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Amazon DVA-C01 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An AWS Elastic Beanstalk application needs to be deployed in multiple regions and requires a different Amazon Machine Image (AMI) in each region.  Which AWS CloudFormation template key can be used to specify the correct AMI for each region?

A. Parameters
B. Outputs 
C. Mappings
D. Resources 

Question # 2

How should custom libraries be utilized in AWS Lambda?

A. Host the library on Amazon S3 and reference to it from the Lambda function.
B. Install the library locally and upload a ZIP file of the Lambda function.
C. Import the necessary Lambda blueprint when creating the function.
D. Modify the function runtime to include the necessary library.

Question # 3

An application overwrites an object in Amazon S3, and then immediately reads the same object. Why would the application sometimes retrieve the old version of the object?

A. S3 overwrite PUTS are eventually consistent, so the application may read the old object.
B. The application needs to add extra metadata to label the latest version when uploading to Amazon S3.
C. All S3 PUTS are eventually consistent, so the application may read the old object. 
D. The application needs to explicitly specify latest version when retrieving the object.

Question # 4

A Developer is designing a new application that uses Amazon S3. To satisfy compliance requirements, the Developer must encrypt the data at rest.  How can the Developer accomplish this?

A. Use s3:x-amz-acl as a condition in the S3 bucket policy.
B. Use Amazon RDS with default encryption.
C. Use aws:SecureTransport as a condition in the S3 bucket policy.
D. Turn on S3 default encryption for the S3 bucket. 

Question # 5

An application running on Amazon EC2 instances must access objects within an Amaon S3 busket that are encrypted using server-side encryption using AWS KMS encryption keys (SSE-KMS). The application must have access to the customer master key (CMK) to decrypt the objects.Which combination of steps will grant the application access? (Select TWO.)

A. Write an S3 bucket policy that grants the bucket access to the key.
B. Grant access to the key in the IAM EC2 role attached to the application’s EC2 instances.
C. Write a key policy that enables IAM policies to grant access to the key. 
D. Grant access to the key in the S3 bucket’s ACL 
E. Create a Systems Manager parameter that exposes the KMS key to the EC2 instances.

Question # 6

EC2 instances are launched from Amazon Machine images (AMIs). A given public AMI can:

A. be used to launch EC2 Instances in any AWS region
B. only be used to launch EC2 instances in the same country as the AMI is stored.
C. only be used to launch EC2 instances in the same AWS region as the AMI is stored
D. only be used to launch EC2 instances in the same AWS availability zone as the AMI is stored

Question # 7

An AWS Lambda function must read data from an Amazon RDS MySQL database in a VPC and also reach a public endpoint over the internet to get additional data.  Which steps must be taken to allow the function to access both the RDS resource and the public endpoint? (Select TWO.)

A. Modify the default configuration for the Lambda function to associate it with an Amazon VPC private subnet.
B. Modify the default network access control list to allow outbound traffic. 
C. Add a NAT Gateway to the VPC.
D. Modify the default configuration of the Lambda function to associate it with a VPC public subnet.
E. Add an environmental variable to the Lambda function to allow outbound internet access.

Question # 8

A Developer will be using the AWS CLI on a local development server to manage AWS services.What can be done to ensure that the CLI uses the Developer’s IAM permissions when making commands?

A. Specify the Developer’s IAM access key ID and secret access key as parameters for each CLI command.
B. Run the aws configure CLI command, and provide the Developer’s IAM access key ID and secret access key.
C. Specify the Developer’s IAM user name and password as parameters for each CLI command.
D. Use the Developer’s IAM role when making the CLI command

Question # 9

An application stops working with the following error: The specified bucket does not exist. Where is the BEST place to start the root cause analysis?

A. Check the Elastic Load Balancer logs for DeleteBucket requests.
B. Check the application logs in Amazon CloudWatch Logs for Amazon S3 DeleteBucket errors.
C. Check AWS X-Ray for Amazon S3 DeleteBucket alarms.
D. Check AWS CloudTrail for a DeleteBucket event.

Question # 10

An Amazon S3 bucket, "myawsbucket” is configured with website hosting in Tokyo region, what is the region-specific website endpoint?

A. www.myawsbucket.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com
B. myawsbucket.s3-website-ap-northeast-1.amazonawscom
C. myawsbucket.amazonaws.com
D. myawsbucket.tokyo.amazonaws.com

Question # 11

You are providing AWS consulting services for a company developing a new mobile application that will be leveraging Amazon SNS Mobile Push for push notifications. In order to send direct notification messages to individual devices each device registration identifier or token needs to be registered with SNS; however the developers are not sure of the best way to do this.You advise them to:

A. Bulk upload the device tokens contained in a CSV file via the AWS Management Console.
B. Let the push notification service (e.g. Amazon Device Messaging) handle the registration.
C. Implement a token vending service to handle the registration.
D. Call the CreatePlatformEndPoint API function to register multiple device tokens.

