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Palo-Alto-Networks PCNSA Exam Dumps

Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator (PAN-OS 10.0)

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Palo-Alto-Networks PCNSA Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which dynamic update type includes updated anti-spyware signatures?

A. Applications and Threats 
B. GlobalProtect Data File 
C. Antivirus 

Question # 2

To use Active Directory to authenticate administrators, which server profile is required inthe authentication profile?

A. domain controller 

Question # 3

Which plane on a Palo alto networks firewall provides configuration logging and reportingfunctions on a separate processor?

A. data 
B. network processing 
C. management 
D. security processing 

Question # 4

Which prevention technique will prevent attacks based on packet count?

A. zone protection profile 
B. URL filtering profile 
C. antivirus profile 
D. vulnerability profile 

Question # 5

Which type of address object is "10 5 1 1/0 127 248 2"?

A. IP subnet 
B. IP wildcard mask 
C. IP netmask 
D. IP range 

Question # 6

Palo Alto Networks firewall architecture accelerates content map minimizing latency usingwhich two components'? (Choose two )

A. Network Processing Engine 
B. Single Stream-based Engine 
C. Policy Engine 
D. Parallel Processing Hardware 

Question # 7

Which user mapping method could be used to discover user IDs in an environment withmultiple Windows domain controllers?

A. Active Directory monitoring 
B. Windows session monitoring 
C. Windows client probing 
D. domain controller monitoring 

Question # 8

Which Palo Alto network security operating platform component provides consolidatedpolicy creation and centralized management?

A. Prisma SaaS
B. Panorama 
C. AutoFocus 
D. GlobalProtect 

Question # 9

Which URL Filtering profile action would you set to allow users the option to access a siteonly if they provide a URL admin password?

A. override 
B. authorization 
C. authentication 
D. continue 

Question # 10

The PowerBall Lottery has reached an unusually high value this week. Your company hasdecided to raise morale by allowing employees to access the PowerBall Lottery website(www.powerball.com) for just this week. However, the company does not want employeesto access any other websites also listed in the URL filtering “gambling” category.Which method allows the employees to access the PowerBall Lottery website but withoutunblocking access to the “gambling” URL category?

A. Add just the URL www.powerball.com to a Security policy allow rule. 
B. Manually remove powerball.com from the gambling URL category. 
C. Add *.powerball.com to the URL Filtering allow list. 
D. Create a custom URL category, add *.powerball.com to it and allow it in the SecurityProfile. 

Question # 11

Which update option is not available to administrators?

A. New Spyware Notifications 
B. New URLs 
C. New Application Signatures 
D. New Malicious Domains 
E. New Antivirus Signatures 

Question # 12

What are three differences between security policies and security profiles? (Choose three.)

A. Security policies are attached to security profiles 
B. Security profiles are attached to security policies 
C. Security profiles should only be used on allowed traffic 
D. Security profiles are used to block traffic by themselves 
E. Security policies can block or allow traffic 

Question # 13

An administrator wants to prevent access to media content websites that are riskyWhich two URL categories should be combined in a custom URL category to accomplishthis goal? (Choose two)

A. streaming-media 
B. high-risk
C. recreation-and-hobbies 
D. known-risk 

Question # 14

Which option lists the attributes that are selectable when setting up an Application filters?

A. Category, Subcategory, Technology, and Characteristic 
B. Category, Subcategory, Technology, Risk, and Characteristic 
C. Name, Category, Technology, Risk, and Characteristic 
D. Category, Subcategory, Risk, Standard Ports, and Technology 

Question # 15

In which stage of the Cyber-Attack Lifecycle would the attacker inject a PDF file within anemail?

A. Weaponization 
B. Reconnaissance 
C. Installation 
D. Command and Control 
E. Exploitation