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CompTIA SY0-601 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company wants to improve end users experiences when they tog in to a trusted partner website The company does not want the users to be issued separate credentials for the partner website Which of the following should be implemented to allow users to authenticate using their own credentials to log in to the trusted partner's website? 

A. Directory service 
B. AAA server 
C. Federation
 D. Multifactor authentication 

Question # 2

An organization is planning lo open other data centers to sustain operations in the event of a natural disaster. Which of the following considerations would BEST support the organization's resiliency? 

A. Geographic dispersal 
B. Generator power 
C. Fire suppression 
D. Facility automation 

Question # 3

Which of the following is the MOST effective control against zero-day vulnerabilities? 

A. Network segmentation 
B. Patch management 
C. Intrusion prevention system 
D. Multiple vulnerability scanners 

Question # 4

After multiple on premises security solutions were migrated to the cloud, the incident response time increased. The analyst are spending a long time to trace information on different cloud consoles and correlating data in different formats. Which of the following can be used to optimize the incident response time? 


Question # 5

The database administration team is requesting guidance for a secure solution that will ensure confidentiality of cardholder data at rest only in certain fields in the database schema. The requirement is to substitute a sensitive data field with a non-sensitive field that is rendered useless if a data breach occurs Which of the following is the BEST solution to meet the requirement? 

A. Tokenization 
B. Masking 
C. Full disk encryption
 D. Mirroring 

Question # 6

An organization would like to give remote workers the ability to use applications hosted inside the corporate network Users will be allowed to use their personal computers or they will be provided organization assets Either way no data or applications will be installed locally on any user systems Which of the following mobile solutions would accomplish these goals? 


Question # 7

An engineer wants to inspect traffic to a cluster of web servers in a cloud environment. Which of the following solutions should the engineer implement? 

A. Proxy server 
C. Load balancer 

Question # 8

A company is receiving emails with links to phishing sites that look very similar to the company's own website address and content. Which of the following is the BEST way for the company to mitigate this attack? 

A. Create a honeynet to trap attackers who access the VPN with credentials obtained by phishing. 
B. Generate a list of domains similar to the company's own and implement a DNS sinkhole for each. 
C. Disable POP and IMAP on all Internet-facing email servers and implement SMTPS. 
D. Use an automated tool to flood the phishing websites with fake usernames and passwords. 

Question # 9

A help desk technician receives a phone call from someone claiming to be a part of the organization's cybersecurity modem response team The caller asks the technician to verify the network's internal firewall IP address Which of the following 15 the technician's BEST course of action? 

A. Direct the caller to stop by the help desk in person and hang up declining any further requests from the caller 
B. Ask for the callers name, verify the persons identity in the email directory and provide the requested information over the phone 
C. Write down the phone number of the carter if possible, the name of the person requesting the information hang up. and notify the organization's cybersecurity officer
 D. Request the caller send an email for identity verification and provide the requested information via email to the caller 

Question # 10

Which of the following would BEST provide detective and corrective controls for thermal regulation?

 A. A smoke detector
 B. A fire alarm 
C. An HVAC system
 D. A fire suppression system
 E. Guards 

Question # 11

A security administrator is analyzing the corporate wireless network The network only has two access points running on channels 1 and 11. While using airodump-ng. the administrator notices other access points are running with the same corporate ESSID on all available channels and with the same BSSID of one of the legitimate access ports Which of the following attacks in happening on the corporate network? 

A. Man in the middle 
B. Evil twin 
C. Jamming 
D. Rogue access point 
E. Disassociation 

Question # 12

Which of the following is an example of transference of risk? 

A. Purchasing insurance 
B. Patching vulnerable servers 
C. Retiring outdated applications 
D. Application owner risk sign-off 

Question # 13

Which of the following would detect intrusions at the perimeter of an airport?

 A. Signage 
B. Fencing 
C. Motion sensors
 D. Lighting 
E. Bollards 

Question # 14

Which of the following tools is effective in preventing a user from accessing unauthorized removable media? 

A. USB data blocker
 B. Faraday cage 
C. Proximity reader 
D. Cable lock 

Question # 15

A Chief Information Security Officer has defined resiliency requirements for a new data center architecture The requirements are as follows • Critical fileshares will remain accessible during and after a natural disaster • Frve percent of hard disks can fail at any given time without impacting the data. • Systems will be forced to shut down gracefully when battery levels are below 20% Which of the following are required to BEST meet these objectives? (Select THREE) 

A. Fiber switching 
B. laC 
F. Redundant power supplies 
G. Geographic dispersal 
H. Snapshots

Question # 16

Which of the following describes the continuous delivery software development methodology? 

