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CompTIA PK0-004 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A carpenter on a project team reports there is insufficient time to accomplish tasks on schedule. Which of the following is the FIRST step the project manager should take?

A. Assess the risk register’s new items.
B. Review the task start and finish dates.
C. Obtain additional resources.
D. Analyze the assigned hours.

Question # 2

A project has fallen behind schedule for no obvious reason, so the PM has gathered the team to brainstorm. Which of the following should the PM do NEXT? 

A. Go over the meetings objectives and agenda.
B. Brief the team on which tasks have fallen behind schedule and where the project has slack.
C. Refer to the risk register to map the risks to issues and mitigation strategies.
D. Review the issue log with the project team and identify potential risks.

Question # 3

A risk with minor impact has been realized. There is no change to the triple constraint. The PM should notify the:

A. internal project team.
B. key stakeholders.
C. affected team members.
D. full project team.

Question # 4

A fire occurred in the production facility over the weekend, affecting the machinery being used to produce a deliverable. No injuries were reported. Which of the following is MOST appropriate for the project manager to do NEXT? 

A. Refer to the contingency plan
B. Conduct an immediate emergency team meeting
C. Perform a SWOT analysis
D. Implement the risk response plan

Question # 5

A company hires a number of interns and assigns them key roles on a project. Which of the following should the project manager MOST likely anticipate?

A. Reduced quality
B. Reduced scope
C. Reduced risk
D. Reduced timeline

Question # 6

When closing a project, which of the following must be completed to allow team members to return to their designated departments? 

A. Perform retrospective
B. Release resources
C. Obtain sign-off from the sponsor
D. Close contracts

Question # 7

A project manager is creating the WBS. In which of the following phases is the project?

A. Initiation
B. Planning
C. Execution
D. Closing

Question # 8

Which of the following risk strategies is represented by the purchase of insurance? 

A. Mitigate
B. Accept
C. Transfer
D. Avoid

Question # 9

A project manager is justifying a required change with the associated impact on the project. Which of the following is the NEXT step? 

A. Implementation
B. Approval
C. Validation
D. Auditing

Question # 10

A project manager who is part of a global team wants to have a team building meeting and decides to hold a video conference. Which of the following is MOST likely to be the main challenge the influences this decision?

A. Geographical factors
B. Language barriers
C. Cultural differences
D. Technology factors

Question # 11

As a project processes, the team appears disjointed. Meetings are not effective because the right team members are not in the discussion, and functional managers are questioning if the project manager has a true management plan. Which of the following documents should be reviewed FIRST to uncover the issue?

A. Communications plan
B. Scope statement
C. Project management plan
D. Organizational chart

Question # 12

Due to a new government regulation, a project change is required. The project manager evaluates the change and realizes a representative from the legal department will need to approve the change as well. The project manager should:

A. follow the change process flow and notify the legal department after the change is implemented.
B. extend a formal invitation to the legal department representative to join the CCB.
C. hold a separate meeting with the legal department representative and ask for approval.
D. notify the legal department representative in the event of an upcoming audit.

Question # 13

A company has determined it does not have the in-house capability to perform a project and wants to procure third-party services. Which of the following documents will the company MOST likely release FIRST? 


Question # 14

Which of the following documents should be used to provide high-level reporting to key stakeholders? 

A. Dashboard
B. Communication plan
C. Statement of work
D. Project charter

Question # 15

A project manager was directed to complete a project sooner than previously planned. Which of the following is the MOST cost-effective step to take to ensure the project’s success? 

A. Reduce the scope
B. Increase the budget
C. Decrease staff
D. Update the WBS

Question # 16

During a project, a key stakeholder asks a project team member to add a requirement. The team member adds the requirement without informing the project manager. Which of the following is described in this scenario?

A. Change request
B. Risk mitigation
C. Change control
D. Scope creep

Question # 17

The executive sponsor asks a project manager to summarize the following for a project:1. Final capital expenditures.2. Anticipated cost of new employee resources to support the solution.3. Maintenance estimates.Which of the following information should the project manager provide?

A. Cost baseline
B. Burn rate
C. Cost variance report
D. Total project cost

Question # 18

Task B is not planned to start until Task A is completed. Task A is delayed and will not be completed on time. Starting Task B prior to Task A completing is an example of: 

A. Managing change
B. Fast tracking
C. Rolling wave planning
D. Crashing

Question # 19

Which of the following are the BEST risk analysis tools to determine a project’s risk level? (Select two.) 

A. Fishbone diagram
B. RACI matrix
C. Monte Carlo
D. Process flowchart
E. Expert judgment

Question # 20

A subcontractor has submitted design documentation on the deliverable due date, but it will require rework. The activity is on the critical path of the project schedule. Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT? 

