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Nutanix NCP-5.15 Exam Dumps

Nutanix Certified Professional - Multi cloud Infrastructure (NCP-MCI 5.15)

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Nutanix NCP-5.15 Sample Questions

Question # 1

What is the expected behavior of the VMs residing on that host when a controller VM becomes unavailable?

A. A Live Migration will be performed on the affected VMs.
B. The host will automatically redirect I/O and VMs will continue running.
C. The impacted host and VMs will automatically shut down.
D. VM High Availability will restart the impacted VMs on another host

Question # 2

An administrator is implementing a VDI solution. The workload will be a series of persistent desktops in a dedicated storage container within a four-node cluster Storage optimizations should be set on the dedicated storage container to give optimal performance including during a node failure eventWhich storage optimizations should the administrator set to meet the requirements?

A. Compression only
B. Deduplication and Erasure Coding
C. Compressor and Deduplication
D. Compression Deduplication and Erasure Coding

Question # 3

An administrator has been alerted to a VM that has high I/O latency and wants to determine if there are any other factors, such as insufficient network or memory resources that correlate, as part of a troubleshooting process.Which type of chart should the administrator create to allow all relevant data to be easily exported to CSV for later analysis?

A. A VM entity chart with each of the relevant metrics.
B. A cluster metric chart for each of the relevant metrics
C. A cluster entity chart with each of the relevant metrics
D. A VM metric chart for each of the relevant metrics

Question # 4

A configuration is single domain, single forest, and does not use SSL.Which port number should be used to configure LDAP?

A. 389
B. 3269
C. 636
D. 3268

Question # 5

An administrator wants to use Volumes to connect to physical servers that are not able to be virtualized.Which three things must be configured for Volumes to support iSCSI clients? (Choose three)

A. Enable external client access
B. Client OS iSCSI initiator
C. iSCSI Multipathing I/O
D. Cluster Virtual IP address
E. Data Services IP address

Question # 6

Which two private key types are supported by the Nutanix SSL certificate implementation? (Choose two.)

C. ED25519

Question # 7

How many Prism Central instances are required to deploy Leap:'

A. One per availability zone
B. One per customer environment
C. One per physical site
D. One per AHV cluster

Question # 8

Which three configuration scenarios are valid for the deployment of Prism Central? (Choose three.)

A. Environments use Network Address Translation.
B. Prism Elements and Prism Central art in different subnets.
C. Environments do not have Internet access.
D. Prism Elements and Prism Central have proxy configured.
E. Environments use the CVM management network.

Question # 9

What are two minimum prerequisites for live migration to succeed? (Choose two.)

A. All AHV hosts have IP addresses in the same subnet
B. All AHV hosts must be configured on the same VLAN
C. All VMs have an IP address in the same subnet
D. All VMs are configured for the same VLAN

Question # 10

An administrator needs to bring down a host in a Nutanix Cluster for maintenance reasons. The administrator puts the host in maintenance mode.What should the administrator do to perform an orderly shutdown of the CVM?

A. Execute the cvm_shutdown -P new command from the CVM.
B. Enter Fever off Server - immediate from the IPMI console.
C. Enter Fewer off Server-orderly Shutdown from the IPMI console.
D. Execute the cvm_shutdown -P now command from the host.

Question # 11

An administrator is commissioning a Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. Once the user VMs have been deployed and are running, the administrator finds that VMs on the same host are able to communicate, but are unable to communicate between hosts.What must be changed to enable full inter-VM communications?

A. Change the spanning-tree port type on the switch.
B. Change the network the VMs are connected to
C. Update the switch to specifically allow VLAN 15
D. The VMs need to have static IP addresses.

Question # 12

A customer has a newly-deployed AHV cluster with nodes that have 2.x 10 GBE and 2.x interface. The customer wants to use all available network interfaces to provide connectivity to the VMs.Which option should the administrator use to achieve this while remaining consistent with Nutanix recommendations?

A. Create separate VLANs that map 10GbE and 1GbE interfaces.
B. Createbond1 on virbr0 and add the 1GbE interfaces to it for VM use.
C. Create a second bond on br0 on each host and assign the 1 GbE interfaces to it.
D. Create a second bridge on each host and assign the 1GbE interfaces to it.

Question # 13

An administrator is configuring data protection and DR for a multi-tier application. All VMs must be protected at the same time.What must the administrator do to meet this requirement?

A. Create a consistency group for each VM with identical schedules
B. Create a consistency group for the application and place all VMs in it
C. Create a protection domain for the application and select auto-protect related entities
D. Create a protection domain for each VM with identical schedules

Question # 14

A system administrator needs to add more VMs to their Nutanix cluster.Which two actions should the administrator perform to determine if the current cluster can accommodate the new VMs? (Choose two)

A. Enable Deduplication and Ensure Coding
B. Utilize Optimize Resources for VM efficiency
C. Determine utilization with Cluster Runway
D. Perform an inventory with Life Cycle Management