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Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (SP24)

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Salesforce PDII Sample Questions

Question # 1

An Apex trigger creates an Order__c record every time an Opportunity is won by a Sales Rep. Recently the trigger is creating two orders. What is the optimal method for a developer to troubleshoot this?

A. Run the Apex Test Classes for the Apex trigger to ensure the code still has sufficient code coverage.
B. Turn off all Workflow Rules, then turn them on one at time to see which one causes the error.
C. add system.debug() statements to the code and use the Developer Console logs to trace the code.
D. Set up debug logging for every Sales Rep, then monitor the logs for errors and exceptions.

Question # 2

Which interface needs to be implemented by a Lightning Component so that it may be displayed in modal dialog by clicking a button on a Lightning Record page?

A. Force: lightningQuickAction
B. Lightning:editAction
C. Fightning:quickAction
D. Force:lightningEditAction

Question # 3

<lightning: layout multipleRows="true"> <lightning: layoutItem size="12">{!v.account.Name} </flighting: layoutitem> <lightning:layoutitem 3ize="12">{!v. account .AccountNumber} </lighting: layoutitem> <lightning: layoutitem size="12">{!v.account. Industry} </lighting: layoutitem> </lightning: layout> Refer to the component code above. The information displays as expected (in three rows) on a mobile device. However, the information is not displaying as desired (in a single row) on a desktop or tablet. Which option has the correct component changes to display correctly on desktops and tablets?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 4

A developer wrote an Apex class to make several callouts to an external system.If the URLs used in these callouts will change often, which feature should the developer use to minimize changes needed to the Apex class?

A. Session Id
B. Connected Apps
C. Remote Site Settings
D. Named Credentials

Question # 5

A developer created a new trigger that inserts a Task when a new Lead is created. After deploying to production, an outside integration is periodically reporting errors.Which change should the developer make to ensure the integration is not affected with minimal impact to business logic?

A. Use a Try/Catch block after the insert statement.
B. Remove the Apex Class from the Integration User's Profile.
C. Deactivate the Trigger before the Integration runs.
D. Use the Database method with allOrNone set to False

Question # 6

A developer has a test class that creates test data before making a mock call-out, but now receives a you have uncommitted work pending. Please commit or callout before calling out error.What step should be taken to resolve the error?

A. Ensure both the insertion and mock callout occur after the Test.stopTest().
B. Ensure the records are inserted before the Test.startTest() statement and the mock callout occurs within a method annotated with StestSetup.
C. Ensure both the insertion and mock callout occur after the Test.startTest().
D. Ensure the records are inserted before the Test.startTest() statement and the mock callout after the Test.startTest().

Question # 7

A developer is inserting, updating, and deleting multiple lists of records in a Single transaction and wants to ensure that any error prevents all execution.How should the developer implement error exception handling in their code to handle this?

A. Use Database methods to obtain lists of Database.SaveResults.
B. Use Database.setSavepoint() and Database.rollBack() with a Try/Catch statement.
C. Use a Try/Catch and use sObject.addError() on any failures.
D. Use a Try/Catch statement and handle DML cleanup in the catch statement.

Question # 8

A Visualforce Page throws an Attempt to dereference a null object error for a Contact. What change In the controller will fix the error?

A. Declare a static final Contact at the top of the controller.
B. Change the setters signature to return a Contact.
C. Use a condition in the getter to return a new Contact if it is null.
D. Change the getter's signature to be static Contact.

Question # 9

A developer creates an application event that has triggered an infinite loop. What may have caused this problem?

A. The event has multiple handlers registered in the project.
B. The event handler calls a trigger.
C. An event is fired ontouchend" and is unhandled.
D. The event Is fired from a custom renderer.

Question # 10

A managed package uses a list of country ISO codes and country names as references data in many different places.. managed package Apex code.What is the optimal way to store and retrieve the list?

A. Store the information in Custom Metadata and query it with SOQL.
B. Store the information in Custom Metadata and access it with the getAll() method.
C. Store the information in a List Custom Setting and query it with SOQL.
D. Store the information in a list Custom Setting and access it with the getAll() method