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Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant (WI24)

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Salesforce Community-Cloud-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal Containers launches a Partner Community for their resellers who have access toLeads, Opportunities, and Dashboards. Universal Containers has thefollowingrequirements to support their partners during the sales cycle: • UniversalContainers can engage with partners during the Sales cycle. • Universal Containers canhave internal ions NOT visible to partners. • The Channel Manager can bring any UniversalContainers employee to the ion. • Universal Containers employees may or may NOT haveaccess to the Partner Community. How should a Salesforce Admin fulfill thoserequirements?

A. Leverage Opportunity feed and manual shares for access control
B. Leverage unlisted groups and record sharing for access control
C. Leverage private groups and record sharing for access control
D. Leverage Opportunity feed and group record layout for access control

Question # 2

Northern Trail Outfitters has released a Customer Service Community for its users andtrekking equipment. Users can ask and answer questions in the Community. Customershave asked how to be notified of new questions or information posted in the Communityabout specific products. What should the Administrator recommend?

A. Subscribe to an RSS feed about Questions and posts
B. Subscribe to Questions and posts
C. Follow users associated with Questions and posts
D. Subscribe to Topicsassociated with Questions and posts

Question # 3

Universal Containers (UC) is implementing a Customer Community which will havethousands of Accounts with tens of thousands of Community users (Contacts). UC wants toensure that all Customer Community licensed users are able to access the assets tied totheir Accounts. Which action should the Salesforce administrator take when setting upassetsharing to ensure that Community users can see their account assets?Select one or more of the following:

A. Create a sharing rule for each accounts
B. Use Apex managed sharing to grant access to the Community users
C. Implement the role hierarchy on the Customer Community
D. Set up a sharing set that references the Account ID on the asset

Question # 4

Northern Trail Outfitters launched a Lightning Community for its partners.Partners need tosee list of Opportunities when they log in to the Community. What should the SalesforceAdministrator do to fulfil this request?Select one or more of the following:

A. Configure Opportunity as the default landing page in CommunitySettings
B. Enable the Opportunity page as the landing page in Community Builder
C. Set the Opportunity object page as the landing page in Community Builder
D. Add the List View Lightning Component to the Home Page

Question # 5

Universal containers is building a Customer Community. What can the administrator add tothe navigation menu?Select one or more of the following:

A. Salesforce objects, topics, external URL, Lightning component, Community pages
B. Salesforce objects. Global actions, Community pages, external URL
C. Salesforce objects, topics, Community pages, external URL, forecast
D. Salesforce objects. Community pages, app launcher, external URL

Question # 6

Universal Containers (UC) is migrating from a legacy portal to a new Community. UCneeds to stand up the new Community immediately where users can ask questions andprovide answers. Which Community template should the Community Cloud consultantrecommend?Select one or more of the following:

A. Partner Central
B. Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce
C. Customer Service
D. Customer Account Portal

Question # 7

Universal Containers is building a Lightning Community. A few Community pages havenumerous Lightning Components which are taking longer to display. Which step should betaken to improve display time performance of the pages?Select one or more of the following:

A. Enable Progressive Rendering
B. Turn on server-side Caching
C. Enable On-Demand Rendering
D. Turn on client-side Caching

Question # 8

Universal Containers (UC) recently went live with its new custom Community. UC hasreceived the cases stating that no customers have access to the Community. The customerusers have the custom "UC Customer Community" profile assigned to them. What is thefinal step the administrator should take to ensure user membership to the Community?Select one or more of the following:

A. Publish the Community using the Community Builder
B. Assign the "UC Customer Community" profile in administration
C. Use a permission set to give users access to the Community
D. Ensure the "send welcome email" checkbox is selected

Question # 9

Universal Containers has created a Community for its Partners. Community users from thesame Partner should be able to hold discussions with each other. Partners will be unable toparticipate in discussions with other partners.How should the Salesforce Administrator meet this requirement?Select one or more of the following:Universal Containers has created a Community for its Partners. Community users from thesame Partner should be able to hold discussions with each other. Partners will be unable toparticipate in discussions with other partners.How should the Salesforce Administrator meet this requirement?Select one or more of the following:

A. Turn off Portal User Visibility under Sharing Settings
B. Enable super user access for each partners community role
C. Update the internal user record to private under sharing settings
D. Uncheck community user visibility under sharing settings

Question # 10

Northern Trail Outfitters launched a Lightning Community. Community members reportsbeing unable to view the menu option to see their work orders. The SalesforceAdministrator has validated the following: - The user profile has read access to the workorder object - The user profile has membership to the community What should theSalesforce administrator verify to troubleshoot this issue?

A. Work Order is adding to the Navigation Menu inCommunity Builder
B. Work Order is added to the navigation menu in administration
C. The Work Order tile is added to Community workspaces
D. The Work Order component is marked publicly viewable

Question # 11

A Salesforce Admin at Universal Containers needs an efficient way to update the colourpalette in their newly created Community.What three things should the Salesforce Admin do to brand this Community usingCommunity Builder? Choose 3 answers.

A. Choose colors for the text and border elements.
B. Upload the Universal Containers logo image to create a custom color palette.
C. Apply a color scheme that is appropriate for the template all at once with the colorpalette.
D. Submit a URL reference of a site where the color palette will be matchedautomatically.
E. Adjust the color palette from the Salesforce1 mobile app.

Question # 12

Universal Containers (UC) has a great user interface for their Customer CommunityKnowledge Base. UC has multiple Communities and wants to use the same user interfacefor each Knowledge Basein all of these Communities. Which step should the CommunityCloud consultant take to meet this requirement?Select one or more of the following:

A. Recreate the Knowledge Base page in all Communities
B. Create a link to the Knowledge Base in all Communities
C. Merge the Communities unto the Community that has the Knowledge Base
D. Export the page and select it when creating a new page in all Communities

Question # 13

Universal Containers is planning to launch a Community thatneeds to be accessible fromInternet Explorer 9 and the Salesforce Mobile app. Which three Salesforce additions anduser license combinations could a Community Cloud consultant use to meet thisrequirement? Choose 3 answersSelect one or more of the following:

A. Salesforce Essentials and Customer Community
B. Enterprise Edition and Customer Community Plus
C. Professional Edition and Customer Community Plus
D. Unlimited Edition and Customer Community
E. Enterprise Edition and Customer Community

Question # 14

Universal containers (UC) is opening up its Salesforce Communities public KnowledgeBase to include audiences from the EMEA region. UC wants to ensure that the topicsincluded in the Community are translated into the appropriate languages. UC has enabledmulti-language in the Community and is ready to translate. Which option should theCommunity Cloud consultant use to translate Topics associated to articles anddiscussions?Select one or more of the following:

A. Content Targeting
B. Language Selector
C. Translation Workbench
D. Community Builder