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Salesforce CPQ-211 Sample Questions

Question # 1

While making changes in the Quote Line Editor, sales reps have mentioned that clicking the Calculate button after each set of changes is too slow. Management has asked the Admin to Streamline the Quote Line Editor so calculations occur automatically after each change is made.Which Managed Package setting should the Admin enable to meet this requirement?

A. Calculate Immediately
B. Use Legacy Calculator
C. Use Inactive Prices
D. Enable Quick Calculate

Question # 2

In order to apply a filter to the results of a dynamic bundle, admins must create a supporting:

A. Product Rule
B. Price Rule
C. Custom Action
D. Product Option

Question # 3

Universal Containers wants their documents to be translated into multiple languages. The Admin has already provided translations for the merge fields, but wants to create translations for the static text. What is the proper structure of the variable that represents the translatable static text in Template Content?

A. {!Text.VariableName}
B. {$Data.VariableName}
C. {!Data.VariableName}
D. {$Text.VariableName}

Question # 4

Approver records are not required when using dynamic approvers.

A. True
B. False

Question # 5

On a quote template, the Price line column has a template section “Price Line Items” defined. Which behavior will the Admin observe when generating the output document?

A. “Price” line column will not appear for Included or zero price items.
B. “Price” line column will appear in multiple line item sections.
C. “Price” line column will not appear for other line items sections.
D. “Price Line Items: section will show only the “Price” Line column.

Question # 6

Which is the correct format for creating a subgroup label that dynamically pulls the subgroup field value if grouping by Product Family?

A. Subtotal for {Product2.Family}
B. Subtotal for Family
C. Subtotal for {!Product2.Family}
D. Subtotal for {0},

Question # 7

If a manager is taking a leave of absence, how can the Admin using Advanced Approval ensure that another manager will receive Approval requests during the period in which the original manager absent?

A. On the original manager’s Approver record, reference a different manager’s Approver record in the Next Approver lookup field. Clear the Next Approver lookup field once the original manager returns from leave.
B. Create an Approval Rule with an Effective Start Date and Effective End Date spanning the absence. Populate the Approver field of the rule with the subtitle Approver, then add the rule to the existing Approval chain asthe first step.
C. Create a new Approver record, with the Group ID field set to the ID of a Public Group that contains all of the managers. On the original manager’s Approver record, click the Replace button and select the new Approverrecord.
D. On the original manager’s Approver record, set the Delegated Approver lookup field to reference a different manager’s Approver record, and set the Delegated End field for the date of the original manager’s return.

Question # 8

A sales user generated a Renewal Opportunity with Opportunity Products by using the Renewal Forecast checkbox on the Contract. Near the end of the Contract, the sales user navigates to the Renewal Opportunityand uses the New button from the Quotes Related list. The sales user notices the Renewal Quote is missing some of the renewable Products. Preserve bundle structure on the Contract is set to True.What are two ways a sales user should generate an accurate Renewal Quote?

A. Clone the original Quote and update Quote Type to Renewal.
B. Clone the original opportunity using the clone with Products button and use the New Quote in the Quote related list.
C. Create Renewal Quotes using the Renewal Quoted checkbox on the Contract.
D. Create Renewal Quotes using the Renew Contracts button from the Account’s Contract Related list.

Question # 9

Universal Containers is rolling out a new version of its Premier Support offering named Premier Pro. The sales operation team wants to ensure that when a sales rep renew an existing Contract with Premier Support, it is replaced with Premier Pro.What does the Admin need to do to support this business requirement?

A. Set the Renewal Product field on the Premier Support Product record to Premier Pro.
B. Create a Report of all Renewal Quotes with Premier Support Product and replace Quote Lines with Premier Pro.
C. Create a Price Rule to replace Premier Support Quote Lines with Premier Pro.
D. Set the upgrade Target field on the Premier Support Product record to Premier Pro.

Question # 10

An Admin created a picklist field on the Product Option object called Picklist123 c. The Admin created a configuration Attribute related to a Product called Bundle Z whose Target Field is Picklist123 c. The Adminselected Bundle Z during Product Selection and populated a value for Picklist123 c on the Configuration Attribute and saved from configuration. The Admin noticed that when Bundle Z is reconfigured, the value populated in the Configuration Attribute has reverted.How can the Admin ensure the selected value persists in the Configuration Attribute when Bundle Z is reconfigured?

A. Create a Workflow Rule that updates the Product Option field upon entering configuration.
B. Create a Price Rule with Configurator scope that injects the Quote Line field value into the Product Option field.
C. Create field Picklist123 c on the Quote Line object so the value is auto-mapped back to the Configuration Attribute when the user enters configuration.
D. Create a Product Option formula field named AttributeMapping that returns a comma-separated string of field name and value pairs.

Question # 11

Universal Containers wants its premier service, Shipping Plus, to appear at the top of Product Selection when users add Products to the Quote.How can the Admin Configure the Shipping Plus Product record to meet this requirement?

A. Set the Product’s Sort Order as the only null Sort Order of any Product.
B. Set the Sort Order as the lowest numerical value of any Product’s Sort Order.
C. Set the Product Code as the first alphabetically of any Product’s Product Code.
D. Set the Product’s Product Code as the only null Product Code of any Product.

Question # 12

An Admin is creating a Product Rule with an Advanced Condition.How should the Admin reference a specific Error Condition record in the text of the Advanced Condition field?

A. API name of the field in the Tested field.
B. Salesforce ID of the Error Condition record.
C. Value of the Index field.
D. Value of the Condition # field.