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Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Exam (WI24)

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Salesforce Certified-Business-Analyst Sample Questions

Question # 1

Cloud Kicks has an existing implementation of Salesforce. A business analyst (BA) wants to understand details about the Salesforce environment: • Custom apps • Active Salesforce Sites • Active flows • Custom tabs • Visualforce pages A Which path should the BA take to find this information?

A. Review configuration settings. 
B. Conduct stakeholder interviews. 
C. Read business process documentation 

Question # 2

A business analyst (BA) at Northern Trail Outfitters is mapping a workflow process to onboard a new user group to a Service Cloud implementation. Which level of detail should the BA use for the process map and why? 

A. Very detailed—It should be prescriptive for new users following an unfamiliar process. 
B. Somewhat detailed—Since the process will be repetitive, new users will learn andremember the details. 
C. Simple—A high-level overview of the process is sufficient to show a new user experience. 

Question # 3

Universal Containers (UC) uses a Salesforce org. UC is merging with a sister company that uses a different CRM. The incoming sales team is reluctant to change to a different process. The business analyst(BA) has been asked to help reach consensus and drive adoption. Which group is well positioned to help the BA secure alignment for the initiative?

A. System admin and project manager 
B. Power users and top sales earners 
C. Executive sponsors and sales leadership 

Question # 4

From where can an Admin unlock a user?

 A. Setup > Locked Users > Unlock 
B. Users > Select user > Unlock
 C. Setup > Object Manager > Users > Select User > Unlock 
D. Users > Logins > Unlock Users 

Question # 5

The North American (NA) sales team wants to add a set of new fields and delete several fields from the Account object. During requirements gathering, the business analyst (BA) discovers the fields areactively being used by the EMEA team. Which step should the BA take next? 

A. Refine the requirements to accommodate, both teams. 
B. Focus on the NA team's requirements. 
C. Start another project to address the EMEA team's requirements. 

Question # 6

Universal Containers wants to integrate its Salesforce org with the largest online professional network so its sales reps can view information directly on Salesforce records. The business analyst will write acceptance criteria for this scenario. What is an example of good acceptance criteria? 

A. A sales rep can view current information directly in the Lead and Contact records
B. A sales rep needs to have the CRM widget installed in the Lead and Contact Record Page Layout. 
C. Install a CRM widget toallow sales reps to view information in the Lead and Contact records. 

Question # 7

Which of the following User Management terms is best described by this definition: " Record created to identify a new employee that starts accessing Salesforce" 

A. Profiles 
B. Salesforce characters 
C. Users 
D. Roles 

Question # 8

New interns at Universal Containers have been tasked with following a new process to import leads from a spreadsheet into Salesforce. A business analyst is mapping the process to document the overall lead creation process. What should theprocess map look like?

 A. A very detailed process map that is unambiguous and version controlled
 B. A somewhat detailed process map that is easy to remember and self- explanatory 
C. A simple process map that is high-level and covers key aspects 

Question # 9

What is used to declaratively move metadatafrom one environment to another? 

A. Data Loader 
B. Change Sets
C. Import Wizard 
D. Ant Migration 

Question # 10

Cloud Kicks (CK) plans toestablish a Center of Excellence (CoE). How will CK benefit from using a CoE to define the long-term vision for its Salesforce org? 

A. CK will be better able to prioritize across teams and streamline processes. 
B. CK will get insights to current business processes. 
C. CK will develop a process to gather feedback from end users regularly. 

Question # 11

A group of business analysts (BA) at Universal Containers have been working with different teams of stakeholders on eliciting requirements for a new Salesforce app. The BAs have gathered and documented all of the information in a central location. Upon review of the requirements, the BAs discovered that changes made to the documentation were overwritten by each other, and they will lose time recapturing them. What should the BAs do differently to prevent this error from happening? 

A. Each BA should use their own separate documentation. 
B. Each BA should enter theirbusiness needs in a shared spreadsheet, 
C. Each BA should use a shared system that has version control. 

Question # 12

The business analyst at Cloud Kicks is using a checklist to assess the quality of user stones for an upcoming Experience Cloud implementation. Which characteristics make a user story successful?

A. Clean Direct, Concise, Cross Functional, Configurable 
B. Actionable., Concise, Testable, Solution-oriented, Defined 
C. Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable. Small, Testable 

Question # 13

A business analyst (BA) is working with stakeholders at Universal Containers to walk through a potential solution for the lead routing and qualification process. The solution will include automated and manual features. Which artifact should help the BA illustrate the vision of a solution to stakeholders? 

A. Detailed user stories with technical documentation about the existing process 
B. Annotated process flows with modifications to an existing process 
C. Collected pain points from people who follow the existing process 

Question # 14

Cloud Kicks is a rapidlygrowing company and has just expanded its team to include a business analyst (BA). The IT directory has asked the BA to use application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for all Salesforce development projects. Which step of the ALM cycle requires the BA to study current business process gather requirements, and analyze them? 

A. Test 
B. Plan 
C. Build