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Salesforce CRT-402 Exam Dumps

Certification Preparation for Platform App Builder (WI24)

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Salesforce CRT-402 Sample Questions

Question # 1

What the true statement is in regards to converting a tabular, summary, or matrix report toa joined report? Choose 3 answers

A. Joined report blocks are formatted as matrix reports.
B. Bucket fields are not supported in joined reports.
C. Cross filters are not supported in joined reports
D. The rows to display filter is not supported in Joined reports
E. Report formula fields are nor supported in Joined reports

Question # 2

Universal Containers sales reps can modify fields on an opportunity until it is closed. Onlythe sales operation team can modify the post closed follow-up dates and post closedfollow-up comments fields. How can these requirements be met?

A. Use record types with field sets and restrict editing fields using field-level security.
B. Use field-level security on page layouts to restrict editing fields
C. Use multiple record types, page layouts and profiles.
D. Use field level security to mark fields as read only on the sales profile

Question # 3

A new custom object is being created with a private sharing setting. The business wants toshare individual records withspecific people or group of people on a case by case basis.What options does the business user have to manually share individual records? Choose 3answers

A. Public Groups
B. Permission Sets
C. Roles
D. Profiles
E. Users

Question # 4

A junction object has two Master-Detail relationships. What happens to a junction objectrecord when either associated master record is deleted?

A. The record is deleted and placed in the recycle bin.
B. The master record can’t be deleted if it has a child record.
C. The look-up field on the junction object record is cleared.
D. The record is permanently deleted and can’t be restored.

Question # 5

What should be done to provide managers access to records of which they are not theowner in a private sharing model?

A. Create a Manager Permission set and select the “View All Data” option
B. Create a Manager profile and select the “View My Teams Data” option.
C. Define a Role Hierarchy and use the Grant Access Using Hierarchies option
D. Set the Manger field for each User Record on the Manager’s team.

Question # 6

Universal Containers provides access toSalesforce for their sales, service and marketingteams. Management wants to ensure that when users log in, their home tab providesaccess to links and documentation that are specifically relevant to their job function. Howcan this requirement be met?

A. Create separate home page custom components and layouts; assign to users by role.
B. Create separate home page custom components and layouts; assign to users by profile
C. Expose specific elements within a home page custom component determined by role.
D. Expose specific elements within a home page custom components determined byprofile.

Question # 7

Universalcontainers is importing 1000 records into Salesforce. They want to avoid anyduplicate records from being created during the import. How can these requirements bemet?

A. Include a column in the import file that has either record names, Salesforce IDs,orexternal IDs that can be used to match records.
B. When importing the file, select the “Prevent Duplicates” option on the last step of theImport Wizard and import the file.
C. After importing all of the custom objects, run a duplicate check report, exportthe recordto a CSV File, and run a mass delete to purge any duplicates.
D. After importing all of the custom objects, review all records created and manually mergeor delete and duplicate record

Question # 8

What is a use case for approval processes? Choose 2 answers.

A. Approve expense reports automatically when less than $50.
B. Update the PTO record field with the user’s manager.
C. Require the CFO to review the salary range for all job offers.
D. Ensure an opportunity that has at least one product added.

Question # 9

A custom field contains a feedback score which is on a scale of one to five. End userswould like a visual indicator of one to five stars based on the number found in the feedbackscore custom field. How can this visual indicator be displayed?

A. Use a custom formula field.
B. Use a custom image field.
C. Use a custom number field.
D. Use a custom text field

Question # 10

Universal Containers is rolling out a new customer service process. Customer servicemanagers will need to edit cases for their subordinates, but not cases for other groups.Managers and users should be able to view all cases.What is the recommended solution toconfigure this? Choose 2 answers

A. Create standard role hierarchies
B. Set organization-wide sharing defaults to public read/only.
C. Create criteria-based sharing rules.
D. Set organization-wide sharing defaults to private.

Question # 11

What is a section of the Lightning App Builder Tool? Choose 3 Answers

A. Canvas
B. Mini Page Layout
C. Selected Publisher Actions
D. Mobile Cards
E. Components

Question # 12

At Universal Containers, multiple departments utilize the Case object for different purposes.Some users submit cases for IT and HR requests.Other users provide customer supportwith case records. How can an App Builder enable different users to see different fields,based on the case type?

A. Create different case record types for IT, HR and Customer Support. Assign differentpage layouts to each record type by profile.
B. Create different case field sets for IT, HR and Customer Support. Assign different fieldsets by profile.
C. Create different case record types for IT, HR and Customer Support. Assign differentpage layouts to each recordtype by role.
D. Create different case field sets for IT, HR and Customer Support. Assign different fieldsets by role.