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ISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level - Test Manager [Syllabus 2012]

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iSQI CTAL-TM_Syll2012 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Test ManagementWhich of the following statements about management of product quality risks in matureorganizations with respect to the lifecycle, is true?Number of correct responses: 1K2 1 credit

A. Mature organizations address product quality risks associated to non-functional characteristics only during the system test phase
B. Mature organizations are aware that the contribution of testing to analysis of product quality risks is very important. The analysis should occur throughout the entire lifecyc

Question # 2

Test ManagementYou are the Test Manager of a new project aimed at developing a software system thatmust be certified at level B of the DO-178B standard. The project will follow a V-Modelsoftware development life cycle and it will have four formal levels of testing: component,integration, system and acceptance testing.You must produce the test plan documentation for this project by providing an adequatecoordination across the four levels of testing in order to assure auditability.Which of the following answers would you expect to best describe how to organize the testplan?Number of correct responses: 1K3 2 credits

A. Produce a single master test plan that covers in detail all four levels, describing the particular activities for all test levels 
B. Produce a master test plan that covers three levels (component, integration, system test) and a separate acceptance test plan 
C. Produce a master test plan describing the relationship between the four levels, and four separate detailed level test plans, one for each level 

Question # 3

Test ManagementConsider an agile team adopting Extreme Programming (XP) with five developers and onetester without any coding experience.To which of the following activities would you expect the tester will contribute most?Number of correct responses: 1K2 1 credit

A. Developing unit tests  
B. Executing unit tests  
C. Planning and executing tests during the integration test phase to detect interface defects  
D. Supporting the customer in the execution of acceptance testing  

Question # 4

Test ManagementWhich of the following statements best describes an appropriate approach for managingexploratory testing?Number of correct responses: 1K2 1 credit

A. Define very detailed mission statements, which allow testing work to be broken into sessions of up to 10 minutes duration in which testing is guided by these mission statements 
B. Break the testing work in 30 to 120 minutes sessions and use properly defined mission statements consisting of two or three sentences to guide testing during these sessions
C. Define very generic charters to drive exploratory testing sessions of 2 days where testers are completely free to decide what to test

Question # 5

Test ManagementYou are estimating the effort for the integration testing activities of a new project. Considerthe following factors, which can affect that estimation:I. Availability of re-usable test systems and documentation from previous, similar projectsII. Unexpected timing of components arrivalIII. Stability of the integration test team (no turnover)IV. Many and geographically distributed sub-teamsWhich of the following statements is true?Number of correct responses: 1K2 1 credit

A. I. and II. can negatively affect the estimation III. and IV. usually favor the accuracy of the estimation effort 
B. II. and III. can negatively affect the estimation
C. and IV. usually favor the accuracy of the estimation effort  
D. II. and IV. can negatively affect the estimation  

Question # 6

Test ManagementIn the test strategy document your organization declares:- to adopt a V-model development lifecycle, with three formal levels of testing: unit,integration and system testing- to use a blended risk-based and regression-averse testing strategy for each level oftestingThe following is an excerpt of the “approach” section for the system test plan document of anew project:“Testing will only use manual tests. Due to the short period of time for test execution, thefollowing activities will be performed in parallel with test execution: Test planning, testanalysis and test design.Basic metrics will be taken for test effort (i.e. person-hours), test cases executed(passed/failed), and incidents (no more metrics, such as code coverage, will be collected).”In the system test plan, no deviations from the test strategy are described.Based only on the given information, which of the following statements is true?Number of correct responses: 1K4 3 credits

A. The approach described in the system test plan document is consistent with the test strategy 
B. The approach described in the system test plan document is consistent with the riskbased testing strategy, but it is inconsistent with the regression testing strategy
C. The approach described in the system test plan document is consistent with the regression testing strategy, but it is inconsistent with the risk-based testing strategy 
D. The approach described the system test plan document is inconsistent with both the risk-based and regression testing strategies 

Question # 7

Test ManagementYou are working on a project to develop an authentication system for an e-commercewebsite. This system provides two features: Registration and authentication. Two differentdevelopment teams develop these two features.There is a high likelihood that the delivery of the authentication feature to the test team willbe three weeks later. To complete the registration the user must provide the followingregistration inputs: Name, surname, birthdate, fiscal code and he/she can select ausername and a password.A registered user can be a special user or a normal user. To be identified as a special user,he/she must also provide, during the registration process, a voucher possibly received fromthe IT department.Access is granted only if a user is registered and the password is correct: In all other casesaccess is denied. If the registered user is a special user and the password is wrong, aspecial warning is shown on the system console.You are currently performing a quality risk analysis using FMEA.Based only on the given information, which of the following is NOT a product risk that couldbe identified during the quality risk analysis?Number of correct responses: 1K4 3 credits

A. The late delivery of the authentication feature to the test team causes delays in the start of test execution and this could result in a shorter test period 
B. The authentication system denies access for a special user with a wrong password, but doesn’t display a special warning on the system console