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PMI PMI-PBA Sample Questions

Question # 1

The project team is working on the requirements specifications for a new product. Theteam reached a decision on which requirements will be included in the next release A thirdof the stakeholders endorse one approach while no other approach achieved more than aquarter of the voteWhich decision role was used?

A. Majority 
B. Consensus 
C. Unanimity 
D. Plurality 

Question # 2

The business analyst has been assigned to a project involving a low number ofstakeholders. Which technique should be used to elicit requirements?

A. Survey 
B. Document analysis 
C. Interview 
D. Interface analysis 

Question # 3

A major stakeholder wants to know how the implementation of new features in thedevelopment of a product is progressing. Which of the following should be reported to thestakeholder?

A. Number of requirements tested and approved 
B. Distribution of project changes 
C. Requirements status during the project development cycle 
D. Number of requirements approved vs. number of requirements rejected 

Question # 4

The technology department identified a defect in the company's software, which leads to anincrease in human resource requirements to perform manual transactions as a workaroundfor tasks that should have been automated. The company begins losing money, so it hiresa business analyst to produce a business case that outlines the problem/opportunity,potential options, and a recommendation for how to proceed.Which of the following analyses must the business analyst perform in order to complete thebusiness case and arrive at a solid recommendation"?

A. Risk 
B. Gap 
D. Cost-benefit 

Question # 5

A business analyst has elicited, documented, and verified the requirements, discoveringthat there are not enough resources to deliver all the requirements. Which techniqueshould the business analystemploy to rectify the issue?

A. Ask stakeholders to vote on the requirements. 
B. Survey stakeholders on their likes and dislikes about the requirements. 
C. Perform traceability to find out where the requirements originated. 
D. Hold a brainstorming workshop to build the rationale for the requirements. 

Question # 6

The stakeholders for a newly approved project are subject matter experts who are veryknowledgeable in the client's business and will provide the project requirements. Theproject team scheduled separate sessions with each subject matter expert to identify andprioritize the requirements.Which technique is being used?

A. Delphi technique 
B. Idea and mind mapping 
C. Workshop sessions 
D. Brainstorming 

Question # 7

A business analyst is assigned to the lead analyst role for a project. This project is one ofthe largest in the history of the company and includes several components and complexinterfaces. The system in development will be used by a wide variety of stakeholders.Which tool should the business analyst use to trace the large number of requirements thatwill be generated by this project?

A. Process model 
B. Configuration management system 
C. Sequence diagram 
D. Data dictionary 

Question # 8

The client produced a specification for a new product to be developed by Company A.Company A designed and successfully tested the new product against the test plan. yet theclient does not agree that it meets the specification.What could have caused this?

A. The requirements matrix did not adequately track back to client requirements. 
B. The product was not adequately tested in accordance with the test plan. 
C. Requirement changes were not properly identified in the project charier 
D. The product design was not property reviewed by the quality department. 

Question # 9

During validation of a project solution, the business analyst discovers that a requirementhas been altered. Instead of placing the company logo in the upper-left corner of thewindow, it is displayed in the upper-right corner. When the business analyst asks thedeveloper about the change, the developer says that one of the stakeholders asked directlyfor the change.Which corrective action should the business analyst take?

A. Discuss the change in the next stakeholder meeting. 
B. Ask the developer to correct the logo as stated in the requirement. 
C. Confront the stakeholder that requested the change. 
D. Follow the change control process as defined in the business analysis plan. 

Question # 10

Last year, a company registered a high number of complaints about its customer service.Which of the following tools or lechniques can help to identify the high-priority changesneeded to improve that service?

A. A cause-and-effect diagram 
B. A flowchart of the service 
C. A work breakdown structure analysis of the service 
D. A Pareto analysis