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Isaca CISA Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which of the following is MOST likely to enable a hacker to successfully penetrate a system?

A. Unpatched software
B. Decentralized dialup access
C. Lack of DoS protection
D. Lack of virus protection

Question # 2

An IS auditor has found that an organization is unable to add new servers on demand in a cost-efficient manner Which of the following is the auditor s BEST recommendation?

A. Upgrade hardware to newer technology.
B. Increase the capacity of existing systems.
C. Build a virtual environment
D. Hire temporary contract workers for the IT function.

Question # 3

An IS auditor learns the organization has experienced several server failures in its distributed environment. Which of the following is the BEST recommendation to limit the potential Impact of server failures in the future?

A. Failover power
B. Clustering
C. Parallel testing
D. Redundant pathways

Question # 4

Which of the following is the PRIMARY risk when business units procure IT assets without IT involvement? 

A. Data security requirements are not considered.
B. The business units want IT to be responsible for maintenance costs
C. Corporate procurement standards are not followed
D. System inventory becomes inaccurate.

Question # 5

Of the following, who should approve a release to a critical application that would make the application inaccessible for 24 hours?

A. Business process owner
B. Data custodian
C. Project manager
D. Chief information security officer (CISO)

Question # 6

An audit has identified that business units have purchased cloud-based applications without ITs support. What is [he GREATEST risk associated with this situation?

A. The applications could be modified without advanced notice.
B. The application purchases did not follow procurement policy.
C. The applications are not included in business continuity plans (BCPs).
D. The applications may not reasonably protect data.

Question # 7

The GREATEST risk of database denormalization is:

A. loss of database integrity.
B. decreased performance. 
C. loss of data confidentiality.
D. incorrect metadata.

Question # 8

Which of the following should be of GREATEST concern to an IS auditor testing interface controls for an associated bank wire transfer process? 

A. Data is not independently verified by a third party.
B. Data in the bank's wire transfer system does not reconcile with transferred data.
C. Customer-provided information does not appear to be accurate.
D. The wire transfer was not completed with the most recent secure protocol.

Question # 9

Which of the following is the PRIMARY purpose of using data analytics when auditing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for a large organization?

A. To determine recovery point objectives (RPOs)
B. To identify business processing errors
C. To select sampling methods
D. To identify threats to the ERP

Question # 10

During a review of an application system, an IS auditor identifies automated controls designed to prevent the entry of duplicate transactions. What is the BEST way to verify that the controls work as designed?

A. Implement periodic reconciliations.
B. Review quality assurance (QA) test results.
C. Use generalized audit software for seeking data corresponding to duplicate transactions.
D. Enter duplicate transactions in a copy of the live system. 

Question # 11

An IS auditor is planning on utilizing attribute sampling to determine the error rate for health care claims processed. Which of the following factors will cause the sample size to decrease?

A. Tolerable error rate increase
B. Acceptable risk level decrease
C. Expected error rate increase
D. Population size increase

Question # 12

An organization with high availability resource requirements is selecting a provider for cloud computing. Which of the following would cause the GREATEST concern to an IS auditor? The provider:

A. hosts systems for the organization's competitor.
B. does not store backup media offsite.
C. is not internationally certified for high availability.
D. deploys patches automatically without testing.

Question # 13

An IS auditor is planning an audit of an organization's accounts payable processes. Which of the following controls is I to assess m the audit?

A. Segregation of duties between receiving invoices and setting authorization limits
B. Management review and approval of purchase orders
C. Segregation of duties between issuing purchase orders and making payments
D. Management review and approval of authorization tiers

Question # 14

Which of the following is the PRIMARY reason an IS auditor should use an IT-related framework as a basis for scoping and structuring an audit?

A. It provides a foundation to recommend certification of the organization's compliance with the framework.
B. It simplifies audit planning and reduces resource requirements to complete an audit.  
C. It demonstrates to management whether legal and regulatory requirements have been met.
D. It helps ensure comprehensiveness of the review and provides guidance on best practices. 