A. Determine the expected duration of the rework and complete a charge request to modify the project baselines
B. Notify the project sponsor to schedule and facilitate a team meeting to rework the design documentation.
C. Determine the expected duration of the rework with any associated quality control activities and add the duration to an updated version of the WBS.
D. Update the master project schedule, and distribute it all stakeholders in accordance with the project communications plan

Question # 21

A team member was replaced on a project by a new team member of equal capability. Which of the following should the project manager do FIRST? 

A. Resource loading
B. Resource leveling
C. Prioritizing tasks
D. Allocating resources

Question # 22

A WBS is being developed for a project. Which of the following would be BEST suited to contribute cost and time estimates for the project activities?

A. Project team members
B. Project sponsor
C. Project manager
D. Project scheduler

Question # 23

A project manager is determining a project’s critical path to report the projected completion date to stakeholders. Which of the following information will be required? (Select two.)

A. Costs
B. Dependencies
C. Schedules
D. Durations
E. Holidays
F. Milestones

Question # 24

Despite receiving regular updates, a sponsor learns a project recently slipped. Which of the following documents can the sponsor review to determine the project’s performance? (Select two.)

A. Status report
B. Communication plan
C. Issue log
D. Project schedule

Question # 25

Which of the following Agile ceremonies is used to determine the backlog items that will be worked on the next weeks?

A. SCRUM retrospective meeting
B. Sprint planning meeting
C. Daily standup meeting

Question # 26

New requirements were introduced during the execution phase of a project, and the team believes this will impact the project cost but not the timely completion of project deliverables. Which of the following is the BEST way for the PM to validate the assessment?

A. Ask the team for estimates, and review the project schedule and budget.
B. Ask the team for estimates, and review the project schedule and budget.
C. Ask the team for estimates, and review the cost management plan.
D. Ask the team to perform a SWOT analysis, and validate the assessment.

Question # 27

Which of the following documents is typically signed by the vendor and includes a reference for how customers’ internal information will be protected? 


Question # 28

Resources for a project report to a project manager and a functional manager. The organizational structure is: 

A. Matrix
B. Ad hoc
C. Functional

Question # 29

A project manager is assigned to an ongoing project. Which of the following is the FIRST document the protect manager should review?

A. Project schedule
B. Action items
C. Project charter

Question # 30

A project’s key stakeholders have requested significant changes that will affect the scope. To adjust the project scope, which of the following need to be changed? (Choose two.)

A. Cost performance parameter
B. Project schedule
D. Corrective action plan

Question # 31

Which of the following is the MOST likely target audience to be notified of the achievement of a key milestone in a project schedule? 

A. Project manager and project scheduler
B. Project coordinator and project sponsor
C. Project coordinator and project sponsor
D. Project stakeholders and project team

Question # 32

Which of the following defines a group of projects that work together to achieve a common goal? 

A. Product
B. Portfolio
C. Program

Question # 33

An organization has multiple projects that are taking place simultaneously. Which of the following should be tasked with ensuring resources are appropriately allocated to projects?

B. Project sponsor
C. Project coordinator

Question # 34

A company has hired a new project manager. The PMO has briefed the new project manager on the followingexpected responsibilities for projects:Coordinate project scheduleManage to the triple constraintProvide performance feedback to team members’ managersWhich of the following types of organizational structures did the new project manager MOST likely join?

A. Balanced matrix
B. Strong matrix
C. Functional
D. Projectized

Question # 35

A project team member highlights to the project manager that expensive licensing for critical software in use across the project may expire before the completion project. Which of the following would the project manager MOST likely do?

A. Place a risk on the risk register and arrange a risk review with the appropriate stakeholders to accept and/or mitigate the risk.
B. Raise a purchase order to purchase the licensing and ask the team member to install it.
C. Amend the project scope and raise a project change request to obtain approval of the amendment. 
D. Amend the project schedule and work breakdown structures to remove the use of the software from the project.

Question # 36

A new stakeholder has joined the project team and requested modifications that will result in minor changes to the project budget and schedule. The project manager is concerned that the requests will lead to:

A. quality control issues.
B. additional risks.
C. scope creep.

Question # 37

An authorized change to a construction project was implemented. During the modification, the team identified a defect in which the change caused the building power output to be outside the KPPs. Which of the following actions should the project manager take?

A. Submit a new change request.
B. Initiate the regression plan.
C. Add remediation to the schedule.

Question # 38

A project has activities on the critical path that must be completed before other activities can start. Task A is dependent on Task C before Task D can be completed. Task A requires task B to start. Task B takes twice as long to complete as Task C. Which of the following is the appropriate ordering of the critical path?

A. B, A, D
B. C, B, D, A
C. D, A, C
D. B, C, A, D

Question # 39

The project manager has had a large number of change requests approved by the project steering committee, but has been given no extra time to deliver the project. Which of the following schedule compression techniques should be used by the project manager?

A. Rescheduling
B. Crashing
C. Rebaselining

Question # 40

Assuming an iterative approach, which of the following will be conducted at the end of each iteration?

A. SCRUM retrospective
B. Kickoff meeting
C. Budget baseline