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VMware 2V0-21.19 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An application owner complains about poor performance on a VM named APPVM01. Troubleshooting indicates that another VM named DBVM01 on the same datastore is saturating the volume with I/O requests.Which two actions can be taken to reduce DBVM01 impact on APPVM01, while still prioritizing DBVM01 disk I/O? (Choose two.)

A. Configure APPVM01 with a shares limit of Low, and DBVM01 with a shares limit of Normal
B. Enable Network I/O Control on the cluster containing APPM01 and DBVM01
C. Enable Storage I/O Control on the cluster containing APPVM01 and DBVM01
D. Enable Storage I/O Control on the datastore containing APPM01 and DBVM01
E. Configure APPVM01 with a shares limit of High, and DBVM01 with a shares limit of Normal

Question # 2

A VM is created with a thin provisioned disk.Which two requirements are needed to inflate the disk? (Choose two.)

A. Right click .vmx and select Inflate
B. Right click .vmdk and select Inflate
C. Reboot the VM
D. Power off the VM
E. Edit the .vmdk file

Question # 3

Which native feature could be used to protect virtual machine files and disks containing confidential customer data?

A. VMware Tools
B. vCenter HA
C. VM encryption

Question # 4

Which policy is used for intelligent optimization of network interface traffic on a vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS)?

A. Route Based on IP Hash
B. Route Based on Source MAC Hash
C. Route Based on Physical NIC Load
D. Route Based on Originating Virtual Port

Question # 5

What should be installed on a VM to enhance performance and enable additional features?

A. RAMmap
B. PsInfo
C. Process Monitor
D. VMware Tools

Question # 6

What would cause an administrator to encounter a remote device backing error while running vMotion?

A. VM running on too many snapshots
B. Host CD-ROM attached to VM
C. Virtual mode RDM attached to VM
D. Host USB device attached to VM

Question # 7

A vSphere administrator attempts to create a VM-VM affinity rule but is unable to locate the option in the vSphere Client.What would cause this to happen?

A. vSphere DRS is disabled
B. vSphere DRS is set to manual
C. Admission control is not enabled
D. Affinity rules are only managed using the Host Client