Question # 12

A company is developing a new online game that will run on top of Amazon ECS. Four distinct Amazon ECS services will be part of the architecture, each requiring specific permissions to various AWS services. The company wants to optimize the use of the underlying Amazon EC2 instances by bin packing the containers based on memory reservation.Which configuration would allow the Development team to meet these requirements MOST securely? 

A. Create a new Identity and Access Management (IAM) instance profile containing the required permissions for the various ECS services, then associate that instance role with the underlying EC2 instances. 
B. Create four distinct IAM roles, each containing the required permissions for the associated ECS service, then configure each ECS service to reference the associated IAM role.
C. Create four distinct IAM roles, each containing the required permissions for the associated ECS service, then, create an IAM group and configure the ECS cluster to reference that group.
D. Create four distinct IAM roles, each containing the required permissions for the associated ECS service, then configure each ECS task definition to referene the associated IAM role.

Question # 13

A Developer is creating an application that needs to locate the public IPv4 address of the Amazon EC2 instance on which it runs. How can the application locate this information?

A. Get the instance metadata by retrieving
B. Get the instance user data by retrieving
C. Get the application to run IFCONFIG to get the public IP address. 
D. Get the application to run IPCONFIG to get the public IP address.

Question # 14

A supplier is writing a new RESTful API for customers to query the status of orders. The customers requested the following API endpoint.http://www.supplierdomain.com/status/customerID Which of the following application designs meet the requirements? (Select two.)

A. Amazon SQS; Amazon SNS
B. Elastic Load Balancing; Amazon EC2
C. Amazon ElastiCache; Amazon Elacticsearch Service
D. Amazon API Gateway; AWS Lambda
E. Amazon S3; Amazon CloudFront 

Question # 15

A Developer wants access to make the log data of an application running on an EC2 instance available to systems administrators.  Which of the following enables monitoring of this metric in Amazon CloudWatch?

A. Retrieve the log data from CloudWatch using the GetMetricData API call
B. Retrieve the log data from AWS CloudTrail using the LookupEvents API call.
C. Launch a new EC2 instance, configure Amazon CloudWatch Events, and then install the application.
D. Install the Amazon CloudWatch Logs agent on the EC2 instance that the application is running on

Question # 16

Which of the following programming languages have an officially supported AWS SDK? Choose 2 answers

A. Perl
C. Pascal
D. Java

Question # 17

A Developer is writing a mobile application that allows users to view images from an S3 bucket. The users must be able to log in with their Amazon login, as well as Facebook® and/or Google® accounts.  How can the Developer provide this authentication functionality?

A. Use Amazon Cognito with web identity federation.
B. Use Amazon Cognito with SAML-based identity federation.
C. Use AWS IAM Access/Secret keys in the application code to allow Get* on the S3 bucket.
D. Use AWS STS AssumeRole in the application code and assume a role with Get* permissions on the S3 bucket.

Question # 18

Which DynamoDB limits can be raised by contacting AWS support? Choose 2 answers

A. The number of hash keys per account
B. The maximum storage used per account
C. The number of tables per account
D. The number of local secondary indexes per account
E. The number of provisioned throughput units per account

Question # 19

A Developer wants to enable AWS X-Ray for a secure application that runs in an Amazon ECS environment.  What combination of steps will enable X-Ray? (Select THREE.)

A. Create a Docker image that runs the X-Ray daemon.
B. Add instrumentation to the application code for X-Ray.
C. Install the X-Ray daemon on the underlying EC2 instance.
D. Configure and use an IAM EC2 instance role.
E. Register the application with X-Ray.
F. Configure and use an IAM role for tasks.

Question # 20

Company B provides an online image recognition service and utilizes SQS to decouple system components for scalability The SQS consumers poll the imaging queue as often as possible to keep end-to-end throughput as high as possible. However, Company B is realizing that polling in tight loops is burning CPU cycles and increasing costs with empty responses.How can Company B reduce the number of empty responses?

A. Set the imaging queue visibility Timeout attribute to 20 seconds
B. Set the Imaging queue ReceiveMessageWaitTimeSeconds attribute to 20 seconds
C. Set the imaging queue MessageRetentionPeriod attribute to 20 seconds
D. Set the DelaySeconds parameter of a message to 20 seconds

Question # 21

An application under development is required to store hundreds of video files. The data must be encrypted within the application prior to storage, with a unique key for each video file.  How should the Developer code the application?

A. Use the KMS Encrypt API to encrypt the data. Store the encrypted data key and data.
B. Use a cryptography library to generate an encryption key for the application. Use the encryption key to encrypt the data. Store the encrypted data.
C. Use the KMS GenerateDataKey API to get a data key. Encrypt the data with the data key. Store the encrypted data key and data.
D. Upload the data to an S3 bucket using server side-encryption with an AWS KMS key.