Question # 15

Which of the following MUST be completed before selecting and deploying a biometric system that uses facial recognition software?

A. Privacy impact analysts
B. Vulnerability assessment
C. Image interference review
D. False acceptance testing

Question # 16

Which of the following group is MOST likely responsible for the implementation of IT projects?

A. IT steering committee
B. IT strategy committee
C. IT compliance committee
D. IT governance committee 

Question # 17

Which of the following BEST indicates that an organization has effective governance in place?

A. The organization regularly updates governance-related policies and procedures
B. The organizations board of directors executes on the management strategy
C. The organization is compliant with local government regulations
D. The organization's board of directors reviews metrics for strategic initiatives

Question # 18

An IS audit reveals an organization's IT department reports any deviations from its security standards to an internal IT risk committee involving IT senior management. Which of the following should be the IS auditor's GREATEST concern? 

A. The list of IT risk committee members does not include the board member responsible for IT. 
B. The IT risk committee has no reporting line to any governance committee outside IT.
C. The IT risk committee meeting minutes are not signed off by all participants.
D. The chief information officer (CIO) did not attend a number of IT risk committee meetings during the past year.

Question # 19

Which of the following areas of responsibility would cause the GREATEST segregation of duties conflict if the individual who performs the related tasks also has approval authority? 

A. Purchase requisitions and purchase orders
B. Vendor selection and statements of work
C. Invoices and reconciliations
D. Goods receipts and payments 

Question # 20

Which of the following should be the FIRST step in an organization's forensics process to preserve evidence?

A. Create the forensics analysis reporting template
B. Determine which forensic tools to use
C. Perform analytics on digital evidence obtained using forensic methods
D. Duplicate digital evidence and validate it using a hash function

Question # 21

An IS auditor is reviewing security policies and finds no mention of the return of corporateowned smartphones upon termination of employment. The GREATEST risk arising from this situation is that unreturned devices:

A. cause the asset inventory to be inaccurate.
B. have access to corporate resources
C. result in loss of customer contact details
D. generate excessive telecommunication costs.

Question # 22

Which of the following would be MOST important to update once a decision has been made to outsource a critical application to a cloud service provider?

A. IT budget
B. Business impact analysis (BIA)
C. IT resource plan
D. Project portfolio

Question # 23

When measuring the effectiveness of a security awareness program, the MOST helpful key performance indicator (KPI) is the number of:

A. employees who have signed the information security policy.
B. employees passing a phishing exercise.
C. employees attending security awareness training.
D. security incidents detected by tools.

Question # 24

Which of the following should an IS auditor recommend to reduce the likelihood of potential intruders using social engineering? 

A. Prohibit the use of social networking platforms
B. Deploy a security awareness program
C. Perform simulated attacks
D. Implement an intrusion detection system (IDS)

Question # 25

An IS auditor is reviewing the implementation of an international quality management standard Which of the following provides the BEST evidence that quality management objectives have been achieved?

A. Reduction in risk profile
B. Quality assurance (QA) documentation
C. Measurable processes
D. Enhanced compliance with laws and regulations

Question # 26

Which sampling method should an IS auditor employ when the likelihood of exceptions existing in the population is low'' 

A. Discovery sampling
B. Random sampling
C. Interval sampling
D. Unit sampling

Question # 27

Disciplinary policies are BEST classified as.

A. compensating controls
B. preventive controls.
C. directive controls
D. corrective controls

Question # 28

Which of the following is the GREATEST benefit of implementing an incident management process?

A. Reduction in security threats
B. Opportunity for frequent reassessment of incidents
C. Reduction in the business impact of incidents
D. Reduction of cost by the efficient use of resources

Question # 29

Which of the following would be of GREATEST concern to an IS auditor evaluating governance over open source development components?

