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GIAC GPEN Sample Questions

Question # 1

What is the impact on pre-calculated Rainbow Tables of adding multiple salts to a set of passwords?

A. Salts increases the time to crack the original password by increasing the number oftables that must be calculated. 
B. Salts double the total size of a rainbow table database. 
C. Salts can be reversed or removed from encoding quickly to produce unsaltedhashes. 
D. Salts have little effect because they can be calculated on the fly with applicationssuch as Ophcrack. 

Question # 2

If the privacy bit is set in the 802.11 header, what does it indicate?

A. SSID cloaking is being used. 
B. Some form of encryption is In use. 
C. WAP is being used. 
D. Some form of PEAP is being used. 

Question # 3

Which Metasploitvncinject stager will allow VNC communications from the attacker to a listening port of the attacker's choosing on the victim machine?

A. Vncinject/find.lag
B. Vncinject/reverse.tcp
C. Vncinject/reverse-http
D. Vncinject /bind.tcp

Question # 4

You are pen testing a Windows system remotely via a raw netcat shell. You want to quickly change directories to where the Windows operating system resides, what command could you use?

A. cd systemroot
B. cd
C. cd /systemroot/ 
D. cd %systemroot% 

Question # 5

What command will correctly reformat the Unix passwordcopy and shadowcopy Tiles for input to John The Ripper?

A. /Un shadow passwd copy shadowcopy > johnfile  
B. /Unshadow passwdcopy shadowcopy > johnfile 
C. /Unshadow shadowcopy passwdcopy >john file 
D. /Unshadow passwdcopy shadowcopy > johnfile 

Question # 6

Which of the following is possible in some SQL injection vulnerabilities on certain types of databases that affects the underlying server OS? 

A. Database structure retrieval
B. Shell command execution
C. Data manipulation
D. Data query capabilities

Question # 7

Which of the following describes the direction of the challenges issued when establishing a wireless (IEEE 802.11) connection?

A. One-way, the client challenges the access point 
B. One-way, the access point challenges the client 
C. No challenges occur (or wireless connection 
D. Two-way, both the client and the access point challenge each other 

Question # 8

While scanning a remote system that is running a web server with a UDP scan and monitoring the scan with a sniffer, you notice that the target is responding with ICMP Port Unreachable only once a second What operating system is the target likely running? 

A. Linux 
B. Windows 
C. OpenBSD 
D. Mac OS X 

Question # 9

Approximately how many packets are usually required to conduct a successful FMS attack onWEP? 

A. 250.000 
B. 20.000 
C. 10.000,000 
D. l (with a weak IV) 

Question # 10

You are done pen testing a Windows system and need to clean up some of the changes you have made. You created an account ‘pentester’ on the system, what command would you use to delete that account? 

A. Net user pentester /del 
B. Net name pentester /del 
C. Net localuser pentester /del 
D. Net account pentester /del 

Question # 11

When a DNS server transfers its zone file to a remote system, what port does it typically use?

A. 53/TCP 
B. 153/UDP 
C. 35/TCP 
D. 53/UDP

Question # 12

You have gained shell on a Windows host and want to find other machines to pivot to, but the rules of engagement state that you can only use tools that are already available. How could you find other machines on the target network?

A. Use the "ping" utility to automatically discover other hosts 
B. Use the "ping" utility in a for loop to sweep the network. 
C. Use the "edit" utility to read the target's HOSTS file. 
D. Use the "net share" utility to see who is connected to local shared drives. 

Question # 13

Which of the following is the JavaScript variable used to store a cookie? 

A. Browsercookie 
B. Windowcookie 
C. Document cookie 
D. Session cookie 

Question # 14

Which type of Cross-Sire Scripting (XSS> vulnerability is hardest for automated testing tools to detect, and for what reason?

A. Stored XSS. because it may be located anywhere within static or dynamic sitecontent 
B. Stored XSS. because it depends on emails and instant messaging systems. 
C. Reflected XSS. because It can only be found by analyzing web server responses. 
D. Reflected XSS: because it is difficult to find within large web server logs. 

Question # 15

While performing a code audit, you discover a SQL injection vulnerability assuming the following vulnerable query, what user input could be injected to make the query true and return data? select * from widgets where name = '[user-input]';

A. 'or 1=1
B. ‘or l=l…
C. 'or 1=1-- 
D. ‘or l=1’ 

Question # 16

You are running a vulnerability scan on a remote network and the traffic Is not making It to the target system. You investigate the connection issue and determine that the traffic is making it to the internal interface of your network firewall, but not making. It to the external Interface or to any systems outside your firewall. What is the most likely problem? 

A. Your network firewall is blocking the traffic
B. The NAT or pat tables on your network based firewall are filling up and droppingthe traffic
C. A host based firewall is blocking the traffic
D. Your ISP Is blocking the traffic 

Question # 17

You suspect that a firewall or IPS exists between you and the target machine. Which nmap option will elicit responses from some firewalls and IPSs while being silently dropped by the target, thus confirming the existence of a firewall or IPS? 

A. –Traceroute 
B. –Firewalk 
C. –Badsum 
D. --SF 

Question # 18

What is the purpose of die following command: nc.exe -I -p 2222 -e cmd.exe 

A. It is used to start a persistent listener linked to cmd.exe on port 2222 TCP 
B. It is used to start a listener linked to cmd.exe on port 2222 TCP 
C. It is used to start a listener linked to cmd.exe on port 2222 UDP 
D. It is used to start a persistent listener linked to cmd.exe on port 2222 UDP 

Question # 19

Which of the following is a WEP weakness that makes it easy to Inject arbitrary clear text packets onto a WEP network?

A. Reversible hashes use for IVs 
B. Cryptographically weak CRC32 checksum 
C. RC4 algorithm 
D. Small key space