Question # 22

Company C has recently launched an online commerce site for bicycles on AWS. They have a "Product" DynamoDB table that stores details for each bicycle, such as, manufacturer, color, price, quantity and size to display in the online store. Due to customer demand, they want to include an image for each bicycle along with the existing details.   Which approach below provides the least impact to provisioned throughput on the "Product" table?

A. Serialize the image and store it in multiple DynamoDB tables
B. Create an "Images" DynamoDB table to store the Image with a foreign key constraint to the "Product” table 
C. Add an image data type to the "Product" table to store the images in binary format
D. Store the images in Amazon S3 and add an S3 URL pointer to the "Product" table item for each image

Question # 23

In DynamoDB, what type of HTTP response codes indicate that a problem was found with the client request sent to the service?

A. 5xx HTTP response code
B. 200 HTTP response code
C. 306 HTTP response code
D. 4xx HTTP response code

Question # 24

An AWS Lambda function generates a 3MB JSON file and then uploads it to an Amazon S3 bucket daily. The file contains sensitive information, so the Developer must ensure that it is encrypted before uploading to the bucket.  Which of the following modifications should the Developer make to ensure that the data is encrypted before uploading it to the bucket?

A. Use the default AWS KMS customer master key for S3 in the Lambda function code
B. Use the S3 managed key and call the GenerateDataKey API to encrypt the file.
C. Use the GenerateDateKey API, then use that data key to encrypt the file in the Lambda function code.
D. Use a custom KMS customer master key created for S3 in the Lambda function code

Question # 25

An application has hundreds of users. Each user may use multiple devices to access the application. The Developer wants to assign unique identifiers to these users regardless of the device they use.  Which of the following methods should be used to obtain unique identifiers?

A. Create a user table in Amazon DynamoDB as key-value pairs of users and their devices. Use these keys as unique identifiers.
B. Use IAM-generated access key IDs for the users as the unique identifier, but do not store secret keys.
C. Implement developer-authenticated identities by using Amazon Cognito, and get credentials for these identities.
D. Assign IAM users and roles to the users. Use the unique IAM resource ID as the unique identifier.

Question # 26

An application on AWS is using third-party APIs. The Developer needs to monitor API errors in the code, and wants to receive notifications if failures go above a set threshold value.  How can the Developer achieve these requirements?

A. Publish a custom metric on Amazon CloudWatch and use Amazon SES for notification.
B. Use an Amazon CloudWatch API-error metric and use Amazon SNS for notification.
C. Use an Amazon CloudWatch API-error metric and use Amazon SES for notification.
D. Publish a custom metric on Amazon CloudWatch and use Amazon SNS for notification.

Question # 27

A Developer is testing a Docker-based application that uses the AWS SDK to interact with Amazon DynamoDB. In the local development environment, the application has used IAM access keys. The application is now ready for deployment onto an ECS cluster.How should the application authenticate with AWS services in production?

A. Configure an ECS task IAM role for the application to use
B. Refactor the application to call AWS STS AssumeRole based on an instance role
C. Configure AWS access key/secret access key environment variables with new credentials
D. Configure the credentials file with a new access key/secret access key 

Question # 28

Which code snippet below returns the URL of a load balanced web site created in CloudFormation with an AWS::ElasticLoadBalancing::LoadBalancer resource name "ElasticLoad Balancer"?

A. "Fn::Join" : ["". [ "http://", {"Fn::GetAtr” : [ "ElasticLoadBalancer","DNSName"]}]]
B. "Fn::Join" : ["". [ "http://", {"Fn::GetAtr” : [ "ElasticLoadBalancer","Url"]}]]
C. "Fn::Join" : ["". [ "http://", {"Ref" : "ElasticLoadBalancerUrl"}]]
D. "Fn::Join" : [".", [ "http://", {"Ref" : "ElasticLoadBalancerDNSName"}]] 

Question # 29

You run an ad-supported photo sharing website using S3 to serve photos to visitors of your site. At some point you find out that other sites have been linking to the photos on your site, causing loss to your business.   What is an effective method to mitigate this?

A. Store photos on an EBS volume of the web server
B. Remove public read access and use signed URLs with expiry dates. 
C. Use CloudFront distributions for static content.
D. Block the IPs of the offending websites in Security Groups

Question # 30

How is provisioned throughput affected by the chosen consistency model when reading data from a DynamoDB table?

A. Strongly consistent reads use the same amount of throughput as eventually consistent reads
B. Strongly consistent reads use more throughput than eventually consistent reads.
C. Strongly consistent reads use less throughput than eventually consistent reads
D. Strongly consistent reads use variable throughput depending on read activity