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Advanced Management Accounting

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CIMA P2 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An electronics company sells a range of tablet computers. Tablet computers come complete with an operating system that is regarded as the market leader. The company aims to launch a new version of its hardware every eighteen months and a major update to its software every three years. The latest version of the tablet computer is always sold at a higher price, but the older version that has been replaced is then sold for a time at a discounted price. Which pricing model does this company appear to be using? 

A. Penetration and loss leader pricing 
B. Penetration and product bundling 
C. Skimming and loss leader pricing 
D. Skimming and product bundling 

Question # 2

A company is classifying its quality costs to prepare a quality cost report. Which of the following are conformance costs? Select ALL that apply. 

A. Internal Failure Costs 
B. External Failure Costs 
C. Prevention Costs 
D. Appraisal Costs 

Question # 3

Which of the following would change if the cost of capital of a proposed project was increased? 

A. Internal rate of return 
B. Payback period 
C. Accounting rate of return 
D. Net present value 

Question # 4

Division A and Division B are divisions of the same group. Division A transfers all of its output to Division B. Which THREE of these alternative transfer pricing bases will prevent any cost inefficiencies in Division A being passed on to Division B? 

A. Standard variable cost 
B. Actual full cost 
C. Actual prime cost 
D. Market price 
E. Actual variable cost 
F. Standard variable cost plus a profit margin 

Question # 5

In accordance with a just-in-time (JIT) philosophy, which of the following is regarded as a value added activity? 

A. Inspecting raw material deliveries 
B. Moving work in progress around production facilities 
C. Holding inventory 
D. Dispatching products to customers

Question # 6

When making an investment decision, which THREE of the following are reasons why receiving $1 today is preferable to receiving $1 in the future? 

A. Uncertainty 
B. Inflation 
C. Taxation 
D. Re-investment opportunities 
E. Depreciation 

Question # 7

Company X is considering the launch of a new product. In order to compete in the market the selling price must be $100 per unit. Company X aims to achieve a sales margin of 25 per cent.Direct materials cost is $75 for each unit. It takes 15 minutes for workers to assemble each unit. Workers are paid $16 per hour. 5 per cent of paid time is idle. Overheads are absorbed at $6.50 per unit.  What is the value of any cost gap between the forecast total cost and the target cost?  

A. $10.71 
B. $5.50 
C. $10.50 
D. $9.10 

Question # 8

Residual income is an appropriate performance measure for which type of responsibility centre? 

A. Cost centre 
B. Revenue centre 
C. Investment centre 
D. Profit centre 

Question # 9

Which TWO of the following are examples of management information made possible by the availability of big data? 

A. Customer profitability analysis to identify key strategic customers 
B. Customer information harvested from social media to target products 
C. Production cycle time analysis to improve production efficiency 
D. Real-time inventory management information shared with producers to influence their production plans 
E. A five year history of a company's aged debtor list to assess the long-run effectiveness of credit control 

Question # 10

A very large organization is financed by both debt and equity. It evaluates all projects on the basis of their net present value (NPV) using an organization wide weighted average cost of capital as the discount rate. For a small project, which TWO of the following would affect the project's cash flows AND the discount rate? 

A. Taxation rates 
B. Inflation rates 
C. Depreciation rates 
D. Changes in working capital 
E. The project's terminal value