A. The software is not analyzed for compliance with organizational requirements
B. The open source development components do not meet industry best practices
C. Existing open source policies have not been approved in over a year
D. The development project has gone over budget and time

Question # 30

Which of the following should an IS auditor validate FIRST when reviewing the security of an organization’s IT infrastructure as it relates to Internet of Things (loT) devices?

A. Identification and inventory of loT devices
B. Access control and network segmentation for loT devices
C. Strong password protection for loT devices
D. Physical security of loT devices

Question # 31

At what point in software development should the user acceptance test plan be prepared? 

A. Feasibility study
B. Transfer into production
C. Requirements definition
D. Implementation planning

Question # 32

An IS auditor is reviewing an industrial control system (ICS) that uses older unsupported technology in the scope of an upcoming audit. What should the auditor consider the MOST significant concern?

A. There is a greater risk of system exploitation.  
B. Technical specifications are not documented.
C. Disaster recovery plans (DRPs) are not in place.
D. Attack vectors are evolving for industrial control systems.

Question # 33

Which of the following is the PRIMARY concern when negotiating a contract for a hot site?

A. Availability of the site in the event of multiple disaster declarations
B. Coordination with the site staff in the event of multiple disaster declarations
C. Reciprocal agreements with other organizations
D. Complete testing of the recovery plan

Question # 34

Which type of control is in place when an organization requires new employees to complete training on applicable privacy and data protection regulations?

A. Preventive control
B. Directive control
C. Detective control
D. Corrective control

Question # 35

When a firewall is subjected to a probing attack, the MOST appropriate first response is for the firewall to: 

A. alert the administrator.
B. break the Internet connection.
C. drop the packet
D. reject the packet. 

Question # 36

A data center's physical access log system captures each visitor's identification document numbers along with the visitor's photo. Which of the following sampling methods would be MOST useful to an IS auditor conducting compliance testing for the effectiveness of the system?

A. Haphazard sampling
B. Attribute sampling
C. Variable sampling
D. Quota sampling

Question # 37

Which of the following observations would an IS auditor consider the GREATEST risk when conducting an audit of a virtual server farm for potential software vulnerabilities?

A. A variety of guest operating systems operate on one virtual server.
B. The hypervisor is updated quarterly.
C. Antivirus software has been implemented on the guest operating system only.
D. Guest operating systems are updated monthly

Question # 38

When reviewing a contract for a disaster recovery hot site, which of the following would be the MOST significant omission? 

A. Equipment provided
B. Testing procedures
C. Audit rights
D. Exposure coverage 

Question # 39

An IS department is evaluated monthly on its cost-revenue ratio user satisfaction rate, and computer downtime This is BEST zed as an application of.

A. risk framework
B. balanced scorecard
C. value chain analysis
D. control self-assessment (CSA)

Question # 40

Which of the following should be of GREATEST concern to an IS auditor conducting a security review of a point-of-sale (POS) system?

A. POS systems are not integrated with accounting applications for data transfer
B. Management of POS systems is outsourced to a vendor based in another country.
C. An optical scanner is not used to read bar codes for generating sales invoices
D. Credit card verification value (CW) information is stored on local POS systems

Question # 41

Which of the following is the MOST important consideration for building resilient systems? 

A. Eliminating single points of failure
B. Performing periodic backups
C. Creating disaster recovery plans (DRPs)
D. Defining recovery point objectives (RPOs)

Question # 42

Which of the following is the BEST justification for deferring remediation testing until the next audit?

A. The auditor who conducted the audit
B. Management's planned actions are sufficient given the relative importance of the observations
C. The audit environment has changed significantly
D. Auditee management has accepted all observations reported by the auditor.

Question # 43

Which of the following is an example of a preventive control? 

A. Purchase orders in the system being checked by a supervisor prior to execution to identify errors during entry
B. An online retailer's daily review of transactions processed to identify trends and changes in customer demand 
C. Regular assessments of the sales department to identify the most profitable sales strategies used by sales staff
D. Continuous operation of a screening system to identify fraudulent patterns in recent transactions