sandwiched together between several Heroku add-ons, and the result Is a new open-source language. 
B. A slug is a shortened version of a language that compiles down into a buildpack 
C. A buildpack knows how to compile code in a specific language down to a slug that runs on Heroku 
D. A language uses a slug to deploy buildpacks as a service across the entire Salesforce Platform. 

Question # 8

You can use the Salesforce REST APIs to:

 A. Execute processes as another user 
B. Access database log files 
C. Feed your kitten 
D. Insert or update records 

Question # 9

A RESTfulAPIis: 

A. A methodology (or maximizing the effectiveness of any vacation 
B. An Actually Pretty Informative meditation session 
C. How the web displays data in a hierarchical format readable by both people and machines 
D. A web-based service that provides standard ways for clients to make requests and receive responses