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Salesforce Tableau CRM Einstein Discovery Consultant (WI24)

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Salesforce Tableau-CRM-and-Einstein-Discovery-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

Using the Setup menu, the Universal Containers company activated data sync (replication)in the Einstein Analytics settings. After running the sync, they notice that the aggregatesum of a field within their dataset is different than what they manually calculated bysumming the same data in the Salesforce object from which the dataset was populated.Which two differences in the newly synced data can explain this? Choose 2 answers

A. Differences involving permanently deleted records
B. Differences involving workflow-updated fields
C. Differences involving formula fields
D. Differences involving trigger-updated fields

Question # 2

About what does the configuration wizard ask you questions about how you measure?

A. Caseduration
B. Customer geography
C. Customer satisfaction
D. Case resolution
E. All of the above

Question # 3

Trending data limits: Maximum number of trended datasets per user and rows persnapshot:

A. 5 per user, 200,000 per snapshot
B. 10 per user, 100,000 per snapshot
C. 10 per user, 200,000 per snapshot
D. 5 per user, 100,000 per snapshot

Question # 4

Max story creations per org per month

A. 1000 (can purchase more)
B. 500 (can purchase more)
C. 200 (can purchase more)
D. 500

Question # 5

What does a configuration wizard do?

A. Automatically creates multiple versions of the same app
B. Lets you know the best way to set up your Salesforce data
C. Asks you questions about how you storedata in your org to help you create your app
D. Customizes your template based on Salesforce settings

Question # 6

The Universal Containers company built three Einstein Discovery stories that they want touse in Salesforce to predict and maximize their revenue per customer. The stories are forevery region where they have business: EMEA, AMER, and APAC.How can a consultant help them deploythe three Einstein models to Salesforce7

A. Segment the account data per region and deploy the same model to all segments.
B. Deploy the same model to all accounts and set the region field as an actionablevariable.
C. Deploy the same model to all accounts and use an Apex trigger to call the appropriateprediction.
D. Segment the account data per region and deploy the appropriate model for eachsegment.

Question # 7

A consultant is working with a credit card company that needs help with ongoing fraudulenttransactions. The company provides a representative sample dataset for the consultant toanalyze in Einstein Discovery. The story's initial assessment shows that a third-partypayment app is the source of these fraudulent transactions. However, the company rejectsthis assessment outcome, stating they have not had a partnership with this payment applong enough for it to be a concern.What is the recommended next step to improve the story outcome?

A. Make adjustments to the story to better demonstrate that the third-party payment app isthe culprit.
B. Use the credit card company's domain knowledge and exclude the third-party paymentapp from the story.
C. Explain to the company that the story has returned unbiasedresults and the initialassessment is accurate.
D. Ask the credit card company for a more comprehensive dataset to analyze.

Question # 8

What is a valid permission for a permission set?

A. Enable Parental Control
B. Always Sign Me Up for Dreamforce
C. Sales Analytics Apps
D. Access Sales Cloud Analytics Templates and Apps

Question # 9

In a Compare Table formula, you can refer to other columns with:

A. Their names
B. Numbers (1..9)
C. Letters (A..Z)
D. All of the above

Question # 10

A large company has a single dataset that contains the attainment and commission fieldsfor all sales reps. Each sales rep should be able to view the attainment data for each rep intheir division.Each rep should only be able to see their own commission data.Which option should be used to enforce this requirement?

A. Create separate datasets for attainment and commission and apply security predicatesand/or sharing inheritance.
B. Apply a securitypredicate on the existing single dataset.
C. Use sharing inheritance.
D. Add the sales organization to the attainment dataset access list.

Question # 11

How many external files can be uploaded to Einstein Analytics on rolling 24 hour basis?

A. 100 files per dataset
B. 300 files per dataset
C. 500 files per dataset
D. 50 files Per dataset

Question # 12

An Einstein Analytics team reports that when they start their dataflow it runs successfullywith no errors or warnings, but one of the fields does not return values when it is queried.What can be the origin of this issue7

A. Thefield does not contain any data in Salesforce.
B. The user who runs the dataflow does not have access to the field.
C. The "Integration User Profile" does not have access to the field.
D. The ""Security User Profile" does not have access to the field.