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Salesforce CRT-211 Sample Questions

Question # 1

AW Computing has implemented the Contacts to Multiple Accounts functionality. Users should be able to distinguish between contacts and related contacts. What should the administrator do to configure the account page layout? 

A. Display both the contacts and the related contacts related lists. 
B. Display the related accounts related list on the page layout. 
C. Display the related contacts related list and add the direct field. 
D. Display the contacts related list and add the related field. 

Question # 2

An administrator is planning he release process for the year. The team will be using change sets to process deployment to production. Which three best practices should be considered? 

A. Plan your deployments around the production and sandbox maintenance schedules.
 B. Use matching names for global publisher layouts and Outlook publisher layouts. 
C. Be sure to test only after business hours the data after deployment. 
D. Make sure to deploy all dependent components. 
E. Make sure change sets are limited to 10,000 files.

Question # 3

DreamHouse Realty has a rental team and a real estate team. The two teams have different safes processes and capture different client information on their opportunities. How should an administrator extend the Opportunity object to meet the teams' different needs? 

A. Leverage Opportunities for the Real Estate Team and create a new custom object for the Rental Team Opportunities. 
B. Use separate record types, page layouts, and sales processes for the Rental and Real Estate Teams. 
C. Create Opportunity Teams for the Rental and Real Estate Teams and make appropriate fields visible to only the necessary team. 
D. Add a section for Rental and a section for Real Estate on the Opportunity Master Record Type to keep the information separate. 

Question # 4

What should the administrator consider before enabling Person Accounts? 

A. Person Account cannot be disabled. 
B. Person Account requires less data storage. 
C. Person Account and Business Accounts cannot be in the same sharing model. 
D. All standard Account news can be converted to Person Account field. 

Question # 5

A user started to work remotely. They are having an Issue logging in. What could be the issue? 

A. The login session has expired for this user. 
B. They are signing in from a mobile device. 
C. The time zone for the profile is outside of login hours. 
D. The user Is not In the IP range for their profile. 

Question # 6

An administrator at AW Computing is trying to track the login history for a specific user. The AW Computing org has 150,000 users and multi-factor authentication (MFA) is enabled and enforced for all users. In reviewing the Identity Verification History data, the administrator is unable to find any information for the mentioned user. The user used to log in regularly but has been inactive this quarter. Which two reasons explain why the user's data is missing from Identity Verification History? Choose 2 answers 

A. Identity Verification History stores the last year's worth of data. 
B. User belongs to a specific role for which identity verification data is not stored. 
C. Up to 20,000 records of users' identity verification attempts are stored. 
D. The last 6 months worth of data is stored in the Identity Verification History. 

Question # 7

Cloud Kicks (CK) has a filed called Shoe Type Preference, CK,s product team wants to see a report that groups specific picklist values together into the one of two lists. What functionality should the administrator use to fulfill the team’s request? 

B. Summary Formula 
C. Bucket field 
D. Matrix Report 

Question # 8

At Cloud Kicks, the Sales team uses a specific dashboard to see how they are doing daily. The team has asked the administrator for an easier way to see this dashboard. What should the administrator recommend? 

A. Add the dashboard to the Sales team's home page. 
B. Create a custom app with a dashboard. 
C. Email the dashboard to the Sales Team every morning. 
D. Update the Sales team's app with a new dashboard. 

Question # 9

AW Computing wants to create a process to assign accounts to different salespeople based on the annual revenue…. of the company. The administrator has decided to create a flow. Which two consideration should the administrator make sure to remember when creating the flow? Choose 2 answers 

A. Use a Get Record component instead of hard coding record IDs. 
B. The running user of a flow is the user that last saved the flow. 
C. Update record elements should be placed outside the flow loop. 
D. Update Record elements should be placed inside the flow loop. 

Question # 10

An administrator is Informed that an employee has Just resigned and needs all access removed Immediately. This user is the owner of 4,000 records and the sole recipient or 57 email alerts. Management will need at least a month to find a replacement. The email administrator has already revoked their email access. What action should be taken to ensure the user's access is immediately revoked? 

A. Go into the user record and uncheck the Lightning User checkbox. 
B. Go into the user record and freeze the user. 
C. Go into the user record and set the login hours to None'. 
D. Go into the user record and delete the user, 

Question # 11

A developer is getting errors for Production deployment. The test deployment in the Full sandbox, which included a local test run, was successful. The Full sandbox was last refreshed 2 weeks ago. Where should the administrator check to see what was recently changed? 

A. Salesforce Optimizer 
B. Dev Console 
C. Field History 
D. Setup Audit Trail 

Question # 12

Cloud Kicks wants its sales reps to always use the same full zip code format with a hyphen where applicable. What should the administrator implement to help ensure consistent formatting? 

A. Edit the standard field length to five characters.
 B. Add a quick create function for the sales reps to use. 
C. Create a REGEX function to use in a validation rule on the field. 
D. Add a help text instructing the sales rep on how to enter this field.