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Salesforce B2B-Commerce-Administrator Exam Dumps

Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Administrator (WI24)

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Salesforce B2B-Commerce-Administrator Sample Questions

Question # 1

On which Salesforce B2B CommerceObject is the "Best Price" PriceList Selection Methodset for contract pricing?

A. CC Category
B. CC Product
C. CC Account Group
D. CC Price List Object

Question # 2

How can a category be moved to display in the category widget from the bottom to the verytop?

A. Set its sequence value higher than any other category.
B. set its sequence value lower than any other category.
C. Set its parent category to the "First Category" category section.
D. Set its sequence value higher than any other category.

Question # 3

A company sells various sizes of rubber O- Rings individually and in packs of 12. The company wants to present the customer with all O-Ring purchasing options within a single Product Detail Page.Which twoSalesforce B2B Commerce functionalities should the company use? Choose 2 answers

A. Pricing Tiers
B. Aggregate Product Type
C. Attribute Driven Commerce
D. Multiple Price List Items per Product

Question # 4

The layout of a page has been changed from one column to three column. What needs tobe donenext in order to see the changes on the storefront?

A. Assign a new pricelist
B. Reset the org.
C. Performing Indexing.
D. Rebuild the configuration cache.

Question # 5

Which two types of mats updates can be made to a CC Price List?Choose 2 answers

A. Absolute Based
B. Category Based
C. Percentage Based
D. Itemized Deduction

Question # 6

In which location is the first price Tier defined when using Tiered Pricing?

A. The Default Storefront Pricelist
B. The Price field on the respective Pricelist Item Record
C. The Tiered Pricing Lightning Component
D. The CC Product Record

Question # 7

Which two statements are true regarding price lists? Choose 2 answers

A. When using the promotions pricing strategy, each custom has a promotion. TheSalesforce B2B Commerce storefront reflects all products defined across all promotions.
B. Using the Marketplace pricing strategy, as a buyer if a customer adds product X to mycart from both Seller A and Seller B. the customer's cart will reflect two line items for thesame product X at each price point.
C. When using Effective Accounts Parent-child hierarchy, the parent account has the CCAccount Group and pricelist(s) while child accounts do not require CC Account Group.
D. When using standard CC Product pricing a business user can achieve customer specificpricing by creating a CC Product.