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Zend 200-550 Sample Questions

Question # 1

What would be the output of the following code?namespace MyFramework\DB; class MyClass { static function myName() { return __METHOD__; } } print MyClass::myName();

A. MyFramework\DB\myName
B. MyFramework\DB\MyClass\myName
C. MyFramework\DB\MyClass::myName
D. MyClass::myName

Question # 2

Under what condition may HTTP headers be set from PHP if there is content echoed prior to the header function being used?

A. headers_sent() returns true
B. Output buffering is enabled 
C. The client supports local buffering
D. The webserver uses preemptive mode

Question # 3

What is the output of the following code?$a = 'a'; $b = 'b'; echo isset($c) ? $a.$b.$c : ($c = 'c').'d'; 

A. abc
B. cd
C. 0d

Question # 4

What purpose do namespaces fulfill?

A. Encapsulation
B. Alternative to classes
C. Improved performance
D. All of the above

Question # 5

What DOM method is used to load HTML files?

A. load() 
B. loadXML()
C. loadHTML()
D. loadHTMLFile()