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Salesforce Certified B2C Solution Architect (WI24)

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Salesforce B2C-Solution-Architect Sample Questions

Question # 1

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to unify customer data with a single identity for eachcustomer across their ecommerce sites and their communities. Communities are treated asan identity provider (IDP) for commerce. The communities also allow self-service supportfor products via knowledge articles and crowd-sourced Knowledge and Chatter.For which customer data should Experience Cloud be the system ofrecord?

A. Authentication credentials
B. Address book
C. Wishlist
D. Payment information

Question # 2

An organization that has B2C Commerce, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud hasseparate support teams that work with customers based on their tier level. Tier levels arebased on the amount of money a customer spends. Theorganization wants incomingsupport cases to automatically route to the correct team based on their tier level.Which two options should a Solution Architect configure to accomplish this?Choose 2 answers

A. Service Cloud can be extended with customer flows and Lightning Web Components tocreate a separate support process specifically designed for customers that areattributed a tier level.
B. Tier levels must be calculated and attributed to customers in Marketing Cloud and thenpropagated to Service Cloudso that they can be used to inform how cases arerouted to teams. Marketing Cloud must integrate with B2C Commerce to leveragepurchase data necessary for these calculations.
C. Case routing can be configured by configuring Service Cloud's omni-channel routinefeature to route cases to support teams based on the tier level of the customersubmitting the case and the availability of agents supporting each tier level.
D. Tier levels must be calculated regularly and attributed to Contact records in ServiceCloud so that the tier level can be leveraged by Service Cloud's omni-channel routingfeature and synchronized back to B2C Commerce and Marketing Cloud.

Question # 3

A global merchant plans to use B2C Commerce, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud tosupport the shopper experience. They also plan on using Marketing Cloud Connect tointegrate Service and Marketing Clouds and the Service Cloud Connector for B2CCommerce. The customers will receive SMS messages through Mobile Connect. One ofthe key requirements is to enable consent and profile management across the clouds.Which two recommendations should a Solution Architect make as part of the solution?Choose 2 answers

A. SMS opt-in will sync with Service Cloudwhen contact ID is the subscriber key inMarketing Cloud
B. Service Cloud profile data can be configured to sync to the Marketing Cloud profilecenter
C. Profile changes in B2C Commerce will sync to Service Cloud when person accounts areused
D. Shopper consent in B2C storefronts will sync to Service Cloud when person accountsare used

Question # 4

A company recently launched their ecommerce sites for three countries: Australia, NewZealand, and Singapore. The company is now looking to set up marketing automationsusing Marketing Cloud.Their B2CCommerce is configured with two realms: ANZ and SE Asia. Each country has asite within their respective realm: Australia and New Zealand sites are within ANZ andSingapore is within SE Asia.Which account hierarchy should a Solution Architect recommend for the Marketing Cloudset up?

A. Use a separate Marketing Cloud tenant for each site
B. Use a separate Marketing Cloud tenant for each realm and map business units to siteswithin each realm
C. Use a single Marketing Cloud tenant and map business units toeach site irrespective ofthe realm
D. Use a single Marketing cloud tenant and map business units to each realm

Question # 5

An organization chosea multi-cloud solution that Is comprised of Service Cloud and B2CCommerce. The organization now wants to ensure that the theme of Its self-service portalIs consistent with the theme of its B2C Commerce storefront.How should a Solution Architect ensurethat this requirement Is met?

A. Set the value of the Style Sheet URL setting to match the publicly-accessible URL of thestyle sheet the organization wants to use.
B. Set the value of the Portal Theme URL setting to match the publicly-accessible URL ofthe style sheet the organization wants to use.
C. Copy any relevant .ess code from the organization's website and paste it into the pagesfor the self-service portal in Page Builder.
D. Make a copy of the appropriate .ess file from the organization's webserver and upload itto the self-service portal.

Question # 6

An organization uses B2C Commerce to capture order details but needs to process theorder in an ERP system. They want B2C Commerce to send a message to the ERP systemwith the order details after they have been entered, then wait for the order to be processed,and then receive a reply from the ERP system with the order number and status.Which integration pattern should a Solution Architect use to meet this requirement?

A. Asynchronous Call-Out
B. Request and Reply
C. Batch Data Synchronization
D. Publish / Subscribe

Question # 7

A B2C Commerce merchant has multiple live sites across different brands and geographies all supported by Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Unfortunately, the merchant is havingcustomer service challenges caused by fragmented views of thecustomer. Customersoccasionally use alternate email addresses, make purchases as guests, and contactcustomer service anonymously. The Success Manager believes that Customer 360 DataManager could help them solve their problem.How should a Solution Architect describe the role of Customer 360 Data Manager in thiscontext?

A. Customer 360 Data Manager can be used to recognize customers as humans andextend existing records related to that human across connected systems with a consistentGlobal Party ID.
B. Customer 360 Data Manager can be used to identify multiple records within eachseparate system representing the same person and assigning them a consistent GlobalParty ID; additional custom development is then required to relate those IDs betweensystems.
C. Customer 360 Data Manager cannot be used across multiple brands within a singlemerchant environment because the customer as human view cannot support differentaccounts under separate brands.
D. When Customer 360 Data Manager is provisioned, B2C Commerce, Service Cloud, andMarketing Cloud will automatically use a common core Customer Profile managed byCustomer 360 Data Manager.

Question # 8

A retail company currently uses 62C Commerce and Marketing Cloud to enable aseamless customer experience. They are evaluating tools to better support customerservice activities like their call center for online ordering and social customer service.Which two functionalities should a Solution Architect discuss with the company to explainthe value of Service Cloud? Choose 2 answers

A. Ability to create a B2C storefront using Digital Experiences.
B. Ability to de-duplicate and create a single customer identity.
C. Ability to allow the agent to see purchase history to support case management
D. Ability to have a customer leave a journey when they have an escalated case.