A. Waterfall 
B. Spiral 
C. V-shaped 
D. Agile 

Question # 17

A company recently experienced a significant data loss when proprietary Information was leaked to a competitor. The company took special precautions by using proper labels; however, email filter logs do not have any record of the incident. An Investigation confirmed the corporate network was not breached, but documents were downloaded from an employee's COPE tablet and passed to the competitor via cloud storage. Which of the following is the BEST remediation for this data leak? 

A. User training 

Question # 18

The Chief Information Security Officer wants to prevent exfiltration of sensitive information from employee cell phones when using public USB power charging stations. Which of the following would be the BEST solution to Implement? 

B. USB data blocker 
D. Disabling USB ports

Question # 19

Which of the following components can be used to consolidate and forward inbound Internet traffic to multiple cloud environments though a single firewall? 

A. Transit gateway 
B. Cloud hot site 
C. Edge computing 
D. DNS sinkhole 

Question # 20

An organization implemented a process that compares the settings currently configured on systems against secure configuration guidelines in order to identify any gaps Which of the following control types has the organization implemented?

 A. Compensating 
B. Corrective 
C. Preventive 
D. Detective 

Question # 21

Which of the following is the GREATEST security concern when outsourcing code development to third-party contractors for an internet-facing application?

 A. Intellectual property theft 
B. Elevated privileges 
C. Unknown backdoor
 D. Quality assurance

Question # 22

Which of the following are common VoIP-associated vulnerabilities? (Select TWO). 

B. vishing 
C. Hopping 
D. Phishing 
E. Credential harvesting 
F. Tailgating 

Question # 23

Certain users are reporting their accounts are being used to send unauthorized emails and conduct suspicious activities After further investigation, a security analyst notices the following • All users share workstations throughout the day • Endpoint protection was disabled on several workstations throughout the network. • Travel times on logins from the affected users are impossible • Sensitive data is being uploaded to external sites • All usee account passwords were forced lo be reset and the issue continued Which of the following attacks is being used to compromise the user accounts?

A. Brute-force 
B. Keylogger
 C. Dictionary 
D. Rainbow 

Question # 24

DDoS attacks are causing an overload on the cluster of cloud servers. A security architect is researching alternatives to make the cloud environment respond to load fluctuation in a cost-effective way. Which of the following options BEST fulfils the architect’s requirements? 

A. An orchestration solution that can adjust scalability of cloud assets 
B. Use of multipath by adding more connections to cloud storage 
C. Cloud assets replicated on geographically distributed regions 
D. An on-site backup that is deployed and only used when the load increases 

Question # 25

A database administrator wants to grant access to an application that will be reading and writing data to a database. The database is shared by other applications also used by the finance department Which of the following account types Is MOST appropriate for this purpose?

 A. Service 
B. Shared 
C. eneric 
D. Admin 

Question # 26

An engineer recently deployed a group of 100 web servers in a cloud environment. Per the security policy, all web-server ports except 443 should be disabled. Which of the following can be used to accomplish this task? 

A. Application allow list 
C. Host-based firewall 

Question # 27

A Chief Security Officer (CSO) is concerned that cloud-based services are not adequately protected from advanced threats and malware The CSO believes there is a high risk that a data breach could occur in the near future due to the lack of detective and preventive controls Which of the following should be implemented to BEST address the CSO's concerns? {Select TWO) 

D. Segmentation 
E. Encryption 
F. Containerization 

Question # 28

A systems administrator is troubleshooting a server's connection to an internal web server. The administrator needs to determine the correct ports to use. Which of the following tools BEST shows which ports on the web server are in a listening state?

 A. Ipconfig
 B. ssh 
C. Ping 
D. Netstat 

Question # 29

An organization discovered files with proprietary financial data have been deleted. The files have been recovered from backup but every time the Chief Financial Officer logs in to the file server, the same files are deleted again No other users are experiencing this issue. Which of the following types of malware is MOST likely causing this behavior? 

A. Logic bomb 
B. Crypto malware 
C. Spyware 
D. Remote access Trojan 

Question # 30

Which of the following actions would be recommended to improve an incident response process?

 A. Train the team to identify the difference between events and incidents 
B. Modify access so the IT team has full access to the compromised assets 
C. Contact the authorities if a cybercrime is suspected 
D. Restrict communication surrounding the response to the IT team 

Question # 31

An organization maintains several environments in which patches are developed and tested before deployed to an operation status. Which of the following is the environment in which patches will be deployed just prior to being put into an operational status? 

A. Development
 B. Test 
C. Production
 D. Staging 

Question # 32

A cloud service provider has created an environment where customers can connect existing local networks to the cloud for additional computing resources and block internal HR applications from reaching the cloud. Which of the following cloud models is being used? 

