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Salesforce Certified Field Service Consultant (WI24)

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Salesforce Field-Service-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal container is evaluating a strategy for reducing the cost of service using the automated scheduling Which two approaches will contribute to this goal? 

A. Reduce the travel time per work order 
B. Reduce the overtime per work order 
C. Reduce the number of territories 
D. Reduce the work order per shift 

Question # 2

universal container (uc) sells shipping Containers and container parts. UC wants to track each customer's container and associated part for field servicing, sales, and reporting purposes Which solution should a Consultant recommend to relate the part to a customer? container?

A. Add the container as an asset on account and make the part internal assets 
B. Add the container as product on the account and part to the child product related list 
C. Create a hierarchical relationship between the parent product container and the child part product 
D. Create an asset hierarchy on account with container as root asset and part as the child assets 

Question # 3

Often, Technicians earn certifications that must be renewed periodically to ensure their skills remain up-to-date. How can these certifications be manager on the Resource?

 A. Add the Resource Skill and track certification using reminder. 
B. Add the Resource Skill and create Absence once expired. 
C. Add the Resource Skill as Time Phased.
D. Add the Resource Skill and remove from the Service Territory once expired. 

Question # 4

Universal Containers wants to limit their Technicians' view of Work Orders and Service Appointments in the Salesforce Field Service mobile app. What should a Consultant recommend to control their Technicians' view? 

A. Mini-Page Layouts 
B. Page Layouts 
C. Visualforce Pages 
D. Field Sets 

Question # 5

Org-Wide Default sharing is set to Private in a Salesforce org. If the Field Service Lightning User Territory feature is enabled, which three objects will be visible to users who are part of the User Territory? Choose 3 answers 

A. Accounts 
B. Service Resources 
C. Work Orders 
D. Resource Absences
 E. Work Types

Question # 6

Universal Containers wants to provide a pro-formal invoice to their customer at the completion of a Work Order. Which three should a Consultant set up in order to achieve this requirement?

A. Create Account-wide Discounts.
 B. Apply Promotion to the Work Order.
 C. Apply Price Book to the Work Order. 
D. AppCreate Products and Price Book Entries. 
E. Create Work Order Line Items with Products. 

Question # 7

universal containers want to limit their technicians view of work orders and appointment in the field service lightning mobile app What should a consultant recommend to control their technicians? 

A. field sets 
B. page layouts 
C. mini page layouts 
D. visual force page

Question # 8

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to improve customer satisfaction by setting expectations around upcoming appointments. When designing the Customer Service Representative's user interface, in most cases, which two fields should be shared with the customer about an upcoming appointment? Choose 2 answers 

A. Scheduled End 
B. Arrival Window Start 
C. Scheduled Start 
D. Arrival Window End