A. Public 
B. Community 
C. Hybrid 
D. Private 

Question # 33

A security analyst is working on a project to implement a solution that monitors network communications and provides alerts when abnormal behavior is detected Which of the following is the security analyst MOST likely implementing? 

A. Vulnerability scans
 B. User behavior analysis 
C. Security orchestration, automation, and response
 D. Threat hunting 

Question # 34

An administrator is experiencing issues when trying to upload a support file to a vendor A pop-up message reveals that a payment card number was found in the file, and the file upload was Mocked. Which of the following controls is most likely causing this issue and should be checked FIRST? 

B. Firewall rule 
C. Content filter 
D. MDM E. Application allow list 

Question # 35

Digital signatures use asymmetric encryption. This means the message is encrypted with: 

A. the sender's private key and decrypted with the sender's public key 
B. the sender's public key and decrypted with the sender's private key 
C. the sender’s private key and decrypted with the recipient's public key.
D. the sender's public key and decrypted with the recipient's private key 

Question # 36

An application developer accidentally uploaded a company's code-signing certificate private key to a public web server. The company is concerned about malicious use of its certificate. Which of the following should the company do FIRST? 

A. Delete the private key from the repository. 
B. Verify the public key is not exposed as well. 
C. Update the DLP solution to check for private keys. 
D. Revoke the code-signing certificate. 

Question # 37

Which of the following will increase cryptographic security? 

A. High data entropy 
B. Algorithms that require less computing power 
C. Longer key longevity 
D. Hashing 

Question # 38

An organization wants to implement a biometric system with the highest likelihood that an unauthorized user will be denied access. Which of the following should the organization use to compare biometric solutions? 

B. Difficulty of use 
C. Cost
 D. FAR 

Question # 39

During an incident response, an analyst applied rules to all inbound traffic on the border firewall and implemented ACLs on each critical server Following an investigation, the company realizes it is still vulnerable because outbound traffic is not restricted and the adversary is able lo maintain a presence in the network. In which of the following stages of the Cyber Kill Chain is the adversary currently operating?

A. Reconnaissance 
B. Command and control 
C. Actions on objective 
D. Exploitation 

Question # 40

The SOC for a large MSSP is meeting to discuss the lessons learned from a recent incident that took much too long to resolve This type of incident has become more common in recent weeks and is consuming large amounts of the analysts' time due to manual tasks being performed Which of the following solutions should the SOC consider to BEST improve its response time? 

A. Configure a NIDS appliance using a Switched Port Analyzer 
B. Collect OSINT and catalog the artifacts in a central repository 
C. Implement a SOAR with customizable playbooks
 D. Install a SIEM with community-driven threat intelligence 

Question # 41

A security analyst is concerned about critical vulnerabilities that have been detected on some applications running inside containers Which of the following is the BEST remediation strategy?

A. Update the base container image and redeploy the environment 
B. Include the containers in the regular patching schedule for servers 
C. Patch each running container individually and test the application
 D. Update the host in which the containers are running 

Question # 42

A security analyst is designing the appropnate controls to limit unauthorized access to a physical site The analyst has a directive to utilize the lowest possible budget Which of the following would BEST meet the requirements? 

A. Preventive controls 
B. Compensating controls
 C. Deterrent controls 
D. Detective controls 

Question # 43

Which of the following risk management strategies would an organization use to maintain a legacy system with known risks for operational purposes? 

A. Acceptance 
B. Transference 
C. Avoidance 
D. Mitigation 

Question # 44

A recent security breach exploited software vulnerabilities in the firewall and within the network management solution. Which of the following will MOST likely be used to identify when the breach occurred through each device? 

A. SIEM correlation dashboards 
B. Firewall syslog event logs 
C. Network management solution login audit logs 
D. Bandwidth monitors and interface sensors 

Question # 45

A DBA reports that several production server hard drives were wiped over the weekend. The DBA also reports that several Linux servers were unavailable due to system files being deleted unexpectedly. A security analyst verified that software was configured to delete data deliberately from those servers. No backdoors to any servers were found. Which of the following attacks was MOST likely used to cause the data toss?

A. Logic bomb 
B. Ransomware 
C. Fileless virus 
D. Remote access Trojans 
E. Rootkit 

Question # 46

A security forensics analyst is examining a virtual server. The analyst wants to preserve the present state of the virtual server, including memory contents Which of the following backup types should be used? 

A. Snapshot 
B. Differential 
C. Cloud 
D. Full E. Incremental 

Question # 47

A company is looking to migrate some servers to the cloud to minimize its technology footprint. The company has 100 databases that are on premises. Which of the following solutions will require the LEAST management and support from the company? 

A. SaaS 
B. IaaS 
C. PaaS